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What are the effects of binge drinking?

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Today’s question is: What are the effects of binge drinking?

I think first of all we have to define what we mean by binge drinking. Binge drinking is anything that takes your alcohol consumption above the levels that your body can handle. What that means is that your body can basically handle one unit of alcohol per hour. This is the average body; this is the average healthy body. So, it can handle one unit of alcohol per hour.

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One unit of alcohol is a tenth of a bottle of wine. If you take a bottle of wine, divide it into ten different glasses, one of those glasses is what your body can handle in an hour. The rest of it, is just going around your system. Anywhere your blood goes; that’s where the alcohol is getting into.

It effects, it starts to affect those organs, those major organs, those minor organs, all the muscles and everything it gets into.

Binge drinking: how your body absorbs the alcohol, how quickly your body is going to deal with the alcohol as it gets into your system – depends on many things. It depends on your age, your sex, your height, your weight, your ethnicity, what you’ve drunk before, what you’ve been eating before, how healthy you are, your body type, how tired you are, how quickly you’ve drunk. So, so many different physical characteristics which will have an effect on the effect of binge drinking in your body.

You really need your calculator and you need to be calculating these things all the time for yourself and how many people are going to actually do that?

Alcohol affects every single organ in your body; as soon as you start drinking it, it lowers your inhibitions. It makes you want to drink more, the more you drink, the worse these effects are going to be.


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