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What is alcohol detox?

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If you look at some of the websites that are on the internet, you’ll find a lot of them talking about this thing of, they refer to it as, ‘Abrupt Alcohol Cessation’. So, it’s stopping abruptly and what happens to your body, after that. Some of this involves, trying to stop people, people who have been drinking alcohol for a long time. People who have been drinking a lot of alcohol, for a long time. People whose full day is just taken up with drinking alcohol and those are really the people who are at risk. These are people who haven’t had alcohol out of their system in a long time. Have got massive amounts of alcohol floating through their system all the time and it’s very dangerous for them to stop.

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How’re you doing? I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcoholmastery.com

Today’s question is: “What is alcohol detox?”

Sometimes they have to take medications like Benzodiazepines and stuff like that, in order to safely take them off alcohol, but for most people, my definition of alcohol detoxification, alcohol detox, is allowing your body to get rid of the alcohol. Allowing your body to repair itself and to move the alcohol out of your system. So that’s a form of alcohol detoxification. It’s just releasing your body from all that alcohol poisoning.

So, it takes a few days before the alcohol finally leaves your body; the alcohol gets everywhere when you put alcohol into your body. Your liver can only deal with one unit of alcohol per hour which is a tenth of a bottle of normal wine. Once the alcohol is not dealing with that small amount of alcohol – that alcohol that you’ve put into yourself – all the rest of it is going around in your bloodstream and it’s causing damage. It gets everywhere inside your body – wherever the water is, wherever the blood is, in your system – that’s where the alcohol will go.


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