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The Gullible Alcohol Drinker – It’ll Never Happen to Me

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 5 comments

Today, I want to talk about the gullible drinker or it will never happen to me.

The most obvious aspect of this is in our health.

I think a lot of us are guilty of doing this to ourselves, thinking that bad health is something that will never happen to us, that we’ll find a way around it or that we’re not really as bad as that person.

The hospitals are 85-90% full of people who have caused their ill health on themselves.

I’ll repeat the statistics again: 3.3 million people die every year from drinking alcohol and alcohol drinking causes over 200 conditions.

With all that evidence – 200 conditions-, surely if you keep drinking alcohol, then it is going to happen to you one way or the other, right?

You’re going to fall into ill health through this if you don’t stop.

That’s the first area.

The second area is, we’re sort of open to alcohol suggestions from alcohol companies through their marketing, from the government who tell us this is not a drug, this is not bad for us, all you have to do is drink responsibly.

‘Don’t worry about it because it’s only a beverage, just like water. It’s easy to drink responsibly except if there’s something wrong with you, and then you’re going to find it difficult and those are the only people that don’t drink responsibly.’

People hide their drinking all the time.

People don’t generally want other people to know how much they’re drinking because, even though there’s some sort of normalcy about alcohol, underneath it all, we all fucking know that it’s a drug, and we all know the slippery path that is takes us.

And, even though we might confabulate and deny it to ourselves that our alcohol problem is an actual problem, we know at the end of the day that it is a problem otherwise we’d be more open with what we’re drinking and how much we’re drinking.

We’d be more open and say ‘I’m not drinking that shit anymore’.

This planet that we live on, the society and the thought processes that we have to put up with from society in general, most people when they stop doing this, they’re ashamed.

And I fucking don’t get that.

It’s one of those things that I never thought about when I started out a website on quitting drinking, just how many people are ashamed of stopping drinking or trying to get this problem out of their lives, and it’s because they are led to believe that alcohol drinking is normal, and it’s only when you admit that you’re drinking too much that you’re abnormal, that there’s something wrong with you and that there will be consequences.

Think about this logically, it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

How many people do you know in your life who drink underneath the normal limits?

That’s drinking I think a pint a day.

It’s very small.

Depending on who you ask, depending on what government agency you ask and what motivation they’ve got behind their statements, you’re going to get different figures but it’s a small amount and I know very few people that drink that, except when somebody is enjoying a glass of sherry once a year, that kind of stuff.

There’s a recent study that showed that the only people that they could find health benefits from were people who drank less than one drink a week.

Less than one, and even then, the health benefits were insignificant.

They were so tiny, they were statistical.

So, they were able to prove something using statistics but in the real world, it just doesn’t make any sense.

So, this bullshit that they’re putting out and going ‘’healthy drinking is okay. You can drink 2 drinks a day and get away with it’’, that’s bullshit.

There are certainly no health benefits.

From what I see as a drug, once people understand that it’s a drug with tolerance – every drink that you take, your body gets more and more tolerant to the effects of the alcohol.

So if you’re drinking alcohol, if you’re sticking to the limits of 2 drinks a day, that over-the-top limit, then your body is soon going to get used to that.

What do you do then?

You either stop drinking for a while and start drinking again so that your body re-accustoms itself to not having any alcohol in it and then has to go through the tolerance procedure, but even then, your body remembers.

So it doesn’t take as long next time for your body to become tolerant, it’s a fairly quickly process.

We’re just being duped all around.

The marketing companies that create the marketing campaigns for the alcohol companies, they all put out the bait that drinking is fun, drinking is normal, and we fall for it hook, line and sinker.

We don’t think about the long term effects because we presume that we’re having fun in the moment.

And the more fun that you perceive you’re having in the moment, the harder it is to pull away from it.

I started drinking when I was very young.

Once I started having some money, I started drinking heavily.

So, my idea of fun had always involved the concept of alcohol, always.

I never knew what fun was like before.

I was afraid of not drinking because of that fun concept.

I was afraid that if I stopped drinking, I’d no longer be funny or be able to socialise or be able to relax.

And we have all this bullshit programming that says that if you don’t drink, you’re a teetotaller, you’re an abstainer, all these words that have got negative meanings.

These are the words that come to our brains, ‘’I’m living a sober life’’.

