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What’s My Perfect Day Alcohol Freed?

by | Done, Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

I can’t remember what my best day would have been when I was drinking alcohol. I’m not sure I want to remember. I don’t even remember what I would have said when I first stopped using alcohol. Probably something really general like feel healthy or at peace. When I thought about this the other day, I was really surprised at what was my actual best day right now.

What’s your best day alcohol freed? Let me know in the comments below.

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    The days, like yesterday and today, where I get up feeling well rested at 4 am, have a good strong mug of coffee, head to the YMCA and go for a run, followed by a 1-hr swim. Then, home for a good breakfast with some more coffee before heading out for a bike ride, hike, snowshoe, or ski – depending on season. A good meal after being outdoors, a mug of decaf tea after supper and in bed asleep by 8 pm. These are perfect sober days and I relish every one of them!

  2. Greg Newton

    Yes I agree!! Nice to go to bed naturally tired. Who knows what I might have done to myself or what situations I might have put myself into. After loosing my wife last August just a little over six months ago I’m better equipped myself to deal with the loss. My alcohol use had been for years as my wife’s, as horrible as her death was and the two plus years of her medical struggles were for me, to stop drinking was a blessing for me. I’m much better. Time doesn’t heal, but it makes the hurt more bearable. The tide of life is sometimes very rough but each storm ridden through makes us a better captain of our souls.


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