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What Feelings Will You Experience When You Quit Drinking Alcohol?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

If you are considering quitting drinking alcohol over the festive season or in the new year, here’s a video on what you can expect in terms of how your feeling in general will shape up once you don’t have this toxin in your life any more.

This video is about what feelings you will experience when you quit drinking alcohol. Of course, everyone is different, so what I experienced might not be what you experience. But, if you let the positivity flow, your experience will be much more positive. You are getting rid of a toxin after all.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Debbie

    Yes it needs to be banned, as you’ve said it’s not your friend it’s not your comforter it’s poison and a deceptive lie. I’m so happy as well thankful I came across your page, you truly helped me. Your color looks good and you have a sparkle in your eyes. My husband told me, after my son’s accident that stole his life, that I look like a sad old woman, and that was after having actually getting dressed with some makeup. Anyway alcohol isn’t the answer good old fashioned reaching out to other humans in their need is the answer and lots of genuine compassion and not platitudes. Thank you, yes ban alcohol but then again the heart and mind has to change before it worked, if the will is strong people will get ahold to something. Me I am happily back to baking and decorating and building skills, alcohol isn’t my master, I’m responsible for my choices.

  2. Mark

    I feel that my life is somehow new, i dont think in the same patterns as i did when i was drinking, and i mean this in a very positive way.

    I can now feel my emotions all the way and i can finally deal with my emotions and feelings, and thats a good feeling. 🙂

    Be prepared to feel a bit confused about your feelings and be prepared to have mixed emotions in the beginning i would say.

    When you break through and all this stuff begins to settle in you, a wonderful life awaits!

  3. Mark Terene

    Thank you for the inspiration, Kevin,Debbie and Mark.
    Binge drinking has taken over my way of thinking; it’s clarity.
    Losses and life changes have really affected my original self. I need to and want to change my perceptions. I think helping others is one of my purposes and I feel more at piece when I can exteriorize my self out of looking inside myself and my perceived negative condition. My way of thinking out of the box, or my head.
    It is tough. I know I can do it but keep sliding back into the urge.
    Onward and Upward! I am gonna keep at it.
    Happy Holidays!
    Mark Terene


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