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Stop Drinking Alcohol 75 – Cyclical Recovery, Get Head Right, No More Druggie

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 6 comments

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  1. AlcoholMasteryTV

    Here’s SDA 75

  2. Stefan Jørgensen

    Great to see a new video from you ! I really appreciate what your doing.
    Been watching for a while, and you have been a big help so far.. I’m 215
    days sober. Peace.

  3. DB Cooper

    Good to see and here you Kevin..I’m happy to see you made another walk
    about video..I could see you drinking that 3rd alcohol free beer, and
    saying “what am I doin?” ..you also mentioned finding another way of
    feeling peaceful, relaxed without alcohol..I like to sit outside in my yard
    and look at the birds and the trees swaying in the wind and gaze at the sky
    while drinking a cup of herbal tea and listening to some peaceful new age
    music..its been more than a week since I have drank and I plan on never
    going back to being a “druggie”..there was so many times I drank a 12pk of
    beer in one session, I know I was overloading my liver and body with the
    toxin..and yes here in the US alcohol is separated from other drugs as if
    there are some people that don’t want to call it a drug..and like you said
    the two that are the most harmful are the legal ones..I use to smoke weed
    when I was in my 20’s and I don’t want to ever touch the stuff again..even
    if it was legal, because every time I got high..everytime..I always thought
    to myself..I wish I was not high..did acid a few times and it was even
    worse..I do not want to do any drugs ever again..I am and wish to always
    be-Drug Free..I enjoyed your entire video..thank you and take care Kevin.

  4. Julie Villeneuve

    I appreciate all you do, Kevin!

  5. chatter10101

    Hi Kevin,

    Alcohol-free beers. Would it be too rude for me to say that I would like
    to slap the person who invented them?

    They are an imitation of the real thing. So YOU WILL think of the real

    Even after quitting alcohol, there are always more things to learn. I get
    the sense now that you will decline now even alcohol-free beers, and that’s
    all part of life and how we discover new rules.

    Onwards and upwards, bud.

  6. Luke Jones

    Hi Kevin, thank you for your words.
    I fear for my fathers health, I feel need to highlight this major issue
    before its to late but when is the right time?


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