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Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 1 – Why I Quit The Booze For Good | SDA1

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year One | 147 comments

10th January 2013


Thursday Tally #1

This is Alcohol Mastery, my name is Kevin O’Hara, and I’ve been off the alcohol for just over a week… Istopped drinking on the 2nd January and I’ve no intentions of ever going back onto the drink again…

The purpose of Alcohol Mastery is to try and provide as much information about alcohol and giving up alcohol as possible….

We’re going to be doing video diaries, we’ll do some articles, hopefully we’ll be able to do some interviews…and we’d also like as many people to contact us as possible with their problems, their solutions to problems, their good stories or bad stories…

You can comment down below if you’re listening this on YouTube and we’ll get back to you…you can go to the website and you can comment on the individual posts…

You’ll also be able to leave a voicemail on the site, and you can also contact us through Twitter or Facebook…


How Long Have I Been Drinking?


I’ve been drinking since I was 13 or 14 years of age.  I remember the first alcoholic drink I ever had was a six-pack of Smithwicks…it’s Irish ale…

We’d set up a tent in the back of my family house, in the back garden…

We got some money together and we snuck out of the tent, probably at 9 or 10 o’clock at night, and went up to the local bar…and after one or two attempts we managed to persuade some ‘old boy’ to go in and get us a six-pack…so he came down, gave us the six-pack, we went back to the tent…

I remember clicking open the beer, you know it’s all very sneaky at that stage, feeling like we were on an adventure, and taking the first sip…

…and I remember the first sip just tasting absolutely lousy…

But we felt like men!

That was the thing, we felt like we were doing what the grown ups were all doing, you know…


Giving Up Drink & Drinking and Driving


I’ve given up the drink on quite a few occasions in my life…normally for one or two months at a time…you know, a few weeks here…a few weeks there…

Mainly to try and lose weight…

Five years ago, I was stopped just before Christmas, so it would have been Christmas 2008 or 2007 [was actually 2007]…I was stopped for drinking and driving…

…I was banned off the road for a year, and I was given a fine of €600…

I planned that year to go off the alcohol for a month just to try and sort my head out…

I worked in the forestry at the time and it was a big blow to me because I relied on being able to drive to get to work…


I was sorta screwed!

But the month lasted for 11 months…

And it was one of the best years that I can remember…

And that’s the…the word is remember because…we had some occasions where we went to my father’s 75th birthday was one…


My Best Remembered Year


We went to Greece for one of Esther’s best friend’s wedding, she was the maid of honor…

And later on that year, my brother got married and I was his best man…

So that was my target, to last until November when my brother got married…

Leaving On An Airplane – The Moments of Bliss


I remember leaving that morning for the airport, and for weeks on end I’d been looking forward, not to going to my brother’s wedding, but to start drinking again…

And we got to the airport, the day came when I would start drinking again…

We arrived there at 7 o’clock in the morning…

The flight was due to take off from Shannon to, I think we were going to Leeds, at just after half eight, I think…something around that time…

And we headed straight to the bar…

Esther got a coffee, Sean was with me and he got a cup of tea…

And I drank 3 pints of Guinness before I even got onto the plane…

Needless to state, I didn’t stop drinking for the whole time…

I had to give a best man’s speech…

And I was half pissed giving the speech…

You know…

I think I…

…it was bad!

Let’s put it like that…you know…


A Change of Scenery


Last year we moved to Spain…

I knew that I had to leave the environment that I was in.

My mates were all drinkers…we met up in the pub…we drank Guinness…we’d drink 15 or 20 pints of Guinness in a session…

And, my life was really starting to suffer…

I was putting on lots and lots of weight…

I was feeling ill most of the time…you know… the hangover days were stretching into two or three days at a time…that’s if we allowed it to go…

We’d go in and have ‘the hair of the dog’ the next day to make sure that we wouldn’t feel the bad effects of the hangover…

Anyway, we moved to Spain and…

January and February of last year I gave up drinking also…

I wanted to stay off it until March 17th, Paddy’s day in Ireland…

And then we’d go out and start the whole ball rolling again…

But Esther’s mother came over from Holland at the beginning of March…so I started drinking then…


Something has Clicked


This time I know that I will never go back onto the alcohol again…

I’ve come to a crossroads…I’ve come to a fork in the road and I know I either go down the alcohol route and I give up and give in to that part of me…or I don’t drink any more and go down the other road…and totally try and kill that part of myself off…

So, that’s my intention, it’s to kill that part of myself off…

And I won’t mourn it…

I hate it!

You know, whenever I’m drinking…I don’t wanna be drinking…

I know it’s not good for me…

I know I just wanna keep drinking

…and drinking

…and drinking

…until I get drunk…

When I’m not drinking, all I can think about is going back and having a drink…

…going down to the pub

…going out to a restaurant

And it’s not about the food…it’s not about the company…

…It’s all about the drink!

When I gave up on the 2nd of January this year, I have never felt so free in my life…knowing that I’m not going to go back onto the alcohol again…


Changing Associations…


Tuesday of this week was the first time I’ve been to a place where I associate going out with drinking…

That’s a local restaurant called ‘Café Jaen’…

It’s very cheap there…it’s a three course dinner and half a liter of wine for €9

Any extra wine is brought to the table and it’s only €1…€1.10 for a liter…it’s…you know…very palatable…

So that was the first time I’d been out with my Dad and my brother…

And that was difficult…

…I didn’t think it was going to be difficult…

And it wasn’t because I wanted…to drink…

It was because I could see…they were getting more drunk…

…the conversation was getting more…I don’t know…repetitive it seemed…


What’s Your Problem?


