What are the Symptoms of Wet Brain from Alcohol?

What are the Symptoms of Wet Brain from Alcohol?

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What are the Symptoms of Wet Brain from Alcohol? Transcript

This is just a follow-up to the video I did a couple of days ago – what is alcoholic wet brain?

This is about the symptoms of alcoholic wet brain.

This is just another health warning.

When you’re drinking alcohol, you don’t notice the long term damage that’s being caused because it starts gradually.

It starts from very little.

You might first get a hangover, that kind of thing.

Then you might notice some aches and pains.

Then the aches and pains get a bit worse.

The deterioration is gradual.

It doesn’t just happen immediately.

You don’t drink a lot and you wake u the next morning and you’ve got a lot of problems.

I think we push through those earlier barriers in our lives when we first drink and we get sick, and we don’t like the feeling, we don’t like the taste, we don’t like anything about it except the psychological thing that it does for us, whatever we’re looking for.

It’s a weird one.

I think psychologically there must be some alarm bells ringing off in our heads but because of that one reason why we’re doing it…

You know a lot of people get turned off in the beginning and go ‘I don’t like that shit, I’m not doing it anymore, full stop.’’

I’ve done that with a few drugs I’ve tried, LSD for one.

I didn’t like that at all.

I’ll get on to the symptoms now.

But I just wanted to say whenever you drink alcohol, it gets into your brain stream straightaway.

It goes through the blood brain barrier which is the thing that’s protecting your brain.

Your brain is the control of everything, everything that you do is controlled through your brain.

All that control comes about through your neurotransmitters.

These are the things that send signals to each other and make things happen in your body.

They make your body move, make you talk, make you think and it’s all a very delicate chemical balance.

When somebody says to you that alcohol doesn’t do anything to your brain, just think about the interference of the chemicals that happens in your brain every time the alcohol gets in there.

This is not supposed to happen.

Your brain is supposed to be an enclosed, secure box inside your head.

It’s the nerve centre of everything.

And yet here we go putting this shit into our heads that we know is going to fuck us around.

As I’m going through these symptoms, just notice how close the symptoms are to being drunk.

This is brain damage.

When you get alcoholic wet brain, this can’t be cured.

In 20% of cases, it’s fatal, and basically you’re screwed.

And this is because we can’t stop putting that stuff into our body.

So what are the symptoms?

The first one is difficulty balancing, staggering, and you’ve got wide gait.

The wide gait means that your legs are sort of spread wide apart, wider than you would normally have that, and you would take small steps, sort of like a shuffling gait.

Second symptom is lack of muscle coordination, confabulation which is remembering things that never actually happened and you’re making a lot of things up as you go along.

The third one is confusion.

Basically it’s people who don’t really understand what’s going on around them and they don’t really give a shit.

They’re sort of apathetic to the whole thing.

The next one is difficulty forming new memories.

Next one is dementia, and I’ve already said in the last video that between 10 and 24% of all dementias are alcohol caused.

Hallucinations, and finally loss of control over eye movements.

Drooping eyelids or their eyeballs are going sort of a bit weird.

I hope you can see there that the first four of these: the staggering, the lack of muscular coordination, the confabulation, the confusion and even the difficulty forming new memories, hallucinations, drooping eyes…a lot of these you get when people are drunk.

Think about most of the conditions that you get while you’re drunk, they’re the same things that will happen to you if you get wet brain.

Except, now they’re permanent.

So you’ve basically got a permanent drunkenness.

That’s what wet brain looks like to me anyway, permanent drunkenness.

In the earlier days when I read about this, I thought: ‘’am I speaking with a slurred accent all the time’’ and I was a little worried that I wasn’t.

I think it all boils down to me being lazy.

I think I was used to speaking in that way, with a drunken twang to what I was saying.

But it was sort of unnerving.

Like I say, when you look at these things, when you look at all these symptoms…I’ve often said in the past that it’s the same symptoms that we experience when a person is going through a stroke.

A lot of similar stuff is happening when you’re drunk.

But this is a lot closer to the mark.

So, it just goes to prove that short-term drunkenness- the one that we like, the one that we’re aiming towards, the ones that we want to achieve, that bit of a stagger, that bit of a slur in the words, that bit of confusion, not being able to remember the last day – these are short term signs of the consequences on your brain, what’s happening inside your brain.

That can’t be good.

I mean, everyone knows that after you’ve been drinking and even when the hangover has worn off and you’ve gotten through the hangover, you still feel foggy.

You still feel like you’re not at your best.

Although you might not, because I didn’t.

I think towards the end when I was thinking ‘dear Jesus, I’m still feeling the hangover, I’m still feeling groggy’ but because this was such a long term effect thing, you don’t really notice the damage creeping up on you.

You don’t notice that your brain is slower than it used to be because it’s such a gradual thing.

It’s like aging because aging is such a gradual process you don’t really notice.

You notice when you get a pain when trying to do something that you used to be able to do, but in general as you go through your life, it’s not apparent that aging has happened.

That’s why plastic surgery is such a popular thing.

You go into an office, a plastic surgeon’s office in the morning and you come out in the afternoon looking 20 years younger because he’s taken away some of your wrinkles and age lines and all that kind of stuff.

So this basically all boils down to one thing: alcohol is a toxin.

Your body doesn’t like toxins.

When you put this alcohol into your body, it’s one of the few things that can get into your brain.

Your brain is the control centre of everything else that happens in your body, and there are very delicate chemical processes going on in your brain.

Neurotransmitters which rely on these delicate balances in order for you to move, to talk, to eat, whatever you’re doing in life.

Whatever activity, thinking, sleeping, all that kind of stuff relies on these neurotransmitters.

Alcohol interferes with these chemicals which interfere with the paths of the messaging from these neurotransmitters.

And, this is all your doing.

It’s all you putting the alcohol into your brain, into your body.

It’s another one of those self-caused diseases.

There’s enough fucking shit out there, there are enough problems out there without us doing this shit to ourselves.

There is a cure for this and that is to stop drinking before anything happens.

Prevention is better than a cure.

Stop doing this to yourself in the first place.

Don’t be waiting until something bad happens to you or the doctor gives you bad news.

Do something about this now.

Stop doing it.

Stop putting this stuff into your brain and you have no worries about this.

This is caused by a deficiency of a vitamin B1, thiamine.

Obviously you can get this without being a drinker if you don’t have enough B1 in your diet, but then as long as you’re eating a good, healthy diet, then there’s no reason for you to be deficient in this vitamin.

The reason why on a lot of occasions this happens with heavy drinkers is because the alcohol interrupts the thiamine from getting into your body, from being assimilated; or, because you’re drinking, you’re not eating properly.

So, it boils down to it.

It’s a self-caused thing.

Stop the drinking and you’re not going to be at risk of this.

I hate doing these videos.

I much prefer to do the positive videos.

But I think I have to try and inform people of the risks of this thing.

A lot of people don’t do anything until they see the stick.

Anyway that’s it for this video.

If you have any comments at all, leave them down below.

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  • Julie D.

    Reply Reply July 22, 2016

    Amazing & horrifying post. Thank you. Julie

  • Geraldine

    Reply Reply July 23, 2016

    Excellent information. Just heard on the radio yesterday about the effects of moderate drinking and the links to cancer. Some calling for a warning on bottles similar to cigarettes.
    But then it was never mentioned again.
    I wonder if it was shut down as the Government here is trying to introduce alcohol into grocery store shelves similar to the UK.
    And people are delighted!!

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