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Temptation is Your Scumbag Lawyer – Create Your Loophole Free Laws

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Temptation is like a scum bag Lawyer.

Who’s all the time trying to create these loopholes around the Laws.

You’ve got to create your own anti-loopholes around your own laws.  You’ve got to create your own loophole free Laws.

Today I just wanted to talk about temptation, you know I’ve spoken about this before in various different ways

My own temptation I used to look at in the beginning – I just to look at it like The Gollum from The Lord of the Rings.

The snivelling, conniving, little backstabbing bastard, who was there underneath the surface at the back of my mind, all the time trying to get me to take a drink and to go back on the booze.

Telling me it wasn’t going to hurt me, one little drink wouldn’t hurt me.

There are other ways to look at it, you can look at it like the Good Angel and the Bad Little Devil, you know?

You’ve got one on one shoulder and one on the other shoulder.

And one’s whispering things to you going “you know you want to be healthy”; “you know you want to stay on track”; “you know you want to be the best person that you can be.”

And the other one is one is on the other side going “ha! life is short”; “Fuck moderation!”; “You only live once.”

Only the (laughter) – “you need to get through this life”, it just sounds mad you know.

But I heard somebody, a guy called, a nutter of a Guy, he is an Australian, and he went on – he was Obese – he went on a year’ long potato diet and at the moment – as I am recording this, I think he is nine months through it.

And he’s lost a shit load of weight and looks really healthy and he’s basically proven that you can eat mono meals.

It’s not the healthiest thing to do in the long term, I don’t think, but he’s proved that it’s a lot healthier than the food that he was eating, you know, in the past.

So, he was talking about looking, taking your temptation and viewing it like it’s the Scumbag Lawyer who is all the time trying to figure out little sneaky loop holes in the law, that it can take advantage of and get you out of jail free, you know.

So get you to be able to still drink and still be healthy.

To convince you that the law is still going to be upheld even though you can still carry on drinking, right?

So, I just thought it was a great analogy and I thought – “well its one way of looking at things”, you’ve to be the master of your own laws, right?

When it comes to you and your body, your personal preferences, how you move forward, what you put into your body, what you don’t put into your body, this is all down to you

It’s all down to what you think and what you believe and nobody can tell you any different, you know?

There are many people, many marketers, many companies, you are surrounded by it, that are going to try and convince you that the best way forward is to eat all this stuff right, even though it’s…

They’ll say to you, yes it’s junk food but we’ve fortified it with vitamins and minerals and omega fats and all this type of stuff, so it’s really healthy.

It’s not.

None of that stuff is healthy.

If it comes in a box and it’s got more than four or five ingredients in the label, don’t fucking eat it.

Because it ain’t food – it’s chemical.

You know we see food with more chemicals in the label than actual recognised foods, then it is not a food.

In fact, it should be, a controlled substance, you know, there’s an argument for it.

It should be going through the FDA or the equivalent organisation in whichever country.

But, anyway your job is to make your rules and make your laws, your own personal laws that you live by, cast iron.

Scumbag Lawyer proof.

And think about it every time that you get this craving, an urge and you hear the voice inside your mind going, “oh one drink won’t hurt you for sure”, “life is short – you can go back on the detox tomorrow”, “you can be sober tomorrow”, “you can play today if you don’t play you’re going to be a dull boy.”

All this kind of shite, you know?

It’s all leading you in one direction and that’s un-healthiness.

So you’ve got to close down this scumbag Lawyer all the time

You know we’ve all got a picture of this Lawyer in our heads.

It might be the man from Breaking Bad, you know that fucking creepy guy.

Saul, Saul, better call Saul.

They’ve made a new series, which I love.

I love breaking bad and the new series and stuff and he’s not a bad guy actually is he.

But in breaking bad he’s a bad fucker you know.

He’s just a wheeze bag, a scumbag.

Anyway, that’s the idea –  is to just break down all of these scumbag routines, tricks and make sure that he can’t do that to you.

That’s it for today, I thought I would just make a quick video on that one.

Stay safe.

Make sure you keep the scumbag in the background, or stomp him down, or just make sure that whatever rules you put in place are unimpeachable.

You can’t get past these fucking rules.

That’s why I say, moderation is a killer, because it opens the door to that kind of thinking, to that scumbag Lawyer guy, you know?

It just opens the door to him going “oh yeah but you know, this is – you deserve it today you know”, “you deserve to have a few drinks today, it’s a Wednesday and you’ve worked hard” and you know, “sure it’s near the weekend you know, you might as well have a couple, have the extra one you know”, “Do you really need to be up in the morning by seven thirty sure you can get up at eight o’clock you can still make it into work, you know, don’t worry about it” yah yah. “Life is for living”.

That’s what moderation does.

That’s what it always did to me.

Was gradually and slowly, but very surely.

I’d go on the moderation thing.

I’d worked my way through it.

I’d be determined that I would only drink at weekends and when I need, it would only be a certain amount.

But by the time the weekends came and I got out drinking and I got the drug inside of me, which you know is obvious when you think about it.

This is a drug that you’re taking.

The more of the drug that you take, the more your inhibitions lower and as your inhibitions lower, you just don’t give a shit anymore you know.

You just don’t think on the same level, your strength lowers, your willpower lowers, the little scumbag Lawyer comes out and he’s just firing out these excuses.

He knows that the more he can get you to drink, the less he needs to do his job, the easier it is for him to do his job.

That’s why moderation doesn’t work.

That’s why for me it’s just cut the fucking drug out.

Cut the head of the snake off and the snake can’t bite you anymore, you know?

That’s it! Period.

“Temporary happiness isn’t worth long-term pain”

Until next time…
Stay safe
Good Luck
Onwards and Upwards!

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