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Stopping Alcohol Transformations: Numbing, Repressing, & Apathy – All Reversed

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I just wanted to talk about seven of the biggest transformations that happened in my life when I started living my life without alcohol.

First thing is alcohol, it numbs your brain. When I was drinking alcohol, it was covering up so many different issues in my life. Alcohol gives you that tool to hide from them, to hide from yourself, to hide from problems, to hide from reality.

Second one is that when I was drinking alcohol, I used to drink to repress emotions. Alcohol suppresses a lot of emotions, whether you’re doing that deliberately, or it’s just happening because of what alcohol is. People don’t want to face up to the fact that alcohol is a toxic neurotoxin.

You can only do so much with the time that you’ve got, you can only do so much with the money that you’ve got. You’re wasting away your talents and your potential in life.


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