What is the treatment for alcohol poisoning?

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Today’s question is: What is the treatment for alcohol poisoning?

First of all, let’s just define alcohol poisoning. As soon as you put alcohol inside your system – alcohol is a toxin – as soon as it goes inside your system, you’ve got one form of alcohol poisoning.

What we’re talking about in this video, is where a person has taken so much alcohol, that parts of their system have shut down and they’re at risk of something really bad happening to them, resulting possibly in death, if they don’t get treatment.

So, here’s some of the things that you shouldn’t do if you believe that somebody has extreme alcohol poisoning.

Don’t leave them first of all, to sleep it off. You need to keep them awake, if you possibly can.

Don’t give them black coffee. Alcohol is very dehydrating in and of itself, so black coffee is another one which is going to cause further dehydration, so you don’t want to have that.

Don’t try to make them sick by sticking your fingers down their throat or getting them to stick their fingers down their throat, because one of the symptoms, one of the things that shuts down first – when somebody has got extreme alcohol poisoning – is their gag reflex. So, they could choke to death on their own vomit as it’s coming up. They can’t gag on it.

Another one is, don’t walk them around. These people are obviously in a state of extreme drunkenness. They have lost all their abilities to balance or stand up straight and it could just cause accidents, so just keep them in the one place.

As I say, don’t let them fall asleep, if you can try and get them to sit up. If they can’t sit up and they’re trying to lie down, then lie them on their side, so if they do vomit there is more of a chance that the vomit will come out of their mouth.

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