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Stop Believing in Luck

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

Thomas Jefferson said that he was a great believer in luck, the harder reworked, the more lucky he was.

I love that position. You make your own luck in this life. If you sit on your ass and wait for luck to knock on your door, you’ll be waiting a long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there’s a certain amount of luck in life, but it’s not ever for you to decide where and when luck strikes. The only thing that you have in your hands are the choices you make, the decisions you take, and the relentless actions that push you towards where you want to be in this life. Everything else is wishful thinking.

Today’s Video is about luck or stopping believing that luck is going to play any major role in your success of quitting drinking alcohol, because it’s not. People say to me, that I was lucky because I’ve moved to Spain, or because I didn’t have this or I was lucky because of something else.

Luck didn’t come into it. It took a long time for us to move to Spain. It took a long time for me to get the alcohol out of my head. It’s taken a long time to build Alcohol Mastery, to where it is now. A lot of hard work. Opportunities arise and you do get some luck or fortune on the way, but that fortune only comes about because you’re already putting yourself in the position to get those opportunities.

Anybody that believes in luck or luck as a defining thing in your or somebody’s else’s life or who just talks about luck are mostly giving it to other people and saying they got there because of luck. She or he got where they are because of luck and there is a certain amount of that. You’re lucky to come out of a certain vagina and that’s it.

If you happen to come out of the Queen’s Vagina, then you’re a Prince as simple as that. If you happen to come out of some other Vagina, then you’re going to be somebody else. If you happen to come out of a poor woman, living in the suburbs of some massive Indian City, then you’re going to be poor, you’re going to be born poor. It doesn’t mean you have to stay poor, you know there’s plenty of people who have gone on to do fantastic things in their life because they didn’t take that as the end result. They had a growth mindset and they believed that their life was in their control.

I think I am incredibly fortunate to have been born with two eyes in my head, two legs underneath me, two arms and sufficient intelligence to push myself forwards. Most people have got that.

There is a Guy who I did a Video on a couple of years back, Nick Vujicic, who was born without any arms or legs. He is basically really just a torso and a head and this guy when you listen to him, is one of the happiest people that you could come across. He goes water skiing and sky diving. I mean sky diving on his own without any arms or legs, he’s got nothing to land on except his arse. He’s got nothing to pull the chord with except his head and his mouth. How do you water ski with no arