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The Magic Pill of Discomfort

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Everyone’s always looking for a magic pill to try and make life easier for them.

They say that if you if you could invent a pill that would help you to lose weight, and to get really good looking and to get knowledgeable, and all you had to do was take it.ย Go to bed, go to sleep, and you wake up with all those things that would be the best, most obviously, the best selling pill in the world. But the closest you’re ever going to get to that a magic pill that I think is guaranteed to give you happiness and success and is universally available to everyone, and if you bottled it, it would be labeled discomfort. That’s the real magic pill out there, it’s the only thing that’s really going to help you in this life is pushing yourself into that comfort zone, outside of your comfort zone, and into that discomfort zone that you’re going to find all the right things in life moves you in the right direction.

And I believe it’s one of the only things that is going to move you in that right direction. Alright, this video is sponsored by us, Habits Unplugged. This is how we earn a living, if you want to take a seven day trial to the program, there’s a link down below, and you can do it for $1, we’ll take you through all the stages of stopping drinking alcohol, the preparation, the transition, then into that most special phase, the transformation where you really change your life and you never go back to alcohol. You learn a lot in the seven days. So, there’s no commitment, you can stop whenever you want, whenever you push yourself into this comfort. And you have to.. if you want to make any changes in life, you’ve got to push yourself into that into that zone of where you’re feeling comfort, discomfort, it’s a necessary thing.

If you’re learning anything in life, you’ve got to push yourself into that discomfort zone. Let’s say if you want to learn how to play the guitar, you’ve got to set aside time that you could otherwise be spending doing something else. And you’ve got to dedicate yourself to a lot of repetition, a lot of sore fingers. And it’s the same thing with anything. When you’re changing a habit, think about it. From the perspective of moving house, you know? Anyone who’s ever moved house knows that there’s a lot of preparation involved, you pack up everything from your old house, you get it shifted across to the new house, and then there is a period in your life where everything is just not in the same place. There’s a period of frustration. There’s a period of discomfort, mild discomfort, it’s not too much of a discomfort, and everything in your life slows down because you don’t know where anything is, you don’t know where the toilet is, you don’t know where the the kettle is, you don’t know, do you get what I mean?

It’s like you have to think about things instead of doing them automatically. You know, you get used to it. But imagine that, where you move to a different city, and you’ve not only got to get used to your house, but you’ve got to get used to a new neighborhood, new shops, new schools, maybe for your kids moving to a different country, where you may have to get used to a new currency, maybe a new language, definitely new customs and ways of doing things. You know, even if you move, say if you’re from the States, and you move to Canada, if you’re in the states now and you move from California to Florida, let’s say you’re going to see a big difference in just the cultural values and that’s within one country. So, it takes time for any of these things to to come about, and I think people look at those kinds of transitions because there’s no choice in it, they really believe that they get through them a lot quicker, let’s say, they say well, yeah, this is something that we have to do. Now, some people don’t you know that there’s a lot of people live in an area where there’s a lot of English people, expats and they make no attempt to learn the language they set up the communities in such a way thatย there is this little change as possible. You know, they they basically lift one community from one area and plop it down in another area. So that they don’t have to change too much.

I moved here for change. I moved to Spain to learn Spanish, to to try something different in my life. Maybe that’s why I find it so easy to make changes. But I don’t think so, I think it’s just in attitude. If you’ve got the right attitude, then you’re going to get there. For you to understand that it’s only through and through pushing yourself into that discomfort zone, that’s when you aren’t going to change, you’re never change in the comfort zone, nothing grows there except boredom and stagnancy. Now one of the biggest changes that I’ve made in my life, I used to enjoy sitting on the couch a lot, you know? I mean, when you’re drinking alcohol, there’s not much else you can do. So, you get used to sitting down, and drinking and just trying to be as comfortable as possible. And that comfort zone just constricts your life more and more, it becomes more concentrated in fewer and fewer activities. So I suppose sitting on the couch is a great illustration of that. Now, when I sit on the couch too long, I get antsy, I just have a feeling that I want to do something else, and it’s only really when I’m tired. And in that state of mind where I can’t really do anything else. I’ve done all my work for the day, I’ve gone through all, my head stuff, physically and mentally tired. So then and only then can I sit down and do nothing.

When you feel that discomfort, just understand that it is really the only magic pill that you’re ever going to find. Because anytime you want to change, you’ve got to push yourself through that discomfort. You’ve got to push yourself through that doorway in order to get to the other side, which means that your comfort zone expands and what you’re used to, what you’re comfortable with expands. Like I say, with alcohol, your life is contracted when you stop drinking alcohol, you have the possibility of your life expanding, but it’s only a possibility. You’ve got the potential to do things in your life, but it’s up to you to put yourself in the situation where you can do that. Put yourself with the right people who can help you to do that, put yourself into the right frame of mind and give yourself the right attitudes to do that.


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