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The Quit Drinking Alcohol Struggles Today Build Strength for Tomorrow

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Today I wanted to do a quick video about a different way of looking at how you’re struggling and pushing through things today. This video looks at that with a different perception and it is particularly aimed at people who are:

Struggling to step over that line and start the journey of stopping drinking alcohol;


Those who have stopped drinking alcohol for a week, two weeks, month – whatever length of time and are struggling and finding it difficult to move forwards.

Every struggle that you go through, that you can learn from and gain something from, enables you to build up the strength that you need for tomorrow.

You can think of this as a balance sheet, where you’ve got your assets and liabilities on different sides. On the asset side, you have the days that you breeze through and you feel you are moving towards the person you want to be. It’s pushing you towards:

  • Being a better Parent.
  • A better person in general.
  • More likely to succeed in starting up a business.
  • Move forward in work.

or whatever it is that you’re aiming towards. That’s on the asset side.

On the liability side, you have the shit days where you think “Why haven’t I got my crutch? Why can’t I just take that one drink of alcohol? Why can’t I just have a couple of glasses of wine and relax and put my feet up and just forget about this whole thing?”

The important thing to remember is that – every day you push through those negatives and that you resist dealing with life, problems or any issues you have like you would have done, with alcohol, then you build up strength for the days ahead.

If you work at any muscle in your body, you gradually build it up and the stronger it gets. It is the same with your mind. If you work with certain aspects of your mind, you will gradually build up your mind and gain strength by doing that.

It’s exactly the same thing with this as well, the more you push yourself through the bad days and shit times. the times when you are struggling with your decision, the more strength you will have to deal with your decisions and life, further down the road.

Life is about struggles and nobody can be immune to that. You’re never going to get to a point in your life where there are no struggles, it’s just not in our makeup.

There are always going to be days when you’re going to suffer but the positive of this is that, the more you go through, the more you build up those ‘suffering’ or ‘struggling’ muscles and the more strength you will have to deal with these things, not just in your life but in other people’s lives as well.

My Son has just had a Baby Girl and he is having doubts about his responsibilities of Fatherhood. He’s doubting himself in little ways and I can just little emotions coming out and stuff.

I have pushed through a lot whilst dealing with things without alcohol during the past four years of quitting alcohol which has increased my strength and my abilities to handle different situations. It has given me the strength not to react, but just to be calm and help my Son through his struggles, the best way I know how.

I’ve still have a lot to learn about myself. I’m nowhere near and I don’t know if I ever will be anyway near the complete article that I want to be – that’s just a fact – but I’m better equipped to handle things now where before I would have gone straight to the alcohol.

I would have gone straight to the alcohol in celebration “Yeah I’m having a Granddaughter” and would have gone straight to the alcohol with any problems I experienced, like that of helping my Son, and come out with silly clichéd answers.

Anyway, that’s the whole point of this video.

The struggles of today are the things that give you strength for tomorrow.

So just keep pushing through and remember that getting stronger is a step by step thing, it is something you build up day by day, moment by moment and struggle by struggle.

Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth and remember that every struggle is:

Building on your resilience
Building on your strength

…… so, you will be able to handle things a lot better tomorrow and the day after that.

Until next time…
Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth,
Take care of yourself.
Onwards and Upwards!

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.  Don’t give up!

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  1. Christopher oneill

    Thanks kevin. Had 50 days lost. Today’s video was verry helpful.


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