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What Are Your Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

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  1. JR

    In short, I’m sick of the shame, regret and remorse that inevitably follows my big nights on the drink. I’m tired of disappointing my wife, of living in fear of who I may have insulted or offended, of being the ‘hired gun’ of stupidity at social functions, invited along for the idiotic entertainment value I’m guaranteed to give others once I’ve slipped into my usual party role as a sodden, obnoxious sh*t. Oh, and I hate the three day hangovers, the headaches, lethargy, cotton-wool brain and unexplained aches and bruises.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Time to stop! Best of luck on your new journey, JR.

  2. legend

    8 weeks off now just fed up with the shit that comes with drink these videos are great

  3. PG

    I am working on the decision to quit. I’ve done the cutting back, repeated the patterns. Your videos are great Kevin. The thing that struck me the most in this one is the wasted time aspect. It’s been quite awhile since I haven’t wasted likely 3/4 nights a week drinking (say 30 hours a week) and then the other days feeling awful, unproductive and depressed. Now…there it is right there. Is that a good life? Self imposed too!


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