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The Magic of Reading to Change Your Life

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How’re you doing? I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcoholmastery.com.

Today, I want to talk about the magic of reading to change your life.

We’re surrounded by technology these days.

I’ve got my computer, the internet, I rely on that every single day to do so many different things from buying stuff online, to keeping in contact with my family who are all over the world, to uploading my videos.

I rely on my phone for recording these videos, for again keeping in contact and all that stuff.

Same thing with my iPad.

I have so many different devices for one thing or another.

And, from the perspective of or educational and personal needs, we are very much reliant nowadays on just pressing a button to get the knowledge we want.

We go to Wikipedia if we want to find out something, or the billions of websites out there these days.

However great that technological progress has been, and however much it allows us to experience life and to find knowledge in a much quicker, and in some cases, a lot more precise way, what we’ve got here between your ears, is the best bit of technological ‘gadgetery’ you will ever have.

When I talk about creativity, it’s not about being able to write a bit of poetry, or paint a picture, or write a book.

I’m talking about using your own personal creativity to get from where you are now to where you want to be in your thinking life, and in your actions.

That all takes creative thinking.

In order to be creative, you have to allow the input to come in.

You have to allow for the best type of input, from what you read, listen to, watch on TV, who you speak with and so on.

They all play a part in your creativity.

What goes in your mind is all part of what is going to come back out again.

This is such an incredible resource.

These things have been written for centuries.

People’s thoughts have been written down for thousands of years. We have access to all that kind of stuff.

There’s a lot of stuff you can’t get on Wikipedia.

If you can’t get it on kindle, you have to buy a solid book and get it delivered to your house.

I still love that, but I’m leaning more towards eBooks now because it’s a lot more convenient for me.

However much I like to hold something physical in my hand, to be able to have a thousand books on my iPad is just something I love.

Sometimes I can’t get all the books I want on kindle because they’re not available on that format yet, but it’s getting to the stage where more people are putting the effort in to create these books even from old thinkers.

When you talk about books, I’m talking about not just the written one.

You can get a lot from audio books now.

50% of the stuff I read is through Audible.

I read when I’m walking just by listening to someone talking.

I read when I’m on a trip.

When I’m standing in a queue, I’m listening to something.

If I can listen to a book, I will listen to a book.

I go through at least a book a week.

I find sitting down and having a book in front of me one of the most relaxing and meditative way of being.

It’s a sad reality that about 60% of people who have gone through the formal education.

I’m talking about people that have just got through junior or primary school.

60% of people who leave school will never read another useful book in their lives.

That’s so tragic.

When you look at the most successful people in the world, they will all tell you that one of their main hobbies is to read.

On of the main purpose of keeping up today is to read. People read at different speeds.

Just because you’re successful doesn’t mean you’re a fast reader.

I’m an average reader myself.

When I first started reading, I felt like I had to read every word, otherwise I would miss out on things.

But, the more you read and the older you get, I think the less time you want to put in to read the things you already know.

There’s a point as well, that when you pick up a book and you find you’re not getting anything out of it, don’t be afraid to throw it out.

Basically, what I’m saying is that the quickest way to progress in life is to pick up a book and read it.

Read books in all forms; audio, eBooks, or whatever.

The more you read, the more you learn.

No two people are going to get the same information from the same book.

We’re bound to get different interpretations.

Not only because you interpret the information differently, but because you’ll extract what you need at that time.

You take your book, and go through it.

The information you’re taking into your mind is the one you need at that moment.

One of my favourite books is Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

I’ve read it at least ten times, and each time I read it, I get something different.

It’s the same basic stuff, but it leads me down different avenues if you like.

It’s not because I’m older but I’m in a different place, and the information I need now is different from what it was when I read it last time, at least 5 years ago.

That’s the beauty of reading.

You can go back to your favourite books and read them over again, and you will get new insights about it.

That’s what it’s all about.

Try to extract something you can use in your personal life from those books.

Just think, if you’re quitting drinking alcohol, or trying to get rid of any bad habit in your life; one of the best things you can do is read, and read broadly.

Read from different subjects.

Read from different times.

One of the books I’m reading at the moment is called Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

He was a Roman emperor a couple of thousand years ago.

It’s hard to read.

It’s in a language that was translated to English, but the translation is from an old era.

The language is difficult to read, but the meanings and the basic lessons that are being taught are the same, and they apply today like they did by then.

If you go to the Bible, and you strip off all the hocus-pocus, the basic lessons are there for us all to learn.

Do unto others as you’d like them to do to you.

That’s a basic life lesson.

Once you take out the God and the other stuff you don’t want, that’s a basic life lesson that’s still being taught today.

Anyway, if you have any questions, give us a shout on the website or on YouTube. We also have the Quit Alcohol starter pack.

It has 3 books and 3 videos, and a couple of other bits and pieces. Until next time, take care of yourself, and keep the alcohol out of your mouth.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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1 Comment

  1. Cat Preston

    This is an awesome episode!!! I have always been a reader and that is truly a gift so many miss out on!

    Thank you for this website…I cannot live without YOU either!!!



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