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The Ideal Situation is No More Alcohol…What’s the Next Best Thing?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

I got a message the other day, I think it was on YouTube – a YouTube message.

And this guy was saying alcohol, quitting alcohol, is the ideal situation, but what’s the next best thing?

And for me – there is no best next thing.

This is it.

Quitting alcohol is the only thing.

But if I had to choose a next best thing – what’s the next best thing?

Having one sip a year?

You know?

One bottle of Beer a year, one bottle a week, two bottles?

I don’t know, it’s like a sliding scale isn’t it?

One lick of the side of the can.

I hate alcohol.

(Sorry if it’s a bit windy today, because the winds behind me, so hopefully it’s not interfering too much with the microphone.)

As I say, I hate alcohol.

But it’s not because I hate the actual substance of alcohol.

That’s not going to do anything to me if I don’t put it inside my body.

I hate the alcohol culture that we live in, the gullible society that we live in

I spoke about in one of the other videos that I’ve done.

We don’t like discomfort.

We much prefer to have immediate gratification rather than put things off.

Rather than work towards good things in life.

And then we moan and complain and bitch about how we haven’t got this in our lives; the alcohol is doing our heads in; our bodies are being affected by it; our lives are being affected by it.

And there is one very good alternative to this and that’s to stop drinking altogether and to take the alcohol out of your system.

This question is coming from a person who really doesn’t want to quit.

Who hasn’t found the way of quitting and is looking for any excuse to try and stay drinking, stay doing what they are doing.

For me, moderation only works with people who don’t like drinking

People who already drink in moderation.

It doesn’t work for long-term heavy drinkers, who like drinking lots of booze, because, they drink for their different reasons.

I drank to get drunk and I always drank to get drunk.

And anytime I didn’t drink that way – I felt like I was missing out on something.

I felt like “what’s the point of this.”

Whenever I drank anything, I drank like I was drinking pints.

So I couldn’t drink spirits because – I would have killed myself.



I could drink wine with my dinner and I would sip it slowly.

But if I sat down and drank wine whilst I was watching the television or drank wine in a Bar, while I wasn’t doing anything else.

I would drink that wine like I was drinking pints.

So I would get through a bottle of wine within an hour, no problem at all.

And there was only one reason why I did that and that was to get drunk.

So there is no possibility, way on earth, that I would ever be able to moderate that drinking.

Because, drinking in moderation would not give me the pleasure of drinking.

So what is the point?

That is the conclusion that I came to.

I can’t moderate – I have to quit.

And if you’ve tried moderation and you go back to the same place that you always were.

Ask yourself “why is that?”

And you’re always going to come up with the answer of “you like to drink to get drunk.”

You like to drink for the buzz; you like to drink because you like to feel comfortable; and comfort to you means whatever it means to you, but it certainly doesn’t mean moderation.

Otherwise, you’d be able to do it.

Alcohol was never the problem

It’s always the damage to what you’re doing damage to in your life.

Damage to relationships; damage to yourself; your own physical self; your damage to your life.

The stagnant life that you’re leading because you want to drink alcohol.

The opportunity cost of all the things that you could be doing because you have chosen to put alcohol up there, right up front.

That’s the focus of everything that you’re doing socially.

All your spare time is being forced onto this alcohol.

That’s what I was doing.

Why – even try to think about what’s the next best thing, when you can have the best thing, just by putting up with a bit of discomfort?

Right? A few weeks of discomfort at the most.

Now I’ve spoken to many, many, different people over my years of doing this.

I’ve spoken about how much they’ve changed since they’ve stopped drinking alcohol.

And every single one them – for the most part – have said that it was the best thing that they did.

That their lives have changed for the better – in most cases.

And the only people whose lives have changed for the worst, are those people who still crave the alcohol, still wanting it.

So look. I’m saying why look for the next best thing, when you can have the best thing, with a bit of discomfort?

That’s what it all boils down to. A little bit of discomfort. A few weeks. You’re over the worst of it and then you will get the occasional discomfort after that, but in general – it’s going to be plain sailing.

“When you quit drinking you stop waiting – Caroline Knapp”

Until next time.
Stay safe
Keep the alcohol out of your mouth
Take Care
Good Luck

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  1. Peter

    If it is important for you to experience life in a “natural” mode, you cannot ingest alcohol in any amount as any amount of alcohol will unnaturally effect the way you feel and act. It is this temporary “escape” from a natural lifestyle that everyone who drinks alcohol is looking for. Many people become addicted to using this easily achievable escape mode and it becomes permanently integrated into their lives. You can never learn to enjoy a naturally based life if you are constantly escaping into the world of alcohol induced inebriation.

  2. Mick

    Great video, the guy needs to ask himself, why would you want to take a even a little bit of poison? Its not logical its called addiction, you just cant see it when its the drug of your choice.

    Thats partly because society betrays people addicted to alcohol as off the scale, not just slowly and often boringly wasting away their life.

    If you were an actor in a film and the director says play the part as an alcoholic, the actor has to act out a stereo typical alcoholic eg late for work, smelling of alcohol, looking unkempt. Yes there are alcoholics like that and some regular people like that. If the actor just played the part as a far more typical alcoholic the audience would not spot his problem, unless the camera cut to a guy drinking a bottle of wine waking up, cleaning his teeth and behaving normal until the night time trip to the off-license or pub. Maybe dying in his early fifties or sixties etc

    Don’t lie to yourself that drink isn’t a problem. If I said I have a few every night apart from Wednesday I sometimes have 5 or 6, Friday and Sat I have about 8. Now on holiday, well probably a few at lunch time then 6 or 7 every night. Would you say I have a problem? What if I halved the amount? What if I quartered the amount? By the way I am on about carrots not pints of alcohol.

    Would you say I have a normal relationship with carrots or a strange one of trying to control a strange compulsion (addiction). Its difficult to see when its your drug of choice, Alcohol is bad for you, carrots are very good for you. So why are you thinking I am the weirdo.

    Alcohol free and proud its the only way to go. Fuck being addicted and controlled, your better than that.


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