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What Irretrievable Life Chances do You Miss Through Alcohol Drinking?

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Today I just wanted to talk about the chances and opportunities that are lost, due to drinking alcohol and the whole life style that’s involved with that.

Sadly, most of these chances, 99.9% of these chances, are irretrievable. You just can’t get those chances again, because a lot opportunities in life are momentary. They come about because of a specific set of circumstances that just happens to be going on in your life and a lot of those chances won’t ever come back to you.

It’s something that I think about every so often. It’s not something that I dwell on too much, because that kind of thinking can drive you mad – but as a motivation, as personal inspiration – if you’re still in that loop, drinking, still in that behaviour – you should think about the amount of opportunities that you have lost because of your drinking.

Think of how much the alcohol behaviour evolves around your life and about how much alcohol is involved in so many different aspects of your life, not just from the perspective of drinking the alcohol but as I’ve said before, from the perspective of thinking about the alcohol and then the consequences. The aftermath, the hangover, all that time that alcohol is in your brain and interfering with your thought processes – and thinking is everything.

If you don’t have your thinking. What you are? A lump of meat and I think regardless of what we do to our physical self – we see that everything that you do that is detrimental to your thinking process – is going to have consequences, not only in the day to day things that you do and how well you do those things, but in how you progress in life and how you come across to other people.

It’s going to have consequences to your finances, your health, to the overall enjoyment of your life, your levels of anxiety, depression and levels of happiness.

So just think about alcohol and alcohol behaviour in the perspective of the irretrievable damage and chances that are lost in your life because you’re doing this.

There is an opportunity loss to everything. When you do one thing you can’t do something else. You can’t be doing two things at once – it’s just the nature of the Beast – but this is a lot more perverse and damaging than that because alcohol drinking is and becomes habitual and the more you do it the more the habit takes over. The more your life starts to evolve around the mundanity of this kind of life.

That’s it for today. It’s just one for those who are contemplating quitting drinking alcohol or contemplating going back to drinking alcohol. If that’s you, just think of the chances and opportunities that were lost in your life because of your drinking and the chances and opportunities that are going to be open to you when you stop.

Don’t go back. It’s not giving you anything, all it is giving is a deeper and deeper understanding of a hole in the ground, a hole in your life.

Until next time…
Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth,
Take care of yourself.
Onwards and Upwards!

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been – George Elliot”

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