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Stopping Drinking Demands Controlling Of Emotion

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When I was drinking alcohol, one of the common patterns of thought that I had was that, I was enjoying myself that I was had a certain amount of contentment and happiness with alcohol..

And a certain amount of truth to that, when you’re in that life, when you live in that life, when you’ve been living that life for so long, when society lives that life, you know no better.

So anyone who stopped drinking alcohol, I realized how unhappy I actually was and how discontented my life was. And one of the basic principles of any change, especially something where you’re taking a substance out of your life, and you’re trying to deal with the habit of that is that you’ve got to understand that it involves hard work.

You can stop the flow of the alcohol, but in order to change yourself, in order to get to that level, where you’re really enjoying your life and where you’re contented, where you get to that stage, where you’re an 80 year old person, and you’re looking after your grandchildren, and you’re happy, and you’re just happy to know that you’ve lived the good life. So, to get to that stage, you really need to put in the hard work. It’s like hard work with any other stage in life. So any other way, alcohol is not going to give you anything in the long term, it’s only going to give you a restriction it’s only going to give you is a delusion, which will bring you fracture relationships that will bring you misery or bring you disease, and it will bring you more than likely an early death when there’s no need for them.


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