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Ways Alcohol Drinking Is Affecting Your Work

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Today’s video is about how alcohol drinking affects your work, regardless of whether you work for yourself or somebody else. It’s also about how all the other areas of your life, your relationships, your finances, your self-control, and your self-confidence, also return and reflect on the job that you do.

How are you doing?

I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcohol mastery (dot) com.

Today, I want to talk about how alcohol drinking has affected your work.

When I talk about your work, I’m talking about in terms of whether you work for somebody else, or whether you work for yourself. It’s all the same.

Alcohol affects your life in a lot of different ways.

It affects your life, your relationships, your finances, how you think about yourself, your thoughts and your actions.

All of this basically revolves and comes back to affecting your work.

Your work can start to affect other areas of your life as well.

I’m talking about your work whether you it behind a desk for a living, whether you work outside for a living, whether you work physically or manually.

It doesn’t matter.

From a physical aspect, alcohol deteriorates your body.

From a mental aspect, alcohol certainly deteriorates your mind.

All of this combined reduces your capacity to be the person you want to be, to do the job that you’re either required to do, or you want to do.

For me, it was always a building business and trying to keep that business going, trying to keep my own motivation in the business.

It’s very difficult if everyday you get up, you get a fucking hangover, and you’re thinking ‘I just don’t want to climb a tree today. I don’t want to go inside underneath a forest getting wet when I could be sat in a nice warm pub beside the fire just getting slowly drunk’.

That’s what it boiled down to for me, was that kind of reduction.

Everything was reducing down to that, everything was focusing down to that, and it just affected everything I was doing.

As I said, I’m of the mind of what I want to achieve in life, I want to take…especially from a business perspective, to grow a business, to have a successful business where I can leave my son some things, a house or whatever.

You’ve got the short term and long term effects of alcohol.

You’ve got the hangovers which are obvious.

If you go into work with a hangover, or your hangovers might be stretching two or three days.

Every day you go in with a hangover, your work productivity is being affected.

And we know that because we feel it physically and mentally, but there’s the underlying brain fog which you don’t feel because it’s happened over such a long period of time that you’ve got used to it.

You get used to your brain operating at a certain level, and if that operational capacity is diminishing over a long period of time you don’t notice that reduction.

It’s only when you stop, and this can happen within 30 days or a week, where you start noticing how much your brain is functioning better.

It’s only when you stop drinking for a certain period of time that you notice how much alcohol was affecting your life.

And, it’s one of those things as well which is a double edged sword because people start getting really good brain activity back, good productivity back, and they go two, three, four months into this journey and start thinking ‘well maybe I’m at that stage now where I can take a drink’.

They associate the drink with the fun, the socialising, with good times in life.

They don’t associate it with the brain fog and the…I like to say like a self-inflicted handicap that people are putting on themselves every single day.

We try and get rid of as many handicaps to your life as you’re growing, in terms of what you know, what you’re learning. When you’re born and you go into a certain job or a certain business, you’re handicapped to a certain extent because of your knowledge.

You don’t know a lot of stuff that the old-timers know, the stuff that people with 50 years’ experience in the business are always going to outshine people that are coming into the business.

Unless that business is completely new and fresh, like if someone has been a journalist for 50 years, he’s going to have a certain handicap when it comes to sing modern technology in their business.

But when it comes to knowing what to write and what people respond to, they’re going to know a lot more.

I think gradually, we forget about that handicap that has happened to us.

I don’t think most of us realise it.

We just think that because the physical effects are gone, we’re getting better.

We don’t actually delve into anything, like the reason for the alcohol in the first place and why it happened.

We obviously put two and two together and say the alcohol caused the fogginess of the brain and the physical symptoms.

You have to actually think about what is happening inside your body when this is happening, not just A equals B.

There’s a lot of steps between them.

When your brain fogs up, it’s been fogging up for a long, long time.

I drank for 30 years, and that process of brain fogging was just something that happened over a while.

I didn’t realise it was happening.

I don’t know how much actual physical damage there is to my brain and body.

I can’t help that.

All I can do is go from the baseline that I was 4 years ago and work my way upwards from there.

Onwards and upwards all the time.

It’s the only place you can start from.

Obviously if you’ve got medical issues, you need to get those sorted out first and foremost before anything else happens.

But then the rest is up to you.

There’s a gradual forward and upward momentum.

Once you get momentum, you start moving things a lot quicker.

Your brain starts to work quicker, your experiences come thick and fast.

I said in another video that I saw a picture coming by at my sister at a wedding, and I’m doing this all the time an just thinking, was that only a year ago? Because it says ‘here’s your memory from a year ago’ and you’re thinking ‘that can’t be right! That feels like 2 or 3 years ago’, and that’s because of the brain fogging and the way my brain used to be.

Time has literally slowed down.

I feel like I’m getting much more out of each second of the day, and that’s such a massive benefit to my life.

But getting back to the whole work thing, this is what the whole video is about.

Everything is bound to suffer because once your brain is under this massive concentration of abuse that you’re putting on, it’s bound to affect everything that you do.

In terms of owning your own business, the growth is going to be really slowed down.

In terms of working for somebody else, your own progress throughout the company you’re working for, you know promotions and all that stuff is going to be put on the back burner.

Just think of where you could be right now if you never drank alcohol.

And I’m not talking about just some gobshit who thinks he’s a drinker and drinking a lot and slowing it down.

I’m not thinking about that.

In reality, it’s when you stop drinking and say to people ‘I don’t drink anymore’ that people think that you’re sort of…like you might be a problem to their business now because you’re an alcoholic, whereas all the time you were drinking, they didn’t think anything of that.

They would join you in the pub.

Anyway, look I’m going to finish it there and just say that alcohol does affect every business that a person who drinks is involved in, whether it’s their own business or somebody else’s business.

You stopping drinking is going to have the opposite effect, it’s going to improve your business or your job as well as improve your life.

Keep the alcohol out of our life, what the fuck are you doing? Stop doing this to yourself.

I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcohol mastery (dot) com. Take care of yourself and keep the alcohol out of your mouth.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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