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The Uses of Alcohol and Other Drugs & How We View Them in Our Society

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Today I just wanted to do a quick video on alcohol and its uses and the way we view alcohol in our society.

Alcohol has a whole heap of uses outside of what we actually do with it. Same thing with cocaine, heroin or any other drug. A lot of people speak about the abuse of alcohol. From my perspective as a person who has drank alcohol over thirty years, the abuse of alcohol is to put it into your body.

If you rub a Greyhound with your alcohol, then that’s a good thing to do. If you’re using it as a solvent, then lets a good thing for it to do. As soon as you start putting it into the human body and try to alter their behaviour, thoughts, the emotions, the day, the consciousness of a person – then that’s abuse. That’s abusing the substance.

There are other things in our lives like petrol for instance. I remember growing up in Dublin in the 1980’s. Petrol is for driving engines. I’m sure there’s other uses for it that I don’t know about but the primary use for petrol is to put it into your car and drive your car from A to B. Same with Glue. Glue is to stick things together with, whether it’s paper, wood, whatever, it is used as a sticky substance.

As I say during the 80’s when I was growing up there were Petrol Heads and Glue sniffers who used to buy petrol and sniff it until they – for whatever reason- there brains were just overcome with this stuff. And they looked at it like it was a buzz. But what the fuck was going on?

Once or twice, more than that, maybe four or five times, I sniffed Gas. You know, butane gas that you get out of a – I’m not sure if it’s butane but the stuff you fill lighters with. I used to do that. I’d put it into my mouth, get a hold of the nozzle in my teeth and push the handle and breathe this stuff in.

Christ almighty! You know! The damage that I could have caused myself, the permanent damage. Death!

it is a community thing, I wouldn’t have done it if somebody else wasn’t telling me that it was a good thing to do. Not in a widespread community thing but in a general, my little, small, neck of the woods, my community. When I’m talking about my community I’m talking about the four or five friends that I was hanging out with. They were the ones that said “Oh yeah, you want to try this and they found it off somebody else, within their little community or whatever it was.

Now I was getting a buzz out of doing this, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. I was told that I would get a buzz and the first time I did it was very tentatively and thank God, I grew out of it. The reason I grew out of it was that in a wider community, if anyone had found out what we were doing!

I think eventually one of the Parents found out and luckily for me it wasn’t somebody who was gold my Dad. He took us aside and said “What the fuck are you doing to yourselves, if I catch you doing this ….”

We got a lecture of him but he didn’t tell my Dad, so I stopped doing it then. He said how dangerous it was and what could happen to you, but the reason I didn’t continue and the reason why most people don’t continue with these things, is either something bad happens to them or they grow out of it.

That’s not the same with alcohol, alcohol is an accepted drug within our community which is not only encouraged but is blatantly encouraged by everybody. From your Parents to your Friends, to your Auntie and Uncles, your Grandma, Granddad, everybody. Most of the people in this culture encourage alcohol drinking in one form or another, so it’s very difficult to get out of it.

It was the same sort of thing for cigarette smoking. For years smoking was a culturally accepted thing. You did it because your Parents and Friends did. It was culturally acceptable and they were easy to get. When I was a kid I could walk up to the shop and buy cigarettes. I don’t think it was legal but there was less of a stigma about an old cow in the local shop giving us cigarettes.

When I think about it now, that’s the way I think about it. I think about it in terms of my Son or my Granddaughter, if when she grew up some old Cow was giving her things, I would want to take the old Cow out the back and put her out of her fucking misery, you know. You know encouraging Children to do that kind of thing.

Cocaine is not acceptable now but it used to be, you know Sigmund Freud had a cocaine addiction. There were so many people back then who could get a hold of it and did take it – with disastrous consequences. It was the same with heroin. At some stage heroin wasn’t widely cultural acceptable but it was acceptable to a certain degree, not what it is like now.

As a society, we think about drinking alcohol as normal. Whenever we hear people talking about alcoholics for instances, they talk about normal drinkers and they talk about alcoholics or they don’t even have to talk about normal drinkers. It’s just assumed that they are normal drinkers and these people are alcoholics because they’re not normal drinkers any more – they’re abusive drinkers.

As long as you start off from the beginning with the state of mind that it is normal to put this toxin inside your body for a buzz. For as long as you consider that to be a normal behaviour, then we’re always going to be skewed in what we consider to be abnormal behaviour. It will always be acceptable in our society to do this to ourselves.

I keep saying again and again that you’ve got to look at this life as holistic, you’ve got to have a holistic approach to this. You can’t pick and choose which areas of life you want to be healthy in and which areas of life you don’t want to be healthy in because it all adds up to the same thing.

The more unhealthy things that you do in your life, the less health you’re going to have, the less quality of life you’re going to have. On the same token as that you could walk across the street tomorrow and get run down by a Bus, that’s always the old saying. I smoke because I could get run down by a Bus tomorrow. I drink because I could fall off a cliff tomorrow, right?

It could happen to anyone you know, you know but it’s just one of those things that just perpetuates the bullshit, perpetuates their own propaganda. We talk about propaganda from other people and we’re our own biggest propaganda merchants. We tell ourselves these things after one hit.

So anyway, enough of the ramble today, just thought I’d do a quick video on that. On just how we view alcohol in our society and how it affects us.

If you any comments or questions at all, leave them down below.

Take Care, Stay Safe.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

“It’s easy to follow, but great people don’t follow, they lead”

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