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What If You Forget You’re a Non-Drinker! Are You an Alcoholic? | SDA8

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(0.15) The site this week
(0.47) Ups and downs for the week
(1.33) Tip of the week
(1.55) Cancer and Tequila

Thursday Tally 8 Transcript

This is Alcohol Mastery, my name’s Kevin O’Hara and welcome to the Thursday Tally 8.

On the site this week I did 3 more questions from the Johns Hopkins series.
The first one was about your ambition, whether it’s suffering.
The second was about whether you drink in the morning.
And the third one was about do you crave drinks at a specific time of the day.
I’m also gonna put up a post, it was supposed to go up this week, but it should be up later today, the 100 health risks from alcohol, from drinking alcohol.
Next week, three more posts from the Johns Hopkins.

Ups and Downs

Ups and downs for the week, obviously being off the drink for 8 week.
I also ran for 20 minutes straight, which is twice as much as last week.
I’m almost there now, at the 5k mark.
I don’t think I’m as mad to go for the half marathon or the full marathon, I don’t think I’ve got that in me, maybe… who knows.
I’ll definitely get up to the 10k, I’ve done it before, only on the treadmill, but I’d love to do it out on the street.

Didn’t lose any weight this week, but you know, whatever….
Downs… it’s been crappy weather for the last couple of days but that’s got nothing to do with me so no real downs at all.

Tip of the Week

So my tip of the week this week is not to worry if you forget that you’re a non-drinker.
I sort of do that all the time; it doesn’t last long… a few seconds.
I call it the fiesta part of my brain.
It’s the part that really wants to go out and thinks that getting pissed is something enjoyable.

Cancer and Tequila

I was listening to a guy talking the other day about when he was 18 years of age.
He was an American, and he went to his doctor at 18, and his doctor told him that he had incurable cancer and he’d 6 months to live.tequila
So he just said fuck it, I’m enjoying the rest of my life and I’m going down to México.
So he headed off to México, and he got to México and he met up with this guru type bloke.
And this guru fella introduced him to tequila.
And this guy had never drank before so he was going
“Fair enough, I’m gonna die in six months anyway, so I’ll try that”
And he said drank two of these tequila shots and he woke up six months later, a thousand miles from where he started, with a family that he didn’t know, sleeping on their floor in their house, and surrounded by tequila bottles.
And a part of my brain was going “cool!”…
“Tequila” “Party”…
…The stupid part.
The only time I’ve ever drank tequila before was in Germany.
I drank it once with a load of British squaddies in this horrible, dark basement pub that we were in, and I hated the stuff.
This part of my brain was going “tequila drink, this sounds cool, passing out for six months and stuff like that.”
So just ignore that part of your brain.
Even better, close your eyes, go inside your body, and tell all the other parts of your body to find this part of your brain and kick the shit out of it.

Let Me Know What You Think

I’d really love to hear what your thoughts are about what I’m doing here, or your experiences with alcohol.
You can leave a comment here on YouTube or you can go to the website, and either leave a comment at the bottom of the post or use the contact us form at the top of the page.
If you wanna see more of the videos then just subscribe to the channel.
My name’s Kevin O’Hara, this is alcoholmastery.com,
Onwards and Upwards!

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The Thursday Tally 8 Transcript

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