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The Alcohol Cravings Will Be Over Soon!

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Cravings are something we all face, and not just when quitting alcohol. We have wants and needs as humans that we sometimes need to keep in check.

Stepping outside your comfort zone, letting yourself feel a little discomfort is good for your overall mental stability. Each drinker is gonna have different cravings. Nobody but you can deal with them. You can get help from others around you, but you have to physically and mentally go through them.

They don’t last long!

Once you beat the craving and move on, it’s over until the next one. Every time you beat the craving, it gives you a little bit more strength, courage, and confidence to handle the next. And the next! And the next!

Eventually, there will be not next one. It will be over.

I’m still getting cravings after 6 months drink free.

Now, they’re so weak-assed and lame, they’re a joke. Easily brushed off!

How long more will the cravings last?

Who knows!

Who cares!

I have them beat!

The Alcohol Cravings Will Be Over Soon

The Craving Will Be Over Soon! Video Transcript

I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcoholmastery.com and today I want to do a quick video on the alcohol cravings will be over soon.

When you first give up alcohol, it can sometimes feel like the cravings just add the weight of the world onto your shoulders.
But it’s a physical or a mental discomfort that’s not going to last.

So whatever way you look at life, whether you look at it like you’ve got a long time on the planet or a short space of time, those little spasms of cravings are only going to last a short length of time.

You might remember the overall quit thing, I remember giving up the cigarettes and I remember the whole thing was vaguely very difficult.

But I hardly remember any moments, and it’s the same with quitting alcohol.

Those specific moments, you won’t remember, you’ll forget all about them.

Kicking the Craving

So just fight through, they don’t last long, and each craving that you give a kicking to will just add to your power for dealing with the next ones that come along.

As normal, I’d love to hear your comments, your questions, your stories, anything you like…
Just comment down below.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards…

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1 Comment

  1. Pierre André

    Mastery of bad cravings, to last, must be transform into a quest for a positive and more satisfying craving (sports, health, career or love goals).


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