I think my problem was more internal…

It was…it was habit…

I was just used to going up there…I’ve never been in there and not drank…

We had a couple of… parties that we went to just after C hristmas…

Over here, there’s the feast of the three kings which is held on 6th January…we went to my sister’s then…and half the people were drinking…

And I’d no problem with that…

But this was a place that I’d been to on several occasions…on many occasions since we’d moved here…

And I’ve never… not had a drink there…

So that was my…it was just that habit…

Anyway, the guys came back to the house later on…I put on a TV programme…I sat down with a cup of herbal tea…they fell asleep on the couch within ten minutes of getting in…


Thanks For Watching


So, thanks for watching and bearing with me through this first video diary, I hope you come back and I hope that I get better the more of these videos I do…

We’ll also do some articles…and please leave as many messages as you want… and I’ll try and answer as many of them personally as I can…and if I can’t we’ll do posts on the most popular comments…

Leave a comment below if you’re on YouTube…

And come to the site…you can click on the link below…

So, again, thanks for watching and we’ll see you again soon….


  1. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Good luck to you…it’s the best thing I ever did…I’ve got my life back,
    let me know how you’re going or if I can be of any help.

  2. Ricky Jones

    Hey. It’s my first day of trying to quit, after repeated attempts. I end up
    going crazy and will get up to drink in the morning. I’m only 27 and I’m
    getting married this year. I find you inspiring and hope to gain a better
    undertanding of my trouble with alcohol. Thanks

  3. AlcoholMasteryTV

    I was in the same boat so I know what you’re going through. It’s hard at
    first but you have to stick with it. Your life will be so much better. Keep
    watching and I hope you get some help from the videos. Visit the website at
    alcohol mastery (the link is in the description) as well, you might find
    some of the posts helpful. Congratulations on getting married, a whole new
    start. Good Luck! Onwards and Upwards!

  4. hendrxfn


  5. SupaFlyBoyZz699

    i drink everyday for like 3 months now , yes im addictive to alcohol, but i
    should stop now period, i dont c wat so hard bout quiting, i know i will
    crave, but live or die pick 1 .

  6. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Thankfully you’ve learned to stand on your own feet. I really appreciate a
    person who can do that. Aren’t you glad you’ve done that?

  7. andy howe

    well done . you seem to be in a good place . i do the same and quit for a
    week here and week there , 4 years now . ive just hit it hard for 2 weeks
    having quit for the previous 2 weeks and i know which i prefer! so ive just
    done day 1 and feeling positive and of course tierd ! drying outs a bi”h
    but my tip .. camomile tea and dark chocolate. : ) peace

  8. SupaFlyBoyZz699

    I’d stop drinking for like 10 days now nothing hard really,, but BOI OH BOI
    life is so boring without alcohol, now i relize it not hard to quit but it
    so tough to stay alcohol free, last weekend i went out with friends ya know
    same old party stuff they gettin it on having good time i was like screw
    this im going for it,,2 shot i was in the zone 3 shot n im gone cuz i
    havent drink for 10 days.. Maybe i should just hit couple shot on the
    weekend, should be fine dont ya think?.

  9. mastermind

    im in los angeles and it sounds like we have very similar stories.

  10. Don Stephens

    I love how you say you started drinking when the mother in-law came over.

  11. Sarah Wood

    I stop on and off…cravings are bad. Thanks for these helpful videos

  12. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Hey rita, good for you!

  13. Ian Hendrick

    On week three. Hoping to stay off for good . Only just saw your first vid
    looking forward to more

  14. bluegoose94

    hard to take this serious with a add.

  15. AlcoholMasteryTV


  16. theorganicfreak

    ok well i see that i have alot more videos to watch so i better get started

  17. AlcoholMasteryTV

    I still go to matches and enjoy them for the football instead of the booze.
    To be honest, I was getting embarrasing. I’d have 3 or 4 pints down before
    half-time. By the final whistle I’d be staggering. It took a few weeks of
    comments about me becoming a monk or asking when I was going to join the
    nunnery. Now there’s a respect there. It’s just another habit that you’ll
    get the better of in time…. Good luck to you mate!

  18. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Welcome aboard!

  19. Robin Moscrop

    i need help

  20. Dan Eckenrode

    No homo, but I love listening to your voice and how conforting you sound in
    your times of trouble. I need to quit, and you are a great motivation for
    me. By far the best videos I have ever watched on quitting. Thank you for
    sharing, and God Bless!

  21. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Cheers Dan. Thanks for your comment!

  22. bryansmyhero

    This was very helpful in the sense that I feel like I can relate to a lot
    of the things you were saying… Thank you for the video and keep up the
    good work!

  23. Derek Menard

    I just gave up drinking today. I’ve been drinking. For 25 years and I’m
    just tired of it. I took passed a mark of some sorts I can’t explain it but
    I feel for once in my life I can do this. Or else its gonna be death for
    me. I’m 40 and I wanna just try normal out . Thanks

  24. JosephDCLXVI

    its funny how when you finally admit you might have a problem all of a
    sudden other people who have always been able to control themselves
    suddenly have a problem too.

  25. MrEros15

    i have a drink problem . 2 hands and only one mouth

  26. kim Beckley

    Day Two for me

  27. ian

    Good afternoon Kevin
    Yesterday morning I was searching the internet for some help to stop drinking.
    I have looked in the past but have found nothing that really rang true or gave me much hope or confidence.I switched to You tube and
    found ‘Alcohol Mastery’ and I think with support like that I can certainly stop the booze.
    I am 62 and I work in the tourist industry guiding American tourists around Europe so that in itself offers a lot of temptations.
    I always appear sober and the drink doesn’t seem to affect my performance but I know myself that I drink far too much for my own
    good. So many things resonated with me yesterday as I worked my way through your weekly tallies. For example, I too never can recork a bottle. My mouth waters at the anticipation of a great plate of pasta or a good steak but feel the meal is no way complete
    without a bottle of the good old ‘ vino collapse.
    Anyway I know now is the time, I have had enough of the aches and pains, sometimes the nausea,the dry mouths and the general looking like shit.
    Add to that the unhappiness I feel toting 60 lbs of excess blubber around and if that ain’t enough motivation???!!!?
    So your website has opened up to me just at the right time .Congratulations to you,I was truly inspired by all your postings but also
    I could see not only the physical change but the change in your demeanour. It is fabulous and I am looking forward to progressing
    onward and upward !!!!!!
    As you say we can blame everything, I am a Scot and you know our Celtic roots are bonded inextricably with the drink.
    When I am not working I live near Bordeaux and am surrounded by super vineyards and chateaux and it’s a great pleasure to enjoy
    the great food and wine of that region but I can’t blame that for my problem continuing. I am sure I would search out the drink wherever I was so clearly it’s time to change my attitudes and to take responsibility.
    Anyway talk is cheap and only time will tell if I can do this. I can only say that after ‘meeting ‘ you on
    you tube yesterday I am full of enthusiasm and desire to change this aspect of my life.
    I know it’s a crazy time to start on Christmas Eve. I head back to the UK after the usual family happening here and stay with my best and longest standing friend. He is a Scot too, then I am off to see my mam in Scotland before I return to normal life in the middle of
    January. Do you think I should get right on with it now or wait till mid Jan . That sounds a bit feeble . I want to be able, when I mark up my first week without alcohol, to be as sure and confident of success as you were on the week 1 tally.
    Thank you for the help you have already given me.
    Anyway all the best to you and i wish you a very happy Christmas with you family in Spain.
    Onward and Upward
    Ps I am sure next year some time I will be in Dublin. It would be a great step forward to go to O’Neils , have the Irish stew but leave out the Guiness. I know it won’t be easy!!!!!!!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Ian,
      First of all, thank you for you very kind words and for sharing what you’re going through. As to when is a good time to quit, there’s never a good time to quit or not to quit. Right now is the only time we can do anything, yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn’t come yet. There are many ways of approaching quitting alcohol. What worked for me was to focus my mind and all of my efforts on bringing my future into the present. I imagined how I wanted to be and that didn’t include drinking. I knew I was at a crossroads in my life. I had finally realised that lo and behold I didn’t drink for the taste, or the smell, or the piquant and cheeky aromatic nose, I drank to get pissed. So, one direction was to carry on with this knowledge, no longer being able to lie to myself about drinking for anyother motive – and feck knows where that would have led – or cop onto myself, stop kidding myself, and quit poisoning myself. I chose the latter!
      I wish you the best of luck in your life Ian. O’Neils Irish stew sounds good!

  28. g928hwg2

    12th of January 2014 was my last drinking day

  29. karl

    Hi Kevin,
    I’ve just read your first post having come across your 49th week post. I’m really glad i was able to go right back to the beginning and see what got you to the point of just being so fed up that all you wanted to do was stop.
    I got married at the end of 2012 for the second time to a woman some 15 years my younger. I hadn’t drunk for some 6 months before the wedding as I wanted to be in better shape for the event, and i was. However, from the wedding day on I began to drink again and slowly but surely over the weeks and months reverted to type and was the same old miserable sod I was before.
    Although my first marriage ended for various reasons I can’t help but feeling that if i am honest with myself, my drinking cannot be disregarded as a mitigating factor. This is probably the first time I’ve admitted it to myself – it’s somewhat liberating to see I’ve managed to write it down.
    I can’t remember how many times in 2013 I promised my new wife that I would be more careful, but I continued to overdo it, wake up feeling shitty etc. I travel a lot for my job and have to do a lot of presentations. I suppose I am what some would call a functional drunk. I avoided colleagues in the evening and often ate by myself so i could drink a whole bottle of red to myself, asking the waiters not to itemise the bill so no one would ever know, nor my wife, nor my company as it was on expenses.
    We went away at Christmas to visit my brother and on Christmas Eve and day I drank without misbehaving, even telling my brother that I was in a good place finally – he had been worried previously.
    Boxing Day we had 30 people round for food and so throughout the day I tippled as I prepared and served but everything went smoothly and I felt fine – I even played the role of quizmaster successfully.
    Once people had gone we began to clear up and that’s when it happened – for the life of me I cannot remember what provoked my outburst but I suddenly launched at my brother, fists clenched, accusing him of not appreciating all the effort I’d put in and insulting him for patronising me. I then stormed upstairs where I burst into tears before going back down some ten minutes later where he and my wife sat in silence trying to put together what had happened.
    I just looked at them and told them there and then that that was it. In that moment I could go no lower. I’d turned on the tow people who loved me the most in the world for absolutely no reason other than what I believed to have been a criticism , which I then couldn’t even recall. That was my wake up call.
    So, and I know it’s not much, two weeks later I’ve not gone near a drink and my self esteem is slowly improving. I’ve started eating more sensibly and swim and walk regularly. I can’t run, I’m too heavy.
    You wrote that you gave up on occasion to lose weight and I can see from your posts that you succeeded. Did you take up sport, change diet or did the not drinking have such an effect?
    I see that you no longer post regularly but when I saw you replied to Ian I thought I would write to you too. Only someone who has lived through these things can really understand I feel.
    I am reading the book The Lost Weekend at the moment as part of my recovery plan and keeping focussed.
    Thank you so much and all the best

