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Temptation To Drink Alcohol Hits in the Face of Uncertainty | SDA23

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On this week’s Stop Drinking Alcohol – living in the real world is not straightforward. We will always find that life throws all sorts of twists and turns at us throughout our lives. In whatever form it takes, we all go through these ups and downs. During our lives we will have easy days and difficult days, moments of complete ecstasy and joy and of complete misery.

The only thing we truly have is deciding how we’re going to handle our situations.

One decision is to drink.

Some people drink to forget something or to ‘deal’ with problems. Drinking to forget works! We all know it’s possible to forget anything while we’re drinking. Drinking also can make us forget in the long term. There are many forms of brain damage that are caused by drinking alcohol. Some forms of brain damage will affect your long-term memory, others will affect your short-term memory. The problem is you can’t choose what you forget. It becomes a dice throw about what you’ll remember. Perhaps the thing you were drinking to forget sticks around like a bad stain, stubbornly refusing to be erased.

As any drinker knows, drinking to deal with life doesn’t work. The problems and worries are still there in the morning.

Sorrows are like corks, when you try to drown them they keep popping back to the surface

We have to take these life experiences and learn from them. They are part of our education.

Regaining Trust!

Another thing I’ve realized over the past couple of weeks is people are starting to trust me again.

That was a big issue for me before I gave up. Everyone knew I drank every night, so no-one could trust me to do things that involved any level of responsibility. Now, I am the go-to person because I don’t drink. I have regained people’s trust… just another great by-product of not drinking.

So, that’s Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 23.
Thanks for visiting the site.
Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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