Look at all the other things that these words are associated with: sober would be like a monk or a priest, an abstainer would be somebody that’s like ‘’I don’t touch that stuff, for God’s sakes, no, we don’t do that around here, no, no, no, no’’, that’s an abstainer.

That’s a teetotaller, the same fucking thing.

In reality, I walk along this track every couple of days, and there are guys flying down here on bikes.

You go down to the beach and there are people kite surfing and there are guys windsurfing, that looks like great fun to me but I’ve never done it.

I like walking, that’s my fun.

I like being with my family, that’s my fun.

All the times in our lives when we’re doing something fun, while we’re doing something else when the alcohol is involved.

We have alcohol, something else is involved, but we say it’s the alcohol.

Without the alcohol, you can’t have the fun in the same situation, and that’s bullshit.

When you look at advertisements about bars, and you see these advertisements and everybody is laughing.

Everybody is having a crack and they’re all like ‘hey! It’s good to see you, everything is good and we’re full of life and feeling brilliant’’, but if you’re a pub goer, how many times do you actually see that in the pub?

That’s part of the bullshit.

I remember a pub that we used to go into – Brogan’s in Ennis, that was my favourite pub, and we’d go in there every day after work and have a pint or two or whatever, it was never constant.

Sometimes you’d spend the whole evening in there, other times it was just a couple of drinks.

But, it would be the same conversation over and over again: how was your work today?

And obviously, my work was the same thing, I was working with trees.

It was the same shit.

And if I was talking to another forestry guy, I could probably have a decent conversation because there are different things happening and stuff.

But I was talking to a guy whose job it was to fix roads.

So him talking to me about his job and me talking to him about my job was like a couple sentences and that sad topic finished.

Then you go back to the same old mundane stuff, and that happens time and time again.

The same conversation happening over and over again.

Regardless of where you drink, if you’re drinking with somebody else, that’s the same problem.

If you’re a housewife talking to another housewife, it’s going to be the same stuff that you’re talking about over and over again.

Maybe once in fifty times, you’d go into the pub and the conditions would be just right.

The atmosphere would be alright.

There would be people there, a lot of people that you knew, some friends, and you’d go and say hi and have a really good night.

You’d come away buzzing and you’d think to yourself ‘’this is what it’s really all about’’.

But then you’d have to go into the pub another fifty times before that same event happened again.

But you’d be telling yourself that it was that crack, and you’d be hoping for it.

It’s like a gambler playing on the slot machines.

He’s only going to win once every so often but it’s those wins that keep him pumping the money into the machine over and over again, pulling the handle, listening to the crazy sounds of the one-armed bandit.

He keeps putting his money in, and every so often, a win comes along and Bob’s your uncle, he sets off again.

It’s exactly the same thing with alcohol.

You have a good night every so often.

But it’s once in a blue moon.

But the alcohol marketing – that all feeds into that process that we’ve got going in our heads.

These alcohol marketers hire smart psychologists who know all these things about us and can figure out what fires our buttons up.

They know that every so often, we do have some fun in the pub, fun times when you’re drinking and there are no arguments, or people vomiting or whatever.

And if they were happening, they happened after you were so pissed that you didn’t remember any of it.

All you remember is ‘’Oh jeez, last night was a great night. I can put up with the hangover now’’.

That’s part of the bullshit.

We fall for that hook, line and sinker every single time.

I don’t think that we’re gullible people, I just think it’s one of those things that we’re fed so regularly.

Don’t forget that these companies are spending fortunes on their marketing and making fortunes out of their products.

So, they’ve been doing this for a long time.

Not only have they been doing this, they’ve learned a lot from the cigarette manufacturers, their advertisements, their psychological profile and how they did things.

And they’re doing exactly the same sort of shit.

So, just be aware of the bullshit.

Be aware of what these people are forcing into our brains over and over again until we’re automatically controlled robots.

I’ve sort of touched on the third area which is about gullibility and that’s that we don’t take into account that alcohol is a drug.

Or we say that ‘’it might be a drug but I can handle my alcohol, it’s not going to affect me the same way it affects other people. All these things are not going to happen to me. I always have fun when I’m drinking. It’s my best pastime and without alcohol, my life is seriously going to be shit’’

I’m just saying that these are not areas where we have to be gullible.

