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The Taste of Alcohol

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When I used to drink alcohol, I always had my favorite beverages, always have my favorite drinks. Guinness was the one that I used to go to..

Because I convinced myself that I loved the taste. It’s one of those things about alcohol, is that people convince themselves that they drink because they enjoy the taste of alcohol. And I know from my own perspective, and if you really look at it, if you really examine what you’re doing, and you look at it logically, you’ll understand that people don’t drink alcohol, because they enjoy the taste they drink, it’s because they want to get the buzz.

Otherwise, what’s the point? You know, alcohol doesn’t taste good. Now, I’ve heard these people talking about that the only people that stopped drinking alcohol that don’t like the taste of it are called super tasters, they’ve got super taste buds, which means that their taste buds have got that level such a high level of sensitivity for sour or bitter tastes, that they can’t drink alcohol, or that it takes a long time before they acquired the taste of alcohol. And for me, that’s just another cop out, it’s another one of those excuses that people used to say, Well, yeah, when they think back to themselves, I remember drinking my dad’s beer and, and taking a sip of it and going.

When I first started drinking alcohol, I thought it tasted like vomit. It was a smithwicks drink cosmetics, which is an Ireland. It’s like a red ale. And I thought it tasted disgusting. And I didn’t want to do it again. You know, it took me a while before I did it again. It’s an acquired taste. This is a reason why young people’s drinks are generally disguised to be sweet, why most people don’t drink straight spirits. You know that? Alcohol itself tastes disgusting.

So, for me, I think it’s just a lot of pretending, it’s a lot of snobbery. It’s a lot of self deceit, people are deceiving themselves, they are fooling themselves because they don’t want to appear foolish to themselves. You know, it’s a foolish thing to drink alcohol. You know, you know this from the very beginning, when you’re vomiting or the when the world is spinning around or you experience your first hangover, you experience your first negative physical or mental or life experience because of alcohol.

And you understand that taste, that first taste of alcohol should tell you everything that you need to know about alcohol, but it’s like the, the Emperor’s New Clothes, people go along with normality to go along with what their friends are doing, what the people around them are doing. They don’t want to appear stupid, they don’t want to appear like they want to fit in, they don’t want to appear like they’re being antisocial, so it’s just one of those things in life.

But examine your own taste in alcohol, examine what what it is that you get out of alcohol even at this stage in life. Examine the reasons why you were drinking alcohol and be honest with yourself because if you’re deluding yourself, the only person that you’re really hurting is yourself.


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