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What Changes To Expect After Quitting Drinking?

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When someone asks what changes to expect after quitting drinking, they are looking for either the positives or the negatives.

The crappy stuff that’ll go on in your body is going to be different for everyone…. sweats, shakes, sleeplessness… etc, etc.

Minefield of “Information”

You can look around the internet and see some pretty scary shit. I came across one blog where the guy said you’ll DEFINITELY feel the physical effects of alcohol when you quit after drinking for a number of years. Then put up the longest god-awful list of symptoms you’ve ever seen. Holy crap! I’ve not touched a drop in almost 6 months, but when I saw that list I started getting cold sweats and palpitations.

The thing is, don’t think yourself into bad states. It’s simple to quit drinking, you just stop putting alcohol into your mouth. People can complicate things until they are nervous wrecks. You can think yourself into sleepless nights. If you want to become anxious, just tell yourself over and over that you feel anxious. Your mind will oblige. Your body will materialize.

If you tell yourself you’re afraid of little white bunnies enough times, your mind will find reasons for you to be afraid of them. Before you know it every mini-Thumper you see will have you breaking out in a cold sweat and running for the hills.
What Changes To Expect After Quitting Drinking

You won’t know what’s going to happen to YOU when YOU quit until YOU stop drinking.

Think calm to be calm….and repeat.
….and repeat!
….and repeat!

The good stuff is fairly common across the board…

All the crap associated with drinking will be gone. It might take some bodies longer to overcome the effects than others. Age, overall health, how much you drank, how often you drank, how long you drank, what you drank, and on and on and on…

To repeat:

You won’t know what’s going to happen to YOU when YOU quit until YOU stop drinking.

Don’t over-think quitting. Just stop drinking.

Stopping drinking is a simple process to go through. I wish you a great journey!

By the way, if you have any fears at all, pay a visit to your doctor.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards…

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  1. Daniel S

    Hi Kevin. I slipped into your blog fir the first time today.
    I have always enjoyed drinking since I was 13 years old Now 47.
    I have come to a point in my life where I need to quit It is ruining my life and I am hurting my family as well
    I watched some of your videos and read some of the stuff here and quite frankly I am very pleased with what I read and heard.
    I believe it is an answer to my prayers. I am not a skidrow alcoholic with lots of health issues no home no money etc.
    I just realize that I need to quit before its too late so to speak.
    Thank you very much Kevin and keep up the good work. By the way I am starting my sober journey tomorrow.

    Daniel P S

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I’m glad I can be of some help to you Daniel. I’m 47 as well, it’s a shame it takes us so long to realize these things. Having said that, here is where we’re at. Better late than never. Onwards and upwards my friend!

  2. sarah

    Thank you for your work. I also started my road to a somber life .
    Thank you again

  3. sarah

    Thank you for all the great work you are doing in your Sober Life I am on my way to sober living as well. It has been one month since I last drank.


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