This gullibility has been programmed into us for a very long time, before we started drinking.

But it’s something that once you know what’s happening, you start looking out for it.

You see it on a regular basis.

And just as you can quit drinking by not putting the alcohol into your mouth, you also get rid of the bullshit: every time you hear a message like this and start thinking ‘’am I just being gullible here? This is not true’’.

That picture you see on the screen might happen every so often, but in general, it doesn’t happen.

My alcohol drinking life was boring.

Most of the time I’d be sat there at home in front of the television watching reruns of some fucking shit, or listening to some sad music and feeling fucking shitty about myself.

Every so often you go out and you have a good time, but -this is the most important part of it- the good time is because of the people around you.

It’s because of what you’re doing.

Take the alcohol out of the situation and you’re going to have just as much, if not more fun.

Think about this.

Sure enough when you first stop drinking in the beginning, you’re going to feel uncomfortable about this.

You’ll feel discomfort but once you get used to that and you find that discomfort, you’re going to find that you’ll have much more fun no matter what you’re doing.

Keep reminding yourself that life is good and it’s the people that you’re with that create the fun, it’s the atmosphere and the environment that create the fun and not the alcohol.

The alcohol fucking depresses it.

You know how many times we got up the next day and you can’t fucking remember a thing that you’ve done the day before.

I’ll finish it there.

If you have any comments, leave them down below.

Come on over to the website and you’ll find the audio underneath the video.

If you want to sign up for the newsletter, then do.

Until next time, just listen for these messages and every time you hear one, try and think about it.

Think about all the alcohol messages that you hear all over the place that are brainwashing you.

The only way to un-brainwash yourself is to do it yourself because nobody will do it for you.

Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth, keep the gullibility messages out of your brain.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Keith Claytor

    These daily videos have been a real God send for me. I look forward to them.
    I’m nearly 3 weeks off the hooch, working out hard every day, and feeling good.
    I enjoy a message from you every day for that extra shot in the arm. It helps me,
    and it’s helping my family. Thank you for what you are doing.

  2. Mick

    Your messages are a great help, thanks

  3. Aidan

    Another fantastic video Kevin, and and one that particularly touched on something I had become increasingly aware of. I will go into that in a minute, but what I find very liberating is that you are talking about stuff that I started to feel and notice before even hearing it from someone else with your experience. It really reaffirms that my mind and soul were pleading with me from somewhere deep inside.

    Where you say the 1 in 50 shot at a genuinely good time, I normally put it at 1 in 10, but in hindsight I think I was being a little generous on that one. I do think it’s about a 1 in 50 shot that you will hit what I called ‘The Sweet Spot’. As you said on the video, it’s when everything aligns, everything falls into place, loads of people are there and everyone is in flying form. Perhaps people you haven’t seen in years coming back for the Christmas, it’s snowing outside, there’s a fire – the whole shebang. The reality however is that between Sweet Spot to next Sweet Spot you are dying a little inside from each binge or session. As the alcohol consumption completely changes you, your health, your mind and ultimately your personality, ironically, the odds of hitting the next 1 in 50 sweet spot are lengthened. Talk about being trapped!

    The comparison to a gambler is another poignant point Kevin. I spoke with a counselor around about a year ago about something unrelated to alcohol, but over time we spoke about the booze. She likened drinking through the bullshit to hit that 1 in 50 sweet spot to a gambler, and it really made me think when she put it that way, so it’s so nice to hear it coming from you. I don’t gamble at all and I know how I judge the types of people hanging outside betting shops, yet I was so fooled by alcohol addiction that I never thought once about making the comparison. Now I see them both as being one and the same thing; addiction.

    So as we happily head into our 5th alcohol free week and the immanency of a first sober Christmas, I can already see the fantastic things unfolding regarding our bright future that never would have happened had booze been in the picture.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      One of the problems with any habit like this is decreasing returns and increasing consequences. With alcohol, the more you drink, the more you need to drink, and the worse the consequences get on the other side. I think that the alcohol habit is related to so many different habits in our lives, gambling, negative thinking, and so on. I never got into gambling. I tried backing horses for a time, but I hate to lose. As soon as I lost a couple of times, I didn’t want to do it any more. Thanks for the comment Aidan.


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