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The Serious Consequences of Cirrhosis of the Liver

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Alcohol does tremendous damage to your body and to your brain, it gets everywhere. It’s a poison.

And you shouldn’t deliberately be putting this stuff into your body for the sake of a cheap thrill. Once you understand that, once you decide to do it anyway, you’ve got to understand how much how often and for how long you drink is going to determine how bad it gets. We all know about the damage that alcohol is going to cause to your liver, fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. 

This video is about the serious consequences to the rest of your body because of liver damage, and what happens when your liver gets screwed up. Remember, this is not just about your liver damage, it’s about everything else that’s going to happen. It’s about what happens outside of your body, what happens to your life. Just as a quick disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice. This is information that I’ve found. And you can find the same information yourself. 

First of all, I want to take a look at this. This is a healthy liver versus cirrhotic liver. And you can tell the difference if you’ve ever handled a piece of liver because you’re eating it, you know what a healthy liver looks like. It’s very soft. It’s very supple, and compare that to a cirrhotic liver, which is hard. It’s just not natural, it’s a lot of damages has been done to that liver over many years because of alcohol. So, the first thing I want to talk about is Portal Hypertension. Now the portal vein is it’s not like any other vein, it’s not like a true vein, it doesn’t drain into the heart like a true vein does. What it does is it delivers the nutrient rich blood from your digestive tract and from your spleen into your liver and there it’s filtered. So 75% of your blood flow to the liver goes through this portal vein, with portal hypertension, your portal vein becomes narrowed or blocked. Think about the arteries that are narrowing because of high blood cholesterol. Your blood pressure increases. This contributes to a buildup of abdominal fluid. It’s called a ascites. We’ll talk about that in a minute… And your digestive tract starts bleeding. This is the vein that delivers from your digestive tract and from your spleen into your liver. So your digestive tract starts to bleed, you get a swollen spleen, and then you get Hepatic Encephalopathy, which is one of the the offshoots of this we’ll talk about that in a while as well.

The next thing is a ascites. And this is affects people with fibrosis affects people with scar tissue. And liver affects people with cirrhotic livers it means tot think of  your liver as one big filter like an oil filter or a fuel filter in the car. So while the oil passes through the oil filter before it can go on, it takes out all the impurities and stuff. Your your liver is a much more advanced version of that. It’s an organic version of that. So what happens with when you get fibrosis is that the blood can’t move through the liver as it would normally. And this causes high blood pressure, high pressure within the liver, not blood pressure, and it causes fluid leakage into the belly. Right. So you’ve got this a lot of people I’ve got this big distended belly looks like they’re pregnant. So you’ve got a loss of appetite, shortness of breath, discomfort, and two thirds of people with cirrhosis are going to develop this site is two thirds.

The next one is bleeding in the digestive tract, like we were talking about before with portal hypertension, this can cause your veins in your digestive tract to swell and to bleed. And your digestive tract goes all the way from your mouth down to your ass right? So it’s all the way through. And one of the first signs of this is blood in your vomit and  bloody stools. And once you’re figuring that you have to figure in blood loss and everything that that entails. reduce blood flow to the brain confusion disorientation anemia, angina heart attack. Another one is. that you get more bleeding or more bruising than normal because one of the many functions of the liver is to produce substances or proteins that make your blood congeal side the side of a wound when you’re when your blood congeals at the wound, and this is because of your liver. So once your liver is not able to do its job properly, you can expect excessive bleeding and easy bruising.

One of the latest stages to this and I think one of the most scariest stages is called Hepatic Encephalopathy. It’s a decline in brain functioning. It comes about because your liver is just not able to do his job anymore. Like I said, your liver is responsible for over 500 essential tasks. These are essential to you live in, to live in a normal life. So more toxins are getting through to the brain than normal. There is a deterioration in brain function, confusion, you don’t know where you were on general disorientation and forgetting about things, amnesia, reduced consciousness, and in the latest stages of this coma. So you’ve to think about that outside of your your own, you know, yourself.

Another one is liver failure. I mean, this is something that you don’t need me to tell you about, once you get to a stage where you’ve got, you know, you think about the two pictures earlier on, you think about that hard cirrhotic liver, you don’t need me to tell you what’s going to happen after that. Your liver is essential for life, without the liver, you don’t live you know, you can, you can be without your kidneys and you can be you know, there’s machinery, there’s medication that you can take that will replace that, but there’s nothing that will replace your liver. A failing liver is going to create all kinds of problems before it kills you. And as you live or fails, you’re gradually going to lose the capacity. Like I said, for those 500 different essential functions that your liver is responsible for. So going back to the beginning, alcohol is a toxin, it causes damage throughout your body, every organ. So you shouldn’t be deliberately swallowing this stuff, just so that you can get a convenient momentary buzz. You know, and I’m glad you’ve watched this video all the way through to the end, I’m going to go over a couple of personal accounts. But I just wanted to say that with liver failure, this is not a good end into your life. You know, and it’s not a sudden end into your life, if you get cirrhosis of the liver, it can be a long drawn out and a painful and, you know, lasting months, if not a couple of years, you know, so this is not a bad end. So what’s it like to die of cirrhosis? I mean, you can go onto the internet and you can find for yourself plenty of accounts for different people from different organizations and what it’s like for personal from a personal perspective. 


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