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The Power of a Single Word in an Alcohol Habit

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 0 comments

If I started talking to some of my old drinking buddies about Downward Dog, or Shavasana, or any of those yoga terms, they’d laugh me out the pub..

But this is the type of person that I’ve become now. I’m more interested in what I can do to help my body, rather than what I can do to harm my body.

I was listening to one of the things that my yoga teacher on YouTube does. Big shout out to Cassandra, at the end of some of them, she talks about the one word that you can bring with you throughout the day. And it got me to thinking about the words that I used to use, that was typical of my day when I was drinking, and it was a “F this, F that”, it meant that whatever problems I have, whatever issues I had, whatever emotions I was feeling at that time, I could always just say, “F that”, go off, and get a drink.

It just caused me an endless amount of problems because the problems that I had were never getting solved. So it’s just one of those things to think about. What is it? What words are you saying to yourself over and over again, that are causing you problems? What behaviors are you saying to yourself that are causing you problems?


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