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Karl, Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I can definitely relate to everything you say about being the kindest person one minute and a complete prick the next, without any reason. For me, having an arguement with my son, who is the person who I love the most on this planet. It was about him giving me the five euros he had in his pocket so i could buy another round, calling him a cheapskate. That one single moment was the defining one for me, when I think about that it nearly brings me to tears. A stupid moment, but I remember the fury I had in me that he wouldn’t give me the lousy fiver.
      As to the exercise, it’ s all about living within your capabilities. As you exercise, you’ll lose the weight, you’ll be able to exercise more, you’ll lose more weight. I still have about 25 pounds to go around my midriff. Even at 205 pounds I can’t run. I just walk a lot. But,any exercise is good. Like you say swim, walking, dancing, skipping, whatever takes your fancy.
      I haven’t stopped posting, I’ve just cut back over the few weeks to reassess where I want to take the site. I see how much there is a need for something new in this area, at least another voice of reason. I’ve been around websites for a number of years and I’d like to carry on this line of work for the rest of my life. I finally can see how I can contribute something. I just need to think about the most productive way of doing that. I’ll be putting up some more regular posts from next week, so keep watching.
      Thank you once again for being so open in your post. It’s people like you, who are willing to share their stories, that are making this site into a place where people can come to get good solid advice, knowing they are not alone, that they’re not evil or bad people, just folks that have let a bad habit get out of control.
      All the best to you Karl

  30. nick

    Was really hoping to start your podcast from the very beginning is this possible?
    I know iTunes only shows the recent 50

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Nick, I’m going to gradually add the podcasts from the beginning. You can view the videos from the beginning by clicking on Year 1 and Year 2 at the top of the website.
      Hope that helps.

  31. Ken

    Hi Kev,

    Just found your site yesterday, just stopped by to say you’re giving me inspiration. I won’t get into my history other than I did try AA, went to a couple meetings and not my style. Maybe I really don’t play well with others (ha). Plus I think of that joke that goes “I’m not an alcoholic, they go to meetings”. In any event the habit has been mine since a teen to drink because it’s there and there’s no safety valve that says “stop” in my head. Wish I was like other people in my family but apparently am not. In any event, I remember growing up in my teens and saying I would never be like my father and here I am, just like him. He wasn’t a bad man or anything, he was a happy drunk and just drank to excess which bothered me at the time. I read Karl’s post above- been there, done that. His was his brother, mine was years ago, I pushed my wife because I didn’t like what she said about a “friend” of mine. Here I am still married to the same wonderful woman, and where is this “friend” of mine? I haven’t spoken to him in over 15 years. Alcohol does strange things to the brain. Anyways, greetings from Canada, you’ve given me hope for the future.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Ken, Thanks for commenting and sharing… My late wife and I were both in many scrapes and scraps because of our drinking. I was a wild child, but I can honestly say that when I look back on my youth I am never ashamed of anything I ever did. I wish I could say the same for my drinking life. We are conditioned that taking the drug alcohol is OK, it’s acceptable, and that it’s different from say heroin or hash… It’s no different from a moral point of view. I’ve known many drinkers and many potheads. I don’t really want to hang out with either, but if I had a choice I’d choose the pothead over the drunk any day. Glad you’re still married Ken. I wish you all the best of good fortune!

  32. Flávio

    Very good information Kevin. I’m planning to leave drinks also, for good. But it is quite challenging….

  33. Aaron

    I have just today learned of your website, I’ve read the comments of Ian and Karl and Ken, and I don’t know what to do! I am at almost the end of the road, I think.
    I am absolutely an alcoholic, and I’m probably a drug addict as well! Let me tell you a little about me, I’ve been drinking since age 12, and am now 34. I was living in St. Thomas when I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, I stopped boozing for about 3 months. Then took up the vodka again for almost 6 months before I came home to Nebraska, March 8th of 2011, on March 25th at 3:00AM, I arrived at the hospital and I remember approximately 3 hours of that visit and then I woke on April 17th, the next month. I had a massive issue with my pancreas and now have chronic pancreatitis, as well as diabetes. They tell me I have diabetes type 1 1/2; or one in a half. As the Dr’s. cannot say if it’s type 1 or 2. Because of a major surgery I had, (not quite a whipple, however that was what was discussed, the surgery was very major.) I ended up spending about 7 months in the hospital straight, and since then have been back more than 20 times for pancreatic issues. They gave me every damn painkiller known to man and science, and at the time I had no clue to what I was taking, and now I’m an addict, and an alcoholic. After the hospital stay of more than 7 months I managed to remain sober for about a year. Fighting with pain on a daily basis. Now I’m drinking again, and have a legal prescription for methadone, which helps me stay sober, at least a little while, until I decide to start abusing it, and I also have an absolutely illegal prescription for hydro-codone, which do very little for me anymore, even when I take 200mgs. These are really scarey, as they have 325mg of acetometophine per 10mg of hydro. So basically I’m doing way too much damage to myself, (aka: my liver), amongst other organs. I really want to quite the ALCOHOL, as well as the other shit I’m taking! I really enjoy your videos and your perseverance, and how awsome you are. Just wanted to know what you think about my situation? Should I seek treatment? I know you said in your video sessions that the with-drawls aren’t that bad, but I have to disagree. I’m having a muther-fucker of a time without knocking myself out with booze and more pills, when I have them, first. I’ve been able to hold a job for almost 2 years, but I’m afraid that’s almost over too. I’ve tried all the AA and I just can’t get past the physical part of this shit. I’m not sure where to go from here, I’m hoping your advice will help lead me to a path a little less destructive. Thanks and very grateful for any advice. Also, very happy to have found you and am very appreciative of the work you’re doing.
    Aaron, or maybe my name should be
    “double AA, Ron” 🙁

