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What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

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What is going to happen inside your body once you quit drinking alcohol?

The short-term effects are the ones that people are looking for the most. Think about it. One of the biggest reasons why people stop drinking is because they are going through a certain amount of pain.

That pain could be physical or psychological.


What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

The pain can be caused because you feel that your life is wasting away and you are the primary cause. The pain might be caused because somebody close to you is fed up with the way you are behaving.
Maybe you have been caught drinking and driving.

A DUI will cause a lot of pain. I was stopped just before Christmas about 10 years ago. I was over the limit, taken to court, and banned for a year with a €600 fine. It was one of the most embarrassing times of my life. It forced me to stop and think about what I was doing to myself. I quit drinking and managed 10 months. By that time, I was close to getting my licence back and the pain of losing it had worn off. I never got behind the wheel of a car again while under the influence. In fact, we moved closer to town so that I could walk home from the pub, regardless of what state I was in. I’d learned one thing, but there was so much else that I had to learn.

I did feel great during those 10 months. I got a new lease on life. I did so much in that time. And it was only because I hadn’t firmly put myself in the position where I was never going to drink again. I was taking a year off, after which I would carry on with what I was doing before.

The point is, the pain that you had before you stop drinking, that will push you so far. But you’ll find that after a few months, that pain will disappear into your past. You won’t be feeling the physical effects of alcohol any more, unless you’ve done some more longer term damage, which is unlikely for most people. Because your behaviour is not being influenced by alcohol, you will become a different person, much more steady and relatable person, and other people will see that. So if the pain is coming from outside of yourself, that is likely to diminish as well.

Five years ago, when I quit for good, I had a different frame of mind. I knew I was going to quit for good. For good meant for good. And I got the same short-term relief. No more hangover. Thinking clear. No more drunken embarrassments. More money in my pocket. Better sleep. I could carry on with this list right down this page. But, you get where I’m coming from. Quitting drinking alcohol will give you an immediate boost. It will make you feel physically better. It will make you feel mentally better.

But the real benefits happen in the longer term. Your mindset changes. You know longer look at alcohol as a part of your life. It becomes a part of your past. Some people say that the habit remains. If it does, it’s in such a small state that you don’t notice it.

But all of this happens only if you move your mind away from alcohol. If you keep thinking that you are missing out on something, if you think that you are being denied a pleasure which other people can have and you cannot, for whatever reason, you will always be chained to your past alcohol behaviour. Maybe you will never drink again, but it won’t be far from your thoughts.

What happens to your body once you quit drinking alcohol is really important, but it only plays second fiddle to the changes that happen in your mind. These are the changes which will drive you forwards. These are the changes which will help you to map out a much more positive version of yourself and a much more positive version of your life.


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