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What I Still Struggle With in My Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

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“If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success” Will Smith

What am I still struggling with in my alcohol-free lifestyle?

I still struggle with a lot of things in my life. The bad news is I’ll probably never overcome some of my struggles, the good news is I no longer care.

I’m at a point in my life where I can accept that some struggles are just beyond me. There are many reasons for this. Maybe I don’t want to overcome them enough, don’t feel like I have the abilities to get there, or these struggles and the outcomes are out of my control.

Just because I put in the effort, it doesn’t mean my success is guaranteed.

Nothing is inevitable in this life.

Depending on what I want, there is an element of sacrifice involved, maybe some suffering, and certainly some discomfort.
Do I want it bad enough to put up with any of this?

However, I have found a new adaptability and passion for many new things in my life, since I stopped wasting it getting drunk. I’m moving relentlessly towards the best nutrition I can provide for my body and mind. I’m gradually moving my business onwards, day by day, into something profitable and sustainable. I’m taking my relationships with my people to a very new and exciting place.

But I still struggle on a day to day, moment to moment basis. I sometimes struggle with motivation, with energy, with confidence and belief that I’m doing the right thing. But, do you know what, it’s all a part of life. Everyone has doubts, even those who say they don’t. We all doubt ourselves, our abilities, and the world around us. But we aren’t our struggles, we’re not defines by our mistakes nor our doubts.

Struggling means you’re progressing.

For too many years I hid from my struggles behind the intoxication of the alcoholic hammer. At the very least, that’s behind me now.

The Harder the Struggle, The More Glorious The Triumph

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Onwards and Upwards!

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