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What Are Your Reasons To Drink?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 1 comment

What Are Your Reasons To Drink? (Transcript)

I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcohol mastery.

Today I’m asking the question, ‘what are you reasons to drink?’.

When you quit drinking it is essential that you know exactly why your were drinking in the first place.

100 Million Reasons

There are 100 million reasons why you shouldn’t be drinking. There are health reasons, family reasons, work reasons, wallet reasons, all those reasons. Everybody knows them, and in general, they don’t stop anyone or help in quitting drinking.

You already know some of the health risks of drinking. There are many people out there who have been down to the doctor and they’ve had a couple of shots across their bows and it has not really stopped them. So, what do you do?

Why I Started Drinking

The reasons why you were drinking in the first place, your positive reasons, they are the things you used to think about. Drink helped you relax, or helped you to calm down, or helped you to open yourself up when you are in company. All those reasons are the things you really need to spend some time looking into. One you do quit, you are still going to have to fulfill those needs.

You are still going to have to deal with how to relax. You are still going to socialize, so you are going to need to be able to cope with that. Before you can learn the coping skills that you need, you’ve got to know the reasons why you were drinking in the first place. You have to know those basic needs.

I hope you got something out of that video, I’m Kevin O’Hara for Alcohol Mastery. Until next time, onwards and upwards!
What Are Your Reasons To Drink?

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1 Comment

  1. JoDev59

    Hi Kev, Day 37 ALCOHOL FREE today!

    Thank you for your interesting question “What are your reasons to drink?”
    I certainly do not need alcohol to socialize, so I did not drink because of being shy or nervous when in company,etc. I personally feel that I used Alcohol to stuff down ANY negative feelings like-anger,sadness,feelings of abandonment,feelings of being unloved & unappreciated by friends & family at different times in my life. If something went really wrong,the first thing I thought of was “I am going to have a drink!!!”–like i was punishing the person who had upset me somehow by me drinking…LOL. Also I used Alcohol to sleep at night. These,I feel, are my 2 main subconscious reasons that I self-medicated myself with Alcohol over the years.

    I am going to shorten it to 1)SLEEPLESSNESS(daily) & 2)ANGER/HURT(sporadically).

    Now I am working on eliminating those 2 problems or finding ways of coping with them so that the automatic urge that overcomes me when I have these problems,will eventually be replaced by some other healthier forms of behavior. Hopefully I may be able to remove these 2 triggers all together or at least, lower the likelihood that they will ever be a daily/weekly/monthly trigger again.

    For my sleeplessness,I am succeeding for the 1st time ever,in removing that stress. I did some research on natural ways to prevent/cure/deal with insomnia. I am now taking Melatonin 5mg & Kava 2400 every evening around 9pm & am very happy with the results. If I forget at 9pm,then yes I am awake all hours & the stress starts to build up,anxiety comes & the roller-coaster of feelings begins. Sleeplessness then causes depression,which then gives me the “pour me feeling” (poor me, poor me, pour me another drink,lol),so maybe my life-long insomnia has been the biggest trigger of all & I am only just realizing it.

    With my HURT,which then becomes ANGER- that comes from being too sensitive & thinking too much about things. I need to keep myself busy & my mind occupied as negative thoughts are not good to dwell on. I sometimes feel very despondent if I do the wrong thing or say the wrong thing, I become devastated. I need to be easier on my self as I am not a bad person, just a very human one.

    I have also found that Caffeine,in all forms (chocolate,esp), makes me very uptight and my mind starts to dwell on negative things. I seem to get angry quickly & even a bit paranoid. I went on a binge a couple of days ago-chocolate ice creams,chocolate,by itself and when I eat it ,its a lot-I cant seem to stop. I have learned that it is no good for my mental health, so I have to avoid it at all costs. I end up in tears,sad & depressed,feeling sorry for myself-a Blubbering mess. So now I have made my decision to avoid CHOCOLATE at all costs from now on. The terrible feelings of anxiety/worthlessness & the tears I had a few days ago, are not worth the pleasure of indulging in Chocolate at all.

    I have been CAFFEINE FREE for years, only drinking decaf tea because of my insomnia,palpitations,anxiety. But Chocolate has been my life-long weakness every now & again. Now I realize that even tho I might love chocolate, chocolate absolutely is poison to my mind & body-it is fattening,causes bad mood swings,blood-sugar problems,insomnia for me,etc. Its not worth it any more. Whenever I crave something sweet, I will now eat a piece of fruit instead.

    Sorry for rambling on Kev,but this is me attempting to dissect & eliminate the TRIGGERS that I feel have caused me to WANT to drink Alcohol. I hope this can help someone else to work out their reasons for drinking. Once you work out why, then you can look for a solution to remove those compulsions & continue to live happily,ALCOHOL FREE!!
    Highest regards Jo:)


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