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The Discomfort of Quitting a Bad Habit is a Worthwhile Experience

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 5 comments

When you’re quitting a bad habit, the discomfort of quitting is a worthwhile experience, let’s put it like that.

Every experience that we experience in life, I think is for the most part – beneficial.

It’s good to go through.

One of our problems is that we associate discomfort with negativity.

When we have to get outside our comfort zone, it means something bad.

It means something that is, we don’t want to do.

So we’d rather stay exactly where we are inside our comfort zones.

I could understand that; we are built that way you know?

Evolutionarily we’re built to like comfort and not like discomfort.

Discomfort brings with it fear, it brings negative emotions, you know?

In the wild, if you’re stuck in the wild somewhere, and you’ve got a tiger chasing after you, that’s fairly uncomfortable.

You know if we didn’t – if we enjoyed discomfort – let’s put it like this.

We would have died out a long time ago because you would have no fear, you would have no problems about getting injured or being scared or any of that stuff.

So we would have basically have died out as a species.

But we don’t live there anymore.

That’s the whole problem.

We don’t live in those society.

We don’t live in those scary places.

Where we live is geared towards comfort

To making us feel as comfortable as possible.

Whether we’re at home, whether we’re at work, whether we are at play.

Physically and physiologically – everything is geared towards making us feel comfortable.

We’re not allowed to say certain things because they make other people feel uncomfortable.

Certain things are fairly bad, but you know, in the real world with no restrictions you can imagine what that would be like.

I often think of, you see these signs all over the place going- “Fuck! the Police. Police are Nazi’s!” – and all this type of stuff.

Well, imagine what the world would be like without Cops.

It would be a pretty bad place you know.

But that’s the type of place that we’ve evolved into, we’re wired for.

So I’m saying that you have to get comfortable, being uncomfortable.

You’ve got to realise that discomfort is not a negative in your life.

Discomfort is something, it’s the only thing,

You know when you feel uncomfortable.

You know you’re growing, you know you’re moving toward something which is perhaps better than what you are doing now.

Maybe not.

I’m not talking about uncontrolled discomfort.

Whenever people talk about getting outside your comfort zone, it’s always in a positive way.

It’s always in a self-directed way.

You’re getting out in the direction that you know is going to bring you better comfort.

I’m starting a – my challenge now for the next few years is to get a degree in psychology with the Open University

And I’m going to challenge myself to do it in four years.

The first two years, I’ll be taking it relatively slow, so I’ll be doing twenty hours a week of study.

That’s for the next two years.

Then after that, I am trying to do forty hours of study, so it’s like a full-time job within what I’m doing now.

That is definitely going to bring me well outside my comfort zone, well outside it.

But I’m looking forward to it.

I am looking forward to the buzz, because I know it is going to bring me one step further in my journey to being the person that I want to be.

That’s the way you have to look at it.

Comfort for me was always sitting down and doing the things that I wanted to do in the moment, which was drinking, smoking, eating fast food.

Eating the foods that my taste buds wanted to eat.

And drinking the things that made me feel the way I wanted to feel.

Relaxed and just – oh giddy and ..

Same with smoking.

Smoking it’s a similar sort of a thing.

Your body is craving a drug.

When you give in to that craving then your body likes that.

You psychologically like it.

Physically it might be fucking you up, but psychologically it’s really good for you.

It’s the same with all – all these companies know that; they know how to push your buttons.

All the big companies.

Anything that you can put into your mouth for pleasure.

There is a lot of psychological research that has gone on for generations.

Which up to this stage, they have perfected to a fine art.

They know that people don’t like getting outside of their comfort zone.

They know that people hate being uncomfortable.

The message for this video is, you have to learn to enjoy the discomfort

Once you know that that discomfort is of your choosing.

That discomfort is leading you to a better place.

Imagine that the discomfort is a door, that you’ve got to push yourself through, in order to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

That’s the best kind of assimilly that I can come up with.

Because it’s a – it’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable for a while – but once you get there, once you’ve pushed yourself through that door, then you’re going to be in a better place.

You’re going to be in a better place physically and a better place psychologically.

All personal achievement, all progress, all valuable self-directed change comes after you’ve pushed yourself through outside of your bubble.

The bubble that you’re living in, the comfort bubble, push yourself out of that and expand that bubble a little bit into your discomfort zone.

Discomfort is not negative – it’s not negative – it’s very positive.

It’s a positive influence in your life, so long as it is self-directed or it’s something that you know is going to push you in the best direction for you to go.

Push you to a place where you want to be.

If you’ve got any questions or comment, leave them down below.

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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Until next time…
stay positive
keep the alcohol out of your mouth
stay safe
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Geraldine

    Best of luck with your degree course Kevin. You’re an inspiration to all.?

  2. Will H

    Hi Kevin

    Loved the post. Learn to enjoy the discomfort and think of it in a positive way. I never really looked at it from that angle. Knowing that the discomfort is building you to a better way of living. Great to hear you are taking a degree course. I am sure you will ace it. Best of luck.


  3. Mick

    A great video and very relevant to me. I am moving forward as a someone who is Teetotal and proud, I might get a T-shirt printed ha ha

    My thinking is to develop my realistic vision, list all my fears/things that stand in my way and the systematically remove them. Just creating the list felt uncomfortable.

    When you have relied on alcohol as the answer to most of your questions and your ambition was to get pissed or ultimate ambition go on holiday and get pissed for a fortnight without distractions, Life looks very different when you see it through eyes that know they have quit for good and alcohol is not an option.

    Getting here has not been smooth sailing and I don’t expect or want a calm sea going forward. I want to push myself and see what I can do.
    This does make me a little nervous and I shall be deliberately stepping out my comfort zone but as some smart person said, you can’t sail an ocean if your afraid to loose sight of the shaw.

    In an earlier video, Kevin said “motivation is fickle it comes and goes, dependent on mood or circumstances, what I want is commitment, balls out commitment”.
    Sorry if quote not verbatim, buts how it rattles around my head.

    That is probably the sentence that kick started the mind set that ultimately got me to this point, yes Ive read and learned lots since, I would do, I am committed, balls out committed.

    Any body reading this and thinking of starting an alcohol free life, I can say hand on heart; alcohol is just an addictive drug, and the cravings will pass, they will eventually stop this process can be sped up by knowledge, so read and understand the drug you have become addicted to.
    There is fun on the other side, don’t let the marketers and addicted people/society make you thing any different. Fuck em T-Total and proud Ha Ha

    Thanks Kevin your daily videos have helped way beyond what you can imagine.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      The T-shirt sounds like a good idea Mick.

    • Arthur McClintock

      What a good post Mick…..


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