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What Do You Want to Achieve When You Quit Drinking Alcohol? | SDA41

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What Do You Want To Get Out Of Quitting Drinking? Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 41 (Transcript)

The whole point of doing these videos for me was to try and give people an idea of the ups and downs of a journey out of alcohol.

The Confessional

Sometimes I’m just not sure whether I’m making it interesting or not, or whether I should be trying to make it interesting for people. With the thing of saying how many weeks off alcohol I am, it is 41, it is as it is. I don’t know whether it’s going back to the AA thing, what I don’t like about the AA, and that’s standing up and saying my name is blah blah and I’m off the alcohol for so many weeks, I just don’t like that. I don’t know whether that’s from my Catholic upbringing, going to mass and doing your confession and all that. It’s not the same thing, but… ‘I’m Kevin O’Hara, it’s been 39 years since my last confession.”

Nothing Going On Here!

This week, there’s been nothing unusual about the week. Just a normal week.

I went out with my family the day before yesterday. And actually, I overate! And I overate so much that yesterday, I felt like I had a hangover. I was just tired and listless and all I wanted to do was sit down and watch the telly. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the hangovers I was getting [when I was drinking], it felt like… I hadn’t felt like that in a long time.

What Do You Want To Get Out Of Quitting Drinking?

One of the things I wanted to talk about this week was, what exactly do you want to get out of quitting drinking. Drinking is a means to an end after all; it’s what we use as a tool, probably the only tool or one of the only tools that’s in a drinker’s arsenal. As soon as there’s any problems, it’s on to the drink. And we use drink as a tool for so many things, but at the end of the day, that’s all it is.

And when you stop doing something, it’s not an achievement in itself, if you understand what I’m saying. [Quitting drinking] is a way of moving yourself onto something else in your life. It allows you to do other things in your life. By quitting drinking, you’re not actually doing anything. You’re stopping yourself from having a whole lot of pain in your life and you’re getting yourself out of that big rut and you’re freeing up a lot of time, all that kind of stuff. But, in and of itself, stopping doing something is not an achievement.

I’ll talk a bit more about this in another video, go a bit more in depth into it. To just talk about it on a personal level, I’ve quit drinking because I want to have a healthy life. I want to spend more time with my son, with my family. Not just time, but doing things, spending quality time. I want to extend and expand my business. And I want to be the best I can be within that business.

There Are NO Guarantees!

There are no real guarantees in life. Just because you quit drinking, doesn’t mean to say that everything’s going to be hunky dory. You could change your life and be the healthiest person around, doesn’t really guarantee that you’re going to live forever, for a long life. But, what it does is it gives you the knowledge that’s it’s not self-caused. You’ve done the best in your life to keep the body that you’ve got… going. Keeping it in the best shape that you possibly can. And by doing that, you’re not guaranteeing anything, but you’re giving yourself the best possible chances.

Like I say, I want to be around for when my son has kids, I want to see my grandchildren, I want to see them growing up. I want to go to my son’s wedding. I want to be able to go on long walks along the beach when I’m 80 years of age, that kind of thing. And it’s highly obtainable, it’s not beyond reach!

Improving My Life

So really, the things that I’m doing in my life to improve it. First of all, I’ve dumped alcohol out of my life. That’s one of the main issues. I think the health, your health is the most important thing, regardless of whatever else, what other plans you have in your life, if you don’t have your health, you haven’t got much to work on.

Health is the main thing. It’s a priority for me. The main priority is done, I’ve dumped the alcohol. For the last few months I’ve just been concentrating on nutrition, reading a lot of books on nutrition. And I’ve made a lot of changes in my life with what I’m eating. I still have the odd slip. I haven’t gone completely healthy yet. I’m really heading in the right direction. I feel the benefits of quitting drinking and of changing my diet.

In my business life, I want to expand my education, expand my business. Really, I want to do the best in my business that I possibly can. I have got targets to aim for and I’ve steps along the way.

So, that’s Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 41.
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Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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