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When Will Alcohol Labels Contain Images of Cirrhosis of the Liver?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 7 comments

Today’s topic is alcohol labels. Cigarettes labels now have pictures of diseased lungs and just horrible stuff, cancer and all that kind of shit. My thought is when is this going to happen to alcohol labels?

When are people and the government going to wise up and start enforcing rules and start removing alcohol advertisements from some of the sports that we watch and stuff like that?

My own personal opinion about this is that they won’t be anything. The Government are the ones in control of this and they make the rules. They are the ones that can enforce any of this stuff and it boils down to money or pressure.

If the pressure is enough from enough areas. If the pressure from the anti-alcohol lobbies is greater than the alcohol lobbies themselves – then they will be changed.

I think another area of change is that the cost of health care is rising. The cost of treating people with diseases from drinking alcohol.

Worldwide three and a half million people die every year from drinking alcohol. There are over two hundred conditions caused by drinking alcohol, so that costs somebody. It costs a Country in general, whether it comes from the tax, or insurance payments.

These things all come out of the general pool in the economy. But the Government also gain massive amounts of money from alcohol revenue. As long as that revenue is greater than the amount that they’re spending, then there is very little incentive to do anything about it. It’s a sad reality but it is a reality non the less.

I always talk about big alcohol being this big conglomerate of people and I presume that they are all getting together and lobbying and putting their money where it’s going to do the best for their own industry. It’s the same when they deny that alcohol is a drug and that alcohol is addictive. They can’t deny that, can they? They try and put the blame onto the person rather than their alcohol and there is some truth in that, it’s an individual thing, but alcohol is part of the problem.

There should be warning labels on these things, but you can imagine trying to convince some of these Companies of that. Imagine you’ve got to convince a prestige brand of Scotch Whisky that sells for £50 or £100 a bottle, or a prestige wine or a prestige champagne label that instead of having their prestige labels, they’ve got to put picture of cirrhotic livers on their products. That’s a hard sell, but it should be a sell.

Once you start down that road and you dictate and you legislate that these kinds of images have got to go on cans of lager or cans of beer, bottles of beer or bottles of cheap wine or vodka, then you’ve got to put the same images onto this type of upmarket stuff, the luxury end of the goods where you’re paying 500 euros or dollars for a bottle of wine. Same for the Whiskeys and Champagne all that kind of stuff.

Personally, I can’t wait for that day to happen, it’s time, you’re not going to change people by showing them nasty images, it just doesn’t work but you’re going to change people with education and that is part of the education. Just making sure that people know and understand that this is a drug. It is an absolute nasty toxin that people are putting into their systems and start from there. Move forward.

That’s it for today, I just wanted to make a quick video on alcohol labelling. What do you think of it? Stick it down in the comments below, do you think alcohol labels should contain these same warnings that are featured on cigarette labels for instance or cigarette packages?

I’m not sure if it’s happening in Ireland now, but I think that all the packages are going to be white, so there’s going to be no advertising, no sponsorship, no colours, or anything like that on them, do you think that should happen with alcohol labels? Stick it down in the comments below, let me know what you think.

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Take Care of yourself, keep the alcohol out of your system and Good Luck!

“Alcohol and Cigarette Companies are the only Companies that kill their best Customers”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Peter

    All advertising seeks to portray the use of specific products as somehow beneficial to their potential market. Here in the “Western World” we are constantly deluged by these messages via all the various forms of media we are exposed to. Alcohol containing products are most often advertised by promoting their use as somehow socially enhancing along with purported values such as their great taste or qualities of refreshment. For many in our world, alcohol use is so integrated into lifestyle that it is actually considered abnormal or at least odd when someone declines to ingest alcoholic beverages at a social event where it is offered. I would love to see more advertising for beverages such as fruit juices where they emphasize the lack of alcohol in a positive way. Actually promote the use of these products as a substitute for wine, beer and hard booze. Something like; “Why not try drinking Mother Jones Organic Fruit Juice at your next dinner party and avoid the damage that alcohol does to your body!” or “Great taste, refreshing, and no hangover!”

  2. Gerry

    Couldn’t agree more Kevin. Too many are benefitting from it at a great cost to the health care system and family life.
    I for one would love to see alcohol consumption go the same way as cigarettes.
    The smell is unacceptable to most people now but I’m not sure if alcohol will be shunned like cigarettes.
    Can only hope.
    Great video.

  3. Craig Fawcett

    G’day Kev,
    Australia was a trendsetter in banning cigarette advertising and placing warnings and yuck pictures on their packets, l can only look forward to the day that this happens with the Alcohol Industry, just give it time, because good people like you and am sure many others like you will make it happen.



  4. Kevin Bolowsky

    Hi Kevin
    I couldn’t agree with you more. As someone who is only AF for 5 weeks or so I’ve become hypersensitive to the advertising and marketing that the alcohol lobby has. Even my gym is conducting a “bro night” which is a workout with beers afterwards! Crazy! But I think it is inevitable that one day the labeling and advertising restrictions will become a reality. They have to. The loss of human life and the cost to society will become.too great. Back in the 1950s 1960s etc, no one ever predicted that smoking would become a shell of its former self, yet here in the US it has thankfully. Onwards and Upwards Kevin!

  5. Karen

    Totally agree with having images on labelling! I wonder what pub landlords would think!! I think as long as we have pubs and bars it’ll never happen ?

  6. Pat

    Absolutely agree Kevin. Things have to change. People are dying!
    Thanks for all that you do Kevin.
    Onwards & Upwards!


    Hi Kevin

    I agree with the idea of labelling alcohol with similar labels to cigarettes but as you say I thnk it’ll be a long time coming.

    Yesterday here in Scotland was an interesting day, the Scottish Government introduced minimum pricing for alcohol so ‘cheap’ cider, wine beer ect with high alcohol content is now going to be more expensive, the higher the abv, the higher the cost. I noticed my old tipple of choice has risen about £1.70 a bottle..

    I’m approaching 200 days AF now (thank God, and Kevin!) and if I was still drinking every day would this have stopped me? No. Would it have pissed me off and depressed me even more than I was because of the extra cost? Yes. Would being pissed off and depressed made me drink more? Probably. Is minimum pricing the answer? I don’t think it is, as you said I think aggressive labelling would have a more positive impact.

    Sadly I think booze runs to England are now going to become widespread in Scotland.

    Thanks again Kevin,small recurring paetreon donation made.


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