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What Are The Signs Alcohol is Causing You Harm? What Can You Do?

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What are the signs that drinking is causing you harm?

If you suspect that drinking is causing you harm, it probably is.

There’s two different ways that drinking alcohol can cause you harm.

The first way drinking can cause you harm is on the inside.

Alcohol poisons your organs.
You might feel the harm only after serious damage has already been caused.
Alcohol messes with you psychologically.
Drinking becomes habitual.

For most people, when they are ask: what are the signs that drinking is causing me harm, they mean this internal harm:

What type of pain should I be looking for?

Should my leg be swollen like that?

Is it bad if you’re hands are shaking like this?

Are these headaches to do with drinking too much?

How do I know if I’m becoming addicted?

I can’t sleep properly, is it because I’m drinking too much?

I’m not an MD, so I have to tell you that you are getting any physical pain, you should go to your doctor…
What Are The Signs That Drinking is Causing You Harm
The human body is remarkable, so you will more than likely see harm in other areas of your life before you start to see the effects of the poison on your body.

The second way drinking can cause you harm is outside yourself.

This is where your drinking is affecting your work, your social life, your family life, and your relationships.

How do you know what other areas of your life are being affected?

One of the ways is to look at what your life was like before you started drinking. Do you remember who you were back then?

I can’t remember what I was like before I started drinking. Much of my experience of not drinking is happening right now. I don’t think there was one aspect of my life that was not being harmed by drinking.

I’ve lied and cheated, I’ve drank or been drunk in situations that were very dangerous to me and others… drank in rough spots, driven my car while drunk, I’ve hurt relationships and friendships because of drink, I’ve been in trouble with the law.

Every injury I have ever got in my life, every broken bone, cut, bruise, and sprain was caused while or after I had been drinking. I worked in forestry, a risky job at the best of times, and I never got more than a nick in my entire career.

And that’s not counting the mental problems that I caused by drinking. Not sleeping well, not eating properly, not being bothered about looking after myself mentally or physically, drinking my life away. What a waste!

If you’re young enough, if you’ve been drinking for only a short while, you’ll remember what it was like before. Think about it. Look at each area of your life and ask yourself this: “Has my drinking caused harm in this part of my life – to me or others?”

You must be truthful! This is very important.

Being dishonest won’t help.

Most drinkers are looking for a way to carry on drinking until they see the signs of harm. They don’t want to stop until someone tells them they have to. It’s the easy way out.

If you’re are looking for help because you suspect your drinking might be getting out of control, and if you look honestly at your life, you’ll find signs of harm everywhere. Alcohol causes damage… it’s inevitable.

If you’re a young person who is seriously thinking about the damage you are doing in your life, I thoroughly commend you! I wish I could convince every young person that you can’t have a full life while consistently poisoning yourself. It doesn’t make any sense. I see it all the time, young lads out playing soccer, skateboarding, having a ball on the one hand, and stupidly filling their bodies with toxins on the other.

Learn by my experiences and people like me.
We’re there to help. Don’t do it! Find a better way and tell the drink companies to get stuffed!


Until next time…

Onwards and Upwards!

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