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Ten Surprising Signs Your Liver Could Do With a Break From Alcohol During Lockdown

by | Done, Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Your liver is an essential organ and one that is barraged when you consume any toxin. It has a prime place in protecting your body from yourelf when you drink alcohol. And, although it’s wonder organ in that it can regenerate, there’s a limit to what it can take.

If you wore your liver on the outside, we wouldn’t be having this conversation


  1. Debra King

    I want to find a better life without alcohol! I do not know how it be are such a pillar in my life but it did! I just dont want it anymore! Can you help me? I cant afford much payments right now?

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Debra, If you go to the homepage: https://alcoholmastery.com, you can download a copy of my book for free. There’s a lot of great advice in there 🙂 Once you stop using alcohol, you’ll have a lot more money and time to make money at your disposal.


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