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The Way You Deal with Quitting Alcohol Is Unique

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The Way You Deal with Quitting Alcohol Is Unique

You are not only a unique individual terms of the way you look and think, you are completely unique in the way you learn things, what works for you and what doesn’t.

I was reading a webpage recently, can’t remember the name, about randomness and this guy was talking about the complete and utter odds against any one of us being on this planet.

Here’s something to blow your mind:

What’s the probability of you actually existing? The probability is similar to 2 million people coming together – about the population of the Greater Dublin area. They are playing a game of throw the dice. Instead of the normal six-sided dice, they are playing with a dice with a trillion sides. When they rolled the dice, each of these 2 million people throws exactly the same number… Let’s say, 620,826,003,492.

Now think about the number of thoughts that you have every day, that you have had every day since the day you were born, these billions of pieces of data makes up your ‘knowledge base’. This is the knowledge from where everything that you do has to come from. I’m just saying that no two people are alike. If something works for you, it works. Don’t let anyone else tell you it doesn’t work.

I hope you enjoy this very strange video…

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Onwards and Upwards!

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