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Aaron
      First of all, I would like to applaud you for having the courage to share your story here. You seem to be going through the wars. I cannot even begin to understand how frightenng your situation must be for you. When I’m talking about my personal quitting ‘symptoms’, I can only talk about it from my perspective, from what I experienced. You know, I can’t give you medical advice nor can I tell you much about what might happen to you or might not. I can only really speak for myself, and in doing that hope that others can relate to my experience and learn something that they can use in their own lives. You know yourself that you will need to go through the suffering in order for you to quit, you don’t need me to tell you that. I wish I could say more to you, to have the right words to tell you that would lead you in the right direction, I don’t. All I can do is to try to help you to motivate yourself to doing everything in your power and beyond to get yourself free. No matter what the suffering you go through now, it’s all worth while. Ask yourself, what really is your alternative? To carry on poisoning yourself? I know that is a strategy, but it’s not a very good one. You are nowhere near the end of the road. The end of the road, where we all end up by the way, is in a pine box or a little jar full of dust. While you’re still breathing there is still a reason to fight. I am just a bloke who quit drinking. I wanted to make the videos to show that people who are having problems with drink there’s another way of living. I have to accept my own limitations in this regard, I am limited in even understanding what you might be going through. So, I don’t want to be flippant or pretend that I do understand. Only you can do the real work that is going to be necessary for you to quit. There’s no other way round it, no magic pill! I do hope you keep coming back to the site, and I truly hope that even though I’m not being much help to you here, you will find something in one of the videos or posts or comments that helps you in some way. I’m really sorry I can’t be more help. I will be thinking about you.
      All the best of luck

      • Aaron J.

        Thank you Kevin, for replying to me. It really feels good to know someone cares about me.

  34. AaronH.

    Hello Kevin
    Thank you for the inspiring website/blog/podcast. I am on my third go of stopping the drinking and I plan on it being the last. I am 38, and like so many others, have been drinking since my mid-teens. For so many people it is not just an addiction, but a life style, because of the amount of time spent being so intimate with alcohol. I would like to know more about how people deal with the guilt, memories, anxiety, etc. of one’s past life of drinking…for me this is almost harder to deal with than not drinking. Thank you again; I can’t wait to dive deeper into your past material, and look forward to the upcoming stuff.
    Aaron in Milwaukee

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Aaron, it’s mostly about lifestyle. The drink is just the means to an end, the tool we use to get wasted. There’s nothing you can do about the past, so there’s no real point in feeling guilty or any of that other bullshit. I know it happens, I feel it sometimes. But, since it’s only me that’s thinking it, I really have the control. I don’t have to feel that way, so I put it out of my mind and concentrate on being the best person I can be from here on out…

  35. Rebecca Cantrell

    This is really great. I’ve been on Moderation Management for ten years and
    I’m thinking of giving it up completely. It’s hard for me to go to 12 step
    meetings because of bad experiences in the past, so it’s helpful to have
    alternatives. Keep up the good work dude!

  36. Blauebazille

    So I stoped drinking since yesterday and I hope I can stand it today and
    tomorrow. But I have to say its hard and I feel bad today without alcohol.

  37. Richard Sherman

    Thanks for these videos, I will start from the first and watch one every
    day to give me a reason not to drink. One day at a time. Im a binge drinker
    , I do not drink every day, but when I do I will often drink for 2 to 3
    days. I first drank at 16 and I am now 27. I stopped for 3 months one time
    and felt great. Also a month here and there. But keep falling back. I have
    anxiety and panic when im hungover so I think this is why I wake up and
    start drinking again. But I cannot take this anxiety ANYMORE! If I go on a
    bender I will have anxiety for up to a week and im sick of it. The alcohol
    is going to stop. And I will use your videos for support. Thank you.

  38. Betty Morgan

    I stumbled onto this site today and I am so glad I did. Listening to your
    story–it’s the same story as mine. I am 45 years old and I quit drinking 4
    days ago. I have been wanting to quit for almost 2 years now. Today I am
    feeling so tired but so free at the same time. My best friend went with me
    to my first AA meeting Monday night. Every time I drank–I didn’t want to
    be drinking but when I wasn’t drinking–I wanted to be drinking. It’s a
    vicious cycle. I have gained a lot of weight and I was really awful and I
    knew I had to stop. I don’t ever want to drink again but I will probably
    have to say that every day–one day at a time. Thank you for your videos.

  39. bottomfeeder73

    I plan on making tomorrow my quit day. Too late for today.( I hope I have
    the same courage as you have. Alcohol has pretty much ruined my
    relationship. I hope there is a chance. Not to mention the money blown! I
    curse the day I picked up a bottle.

  40. Dave F

    Day 3 for me

  41. Michael

    Hi Kevin,

    I’d like to say what an inspiration you are. Listening to your musings on your video diaries really resonated with me. I’m Irish (never a good start when it comes to the drinking side of life), 50 and have been drinking since I was 18. First beers down the pub and then since marriage and child came along ‘progressed’ to wine. Danger time for me was 5pm – on the dot. Helping prepare dinner in the kitchen with my wife, first bottle would be pretty much done before we sat down to eat. Then another during our meal and probably 4-5 times a week crack open a third for the rest of the night. Not many times was the top screwed back on. My wife can have a couple of glasses and then stop – not me. Sleep disturbed most nights, felt like crap in the morning. I take heavy duty anti-inflammatory pills due to fairly major arthritic condition that I’ve had since 18 – I’ve always known this was the initial cause for my drinking, to kill the pain that prescription drugs couldn’t touch and in order to get a good night’s sleep. I’m sure the drugs helped with the hangovers (rarely got one, just felt a bit tired the next day) but 32 years on I don’t want it any more, not for me, not for our beautiful 10 year old daughter, not for our future as a family. Like you, I’m going to take a different path.

    I’ve been heading towards quitting for a while now, I know the damage it’s doing to me and that it will lead to a serious medical episode if I don’t stop. I read a lot on the Internet about quitting, thought about AA but never like the idea of it or the ’12 steps’. Came across your videos by accident and What a Revelation! That’s me, I thought – That.Is.Me. I have devoured pretty much every video of yours over the last week and its been great to follow your progress. I like your approach – get the head in the right place (No More Alcohol Going Past These Lips) and then you can start to think about doing other, better things with your time.

