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Top 10 Ways to Break Your Drinking Habit

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the ways that I know of to deconstruct your alcohol drinking habit. This is never going to be an easy task, but it sure is simple. The first rule should always be Don’t Put The Alcohol in Your Mouth… You’ve heard me saying that over and over at the end of my videos, right…? From then on, you have to let the drinker in you die…seriously, you have to get rid of that part of you, by hook or by crook.


Top 10 Ways to Break Your Drinking Habit

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  1. Cathy Burghdoff

    Hi Kevin, I truly want to quit drinking, but in my current circumstances, it seems an impossible proposition. So……a little background. My husband of 20 yrs this past December has been porn addicted throughout the entire marriage. However, in the first 10 yrs I was in total denial, believing him every time he said it was over, and always finding it again. Over time it changed me. Hurt, anger, resentment, low self esteem etc….just subtly set in. So about 10 yrs ago I discovered that vodka was the panacea that enabled me to cope with the hurt. So I kept hoping, pleading with him not to do this, hoping for a miracle, and trying to maintain his secret shameful behavior. Why shameful? Because it always leads to pain. We haven’t had sex going on 4 yrs and sleeping in separate room for the last 2 yrs! And all the while him refusing to deal with it, won’t talk honestly about it, and lying so many times to cover his ass. Finally I’ve realized there’s not one thing I can do to “get him” to want to stop. I’m now making preparations to get my own car, a job, a place other than here, and people in my life again. Somehow I began acting so out of character for me, shut people out of my life, became very isolated and lonely. When I started praying not to wake up in the morning because of how bad it feels to not be wanted…I knew I had to take actions to get out of this situation. I’m almost 59 yrs old. I have 3 daughters (who want me to get out) and 9 grandkids 8 mo. to 18 yrs old. I have a lot to live for, but have become trapped in this emotion of sadness and grief. So with all that said…..I want to thank you for not using God’s name in vain, else I couldn’t even listen to you. The rest of the cursing is fine with because I have a hard time holding my own tongue at times. There’s so much more, but I’m sure I’ve said way more than anyone needs to hear. I’m not a quitter but sure have a hard time getting back up at times.

  2. Tricia

    Massive 🙂 thank you again………..


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