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The Price of Continuing to Drink Far Outweighs the Price of Change

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

Today I wanted to talk about the cost of drinking alcohol versus the cost of change.

You’ve probably heard me say a few times that change is inevitable. Change is going to happen regardless of what you do in your life.

Changes happen all around us, all the time. The seasons change, people age, people change in their knowledge, everything around you is changing from a cellular level to the Universe, which is moving and changing all the time and going on about its business.

From a personal level, any change that you go through in your life is always going to bring with it a certain level of discomfort and unpleasantness, regardless of whether the change is for the good or for the bad. It’s always going to be accompanied by this discomfort.

People just don’t like change, we don’t like change, we don’t like forced change. I get up in the morning and think Jesus, I’m getting a bit more achier every time I’m get up. This is something I don’t like, it’s not pleasant, but it’s a fact of life. This is what fucking happens.

You have to embrace it, look at it and go, well, I’m still up, I’m still breathing, I’m still moving, I’m still capable of doing things, I’m still capable of talking and making videos, I’m still capable of kissing my Wife and hugging my Children, I’m still capable of eating good food.

It’s when you stop looking at these things and you stop appreciating these things in your life. That’s when you think you have problems. When we try to hold onto what we are as a static thing.

As a culture, we’re obsessed with the way people look. We only have to look at how we glorify film stars and pretty people in the World, to see that. But these are fleeting things in a person’s life.

If you’re an athlete and you define yourself by the fact that you can run 100 metres in less than whatever it is, ten seconds or if you define yourself by your looks, as soon as you lose that you have lost a big chunk of yourself. Who are you then?

Life is dynamic, life moves on.

Looks, how you look is irrelevant to anything. It’s what you do inside, what you do with your life, how you adapt to your life as you move forward, how you learn, how you bring those learnings, that education forwards and how you apply it to different areas of your life – that’s what matters.

If you define yourself as the person that you look like or the person that you see in the mirror or the person that can do a specific thing, then you’re life becomes a grotesquery as you move forwards.

If people define themselves by their looks, in twenty years’ time, and I’ve seen this happen, they will look in a mirror and see a wrinkle and try to get rid of the wrinkle and go in for plastic surgery and do all this stuff to try and maintain a look which is impossible to maintain. It’s just impossible to do.

You reach a peak in your life and from there people say – ‘You’re at your peak now and that it! It’s all downwards from here’. From what criteria? That’s the thing.

If you look at things as though this is the strongest I’ll ever be in my life or this is the time in my life when I can do the most things, or this is the best I will ever look in my life, I’ve got the best form I’ll have, then yeah, it’s all a downward journey from here.

But if you look at it from a dynamic point of view, that your life is dynamic and your life is ever growing, ever improving, then you’ll move into the next phase of your life and it is a new phase. It’s not a downward phase.

You might lose your physical abilities, so you can’t run as fast as you used to do, you might not be able to get up out of the chair as fast as you used to do. But maybe you know more, maybe you can make decisions quicker, you can make choices faster because you can narrow down the choices a lot quicker.

There are so many benefits to moving on in life. It all depends on the perspective that you use for this. If you look at it through a lens of looks and specific skills that are going to flee because they are dependent on having a robust body to perform those skills, if that’s how you define yourself, then sadly what do you become then. Who do you become? Fucking madness.

You know, I think that’s the only way to look at this, is that change is a normal part of life and that accepting that change is normal. It will happen whether you like it or not, you’ve got to get accustomed to pushing your life in as much of a self-directed life as you can.

Put that change in as much self-directed focus as much as possible. Once you understand that about yourself, then much of the things that happen in your life are under control and I think you’ll have a much better and fulfilling life.

Take Care and Good Luck

“Change is the only constant in life”

Until next time…
Keep the alcohol out of your mouth,
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. You have help me in many ways

    Thank you for the help it’s been 3 months

  2. Kat

    Thanks, I’m on day 6 and I almost folded after my kids party…I reminded myself to keep the booze out of my mouth, SIMPLE !!!.followed by a gentle reminder that , hold on, I don’t drink !!
    Keep up the fantastic work

  3. Julie


    Thank you for your humor and your perspective. I loved this post.



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