    So a massive, massive thank-you Kevin for opening your life and thoughts to us. For me, your videos have been an enormous help in quitting. It’s the start of Week 2 for me now and I’m feeling so much better already. Took my daughter and dog to the beach and then for an ice-cream last night (normally driving on a Friday night would be a no-no for obvious reasons)…she was so happy, told me a million times how much she loved it and wanted to do it again. When you get feedback like that it’s a big lift.

    As you say, Onwards and Upwards.
    Michael in Ireland.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Michael, it’s all worth while when I get messages like this, especially when it’s helping someone who has children to get away from alcohol. Not that I have anything against people that don’t have kids. I feel that every parent who can successfully get through to their children the stupidity of blindly following the masses is not the way to a fantastic life. Welcome aboard Michael…

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    now with much time under my belt, I rejoice in my sobriety. you are spot on
    in your thinking. This vid is over a year done so I would like to know how
    you are now. Do you have a Facebook page? I wish you serenity and a joyous

  44. chris warb

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    stopping today and want this time to finally do it. Thanks again and enjoy
    your life now !

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    know already after watching 3 of them that they will help me tremendously.
    It took me eight solid efforts to quit smoking. Alcohol is by far my
    worst/most health destructive habit. If one habit in my life could be
    mastered, it would be my relationship with “The Big B”
    I have made many efforts to curtail my drinking, and even went 61 days at
    the beginning of this year, yet here I am again, looking for that piece of
    advice that will cause that switch in my brain to activate the way it did
    for cigarettes.(14 years, 5 months since my last smoke) – as I drink my
    glass of wine. Look forward to watching all your vids

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    with your videos and I look forward to more from you and your inspiring
    words! We’ll all do this together!! and live a better life!!

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    decision. A whole cloud will lift. I see/feel clarity for once in my life.
    And happiness has descended on me like a warm shower.

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    for religious reasons, or simply as a move towards a healthier lifestyle.*

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    Alcoholic Hepatitis and Cirrhosis, what alcohol does to your body with long
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    of painful and unpleasant death

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    Been drinking everyday for about a yr . Hate to do it but i feel its the
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    strong here. I feel terrible to admit that last part. Its just so easy
    here. My habit is to drink when I get home from work but I have joined a
    gym today to replace the time I would usually be drinking on my own at
    home. Please keep up the words or inspiration and how to get of this
    terrible habit. Thank you.

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    Antabuse and sleeping tablets also on anti depressants.Not having many bad
    feelings,get angry alot over nothing. Get tremours and twitch when i go to
    bed.Head feels clear and i feel the future is bright. Will stay in touch.I
    was a drug addict for 20 years but clean from that for 8 years.

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    It is f-Ing HARD. Thank you for your honesty. I hope to someday be as
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    fork, at this point, and just subscribed. Hope you have stayed on point,
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    Kevin, you’ve come along way And have been such an inspiration to us all
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    or 3 week stage and think I was good just to have one. Id say to my self
    ”Il be ok, Il just go down to the bottlo and buy one”. Then usually my
    beer would be on special, so I end up getting six. Wow one went down
    alright, I might just have one more and that’s it. Well 18 beers later,
    hangover next day, hair of the dog, next thing i’m at the end of a three
    day bender. so thats the reason I just cant even have one. 20 days now and
    going strong. 😉

  107. Jazmin C.

    I began listening to your podcasts on my Stitcher app on my android for the last few days and I cant get enough. You are such an inspiration and listening motivates mr to quit. I subscribed to your You tube page and email and find there is more, I like to start from the beginning of what I listen to. My story involves is unique like everyone elases, maybe Ill shre it one day. Iam short on time now, at work, but just wanted to say you are awesome and are doing a great thing and wish you and your family the best!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Thanks Jazmin. Welcome to the site! 🙂

  108. Joanna

    I am currently reading your book “Stop drinking Alcohol” I found it very inspirational, gives me strength to stop drinking at all. Ten years ago I decided to give up alcohol( having a group therapy) and was successful for a couple of years. Since moved to the UK, spending my time in Spain as well. I started denying having an alcohol problem and was back to having a drink or two a day, playing with fire. Last night I drank too much, couldn’t sleep. You know this feeling…? I am still recovering, having a hangover up to now. I have a supportive husband who spotted me being drunk yesterday. What is the biggest problem for me now is to overcome the alcohol carving after I am back from work. I know one of your method is “visualization”. Is there anything else which helped you to overcome the alcohol hunger at the beginning?

    • Kevin O'Hara

      The main thing is to identify your triggers, what you do that leads you to think about drinking, then to the action of drinking. For instance, one of my triggers was coming home from work, sitting in the same seat, switching on the TV. I talk about this in Alcohol Freedom.

  109. armando

    i quit today

  110. Kenley

    Hi, Kevin I came across your video’s on utube and not being funny your story is almost the same as mine in everything you have said. I have not picked up a drink now since Steven Day 2015. Plus I was at that cross roads and I am happy to say I made the right dission to stay clean and sober. I just wanted to stop all the ship and fighting that was happening due to drinking alcohol has caused me so much pain and suffering since I was 14 years of age. I am now 36. I just wanted to stop hurting the ones I love the most, my family. My kids. You see in my drinking I thought that I was the only one suffering but I was to learn that I affect the whole family with my drinking. I am now just trying to do the right thing for me and my family. And just have a happy life. Drink for me now is not an option any more that part of my life is gone for ever and I mean for ever. When I think of a drink now I think of all the shit that comes with taking the first drink. And it is early days yet but thankfully I am optomistic about my life. Thank you Kevin O Hara. Onwards and upwards is the only way. Your video’s have helped me more than you know. Your a good man. Take care your friend Kenley.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Good for you Kenley. Huge respect to your for not only thinking about yourself and your drinking, but how your drinking affects and influences your children. Kudos to you! Onwards and upwards.

  111. Shirley Allison

    You are so awesome Kevin and I am on day 11 now and know I will never go back just like you. Something has crossed over in me and I know that alcohol has finally died and the bitch that I had inside me. Both are dead and gone forever and its such a magnificent feeling words cannot describe it. Even everyone says they now feel it too as they can tell in my voice and my words and everything, they know its finished! Incredible! They have had a different feeling inside themselves too about this is it for me, seriously, and they have had that huge release feeling happen to them as they know its gone this time forever. Its easy when you feel and know that’s it! I am ready now. Its the right time! I don’t give a shite about it anymore. Congratulations Kevin! YEY! Onwards and Upwards.

  112. Danny

    Watched you before but only short versions. Today I’ve been listening to you for over an hour.
    Nearly died last week because I took loads of sleeping tablets to try to escape my anxiery attack,remorse and self pity.
    That night in emergency and 2 weeks off work were the begining to what I hope is a turning point in my life.
    To be totally honest,like you I’ve been drinking for 30 odd years….stopped for a year once.
    Alcohol has TOTALLY fucked up my life. I’ve lost EVERYTHING due to my drinking.
    It’s now or never for me….though sadly I can’t uncross all the wires as you say,but some of them.
    Will continue to folllow you for inspiration…..think you are awesome.
    Thank-you for your time,
    Wish everything good for you,

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Wish you the best of everything, Danny

  113. Sharon

    Doing God’s work, ye are! 🙂

  114. Mikey

    hey Kevin
    I have gone 33 weeks without a single drink of alcohol and I have passed a Drug,Solvent and Alcohol abuse Counselling course since I quit alcohol.I have also saved a lot of money since I quit drinking.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      You’re definitely on your new road 🙂

  115. Debrah

    Thank you for sending the link to your first video post!
    You look younger, healthier , and slimmer now.

    Six days now without the 2-3 daily glasses of wine.
    I can’t move to Spain but I can change my mindset and habits.
    My desire is to be clear headed, healthy, strong, and encouraging to others .
    So cheers to you with sparking water , herbal tea, or kale juice !

  116. Mick

    Hi Kevin, I have read your books and listened to them on audio when out walking for several weeks in the build up to my quit day.

    Probably like most on here I have tried to pack the booze habit up many times sometimes for several months only to fail. On reflection now I see my failures were caused by either a trigger I had not anticipated. Eg my last failure I rented a villa in France owner left me a bottle of wine, it caught me off guard and the little alcohol monster in my head convinced me I was missing out. Next thing I know im sat in the sun glass of wine in hand. Thanks to your book I think I understand triggers now at least well enough to see them for what they are. I think I could handle that today.

    The other way I have failed in the past has been my alcohol monster (I know he’s not a real monster lol) But what the little monster does is play me an advert in my minds eye of some future experience that it knows I will struggle with and get me to start to think I missing out etc etc so I decide I will always drink and might as well give in now.

    Currently I am on day 6, I feel good, people have been commenting on how fresh I look and I am sleeping OK. The monster does play me some videos I think partly why I am coping is because I have listened to your book Alcohol freedom that many times I can almost hear your ascent/voice in my head, reassuring me I can do this and rattling off the relevant technique or observation.

    I don’t know if my experience of the alcohol monster is common, just thoughts literally getting me to imagine situations where it would be tough ie multiple trigger situations in the future to try and break my resolve today. I am coping with this by having your audio book burnt into my mind and by imagining there is an alcohol monster an evil monster making me think these negative thoughts and literally spotting him and telling him to do one.

    I would be interested if others have suffered from there own monster and how they have dealt with him ?

    I hope i have explained this clearly and don’t come across as completely crackers lol

    Thanks for the help Kevin, keep up the great work.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Yep, the fear of missing out is a biggie. I used to think of my ‘monster’ as the snivelling slutch that was the Gollum from Lord of the Rings…’Please have a drink, just one my precious’…it puts the think into perspective…then I’d have a big demented laugh – in my head of course – as I watched the little bastard slowly dying…mwah hahahahah!

  117. Robin

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Kevin. I’m 12 days in and feeling really good about my decision to turn my back on alcohol. I look forward to your daily videos and want to thank you again for your honesty and the support you provide!

  118. jimmy chang

    hi my name is Jimmy i was been drink 20years yesterday was my first day stop drink ,i feel so unconfortable i was lade on the bed sweating so bad ,is that normal? i have a daughter and a family i need to stop drink i saw your video on youtube that can help me stop drink alcohol

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Jimmy,
      if you have any doubts, go to your doctor. That’s the best advice I can give you.

  119. Laelia

    Hi, during my “drinking career” that stretched out for almost four years, I tried to quit several times relying on circumstances and/or other people to stay off of it. I now have come to the conclusion that I need to remain sober no matter what the circumstances are in my life, because these surface happenings will always be temporary and I basically used them as excuses to begin drinking again. Two examples: “I will not drink when I’m with my boyfriend.” Result: as soon as we were apart after a visit to eachother, I would grab the beer (and before a visit I would binge because I thought: “While I still can…”. Example two: “I will not drink until I finish my studies.” Result: I quit my studies (because I didn’t like them) and went straight back to drinking. I need to do this for myself and to give my son the opportunity to grow up with a mother who has her stuff together.

  120. Janis

    Thanks for this Kevin….trying to go at least a week, today…starting….I want to have my control, and not be controlled by booze

  121. Amelia

    Hey Kevin. That video is amazing – you look SOOOOO much better now. You seemed completely wiped out there. I don’t think I had it as bad but damn boy! LOL. OK – so now I’m about 2 months. Actually have no idea the exact day and don’t care – just care that I’m not drinking. And get this – I’m finally trying to make new goals for myself. I’m not much of a goal person – more of a live in the moment which on one hand is good but also I just plain suck at setting goals for myself. But what I am doing is listening to one video of yours per day as I use the elliptical!! I’m also trying really hard to get off the sugars. I eat very well otherwise but after putting down the wine I sure crave the sugar! Trick is NEVER starting to eat something sweet. Once you start it’s tricky. Just like alcohol. Good on ya Kevin – ONWARDS AND UPWARDS.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I feel so much better… Four and half years into this new journey… Can’t say I miss any of the old life. Listening to one video is a good goal… We all tend to stick to the goals that we want to stick to, ignore the ones that we don’t want to stick to… Take care Amelia

  122. Ken

    Hey Kevin. I’ve been following you for four years. Almost since you stopped and did the day progresses. I watched all those through day 17 and they are so good. I stopped about the same time. You are the best on utube definitely. I liked the one you posted today 4/28/17. I liked the scenery outside and you really look better! I’m glad you gave the talk not walking because sometimes the heavy breathing is distracting. You are a knowledgeable person and express your thoughts well. A person CAN STOP DRINKING. IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. WE ARE NOT HELPLESS. JUST DECIDE,and don’t drink. Your videos really help me. Thank you. Ken.

  123. Cheri

    G’day Mate! – I wanted to leave you a quick note that I’ve recently made the decision to quit drinking as well. Honestly, I’m still at the point that I’m not sure that I’ll be able to pull this off. But your videos give me hope and I sincerely appreciate your attitude and philosophy. i’m a secular humanist sort and I love that this isn’t an AA religious based higher power diatribe. It’s more cognitive, behavioral and very empowering! I’m getting your daily doses to help reinforce and try to reprogram my brain to the person I know I can be. One without the crutch! I don’t have to put a drop in my mouth. I developed the habit so I can end it. 🙂 See! I’m hearing you! Thanks so much, luv. It’s a brave thing to put yourself out there to be of service to others. Hoping I can do the same before too long.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      G’day Cheri…good to hear the philosophy is having an effect 🙂

  124. Diana

    Well done! I plan on doing your 30 day Mastery Course and telling others about it. Thank you for all you do!

  125. Lawrence Hunter

    It makes me smile to listen to your response in looking back to your first video and first week off Alcohol. Im at day 5 now and I really feel sometimes like a fish out of water my habit is sitting comfortably on my shoulder trying to convince me to drink.. Allot of my past is coming back in my mind , maybe old grief I use to suppress by drinking. Any way poison is not going to help me so with a curious mind and a smile I will say ”onwards and upwards”

  126. Dara

    Hello Kevin,

    I am an Irishman living in the US. 40’s, married, beautiful daughter.
    I have hidden behind being the “best drinker in the world” for years and the joviality that went along with it. I LOVE drinking and convinced myself that my drinking was simply that of a “normal” big drinker.

    Gradually it has gotten heavier and heavier to the point that I would regularly drink a bottle of liquor a night. I was dry wretching most mornings, was hiding empty bottles, and if booze ran out I would drink the weird, rusty capped, 3 year old shit in the basement that was left overs from past Christmas parties because it was so undrinkable. Off I’d go to work, and by 11am I was already thinking about what the drink of choice would be when I got home, but tried to fool myself by pairing it with dinner (tequila with Mexican, etc)

    So gradually my MMA body (no kidding – i boxed 6 days a week) turned to 60 lbs overweight and my complete and utter love affair with booze became too much. My disconnection and avoidance of my friends was too much (in case they found out just how bad I was), my plotting around social interactions (BBQ’s, pool parties, dinners out, etc., my drink planning and pre-party drinking so I could have half a bottle of liquor in me before even meeting up, just so I could appear to be a somewhat normal drinker. My frequent blackouts, my arguments, my driving, my sick days……it all became too much.

    11 days ago, on the eve of a very important meeting, I drank 1 1/2 bottles of tequila – it was a Tuesday night! Each time I finished a glass, I poured another, KNOWING how stupid it was. Woke up and thought “fcuk, how am I going to pull this off”. I texted my wife that day and for the first time ever was honest about my drinking and asked for her help and cried.

    So it’s day 10 today without a drink. I had planned to go until Halloween and planned on resuming drinking after proving to myself that I just need to cut back. Well as I sit here with a cup of tea and 2 empty liters of sparkling water, I can say that 1. I feel great, 2. I have clarity and 3. I am not so sure that moderation or 30 days is going to work for me. So my 30 has gone to 90 and there is a voice in there whispering maybe this needs to be forever. I haven’t arrived there yet, but for the first time in my life I am listening to that voice and it’s making some sense.

    My googling the subject brought you up and you are making sense too. Looking forward to watching your videos.

    Peace & health.


    • Kevin O'Hara

      Great story and I’m so glad you found us. I hope that you continue listening to that positive voice. I’m in the gym 6 days a week for the first time in years and LOVING it. Good luck to you Dara.

  127. Rob

    Quit 5 days ago after drinking for 35 years and most my drinking was alone never went to pubs, the effort I put into drinking and hiding it from my wife and daughter was becoming over whelming. Most people wake up to coffee I was waking up to 4 pints of beer to start the morning and then try to hide the smell from my family that’s how ingrained this was getting. After work guzzle 4 pints for the ride Home which is just a 45 min ride quite disgusting needless to say the weekend was wide open I would use every excuse in the world to drink and tell my self this is normal. I’m the past year my stomach pain was getting worse and heartburn was killing me and my elavated sugar levels were unreal had got me thinking. If it was not my continuous watching your videos day and night I’d still be drinking so I wanted to say thank you!

  128. Minnie Shirley

    Once you have finally decided to stop drinking alcohol, then from that moment on, you must work hard to achieve your goal. Determination and dedication are two of the most important values that can help you get through with your decision.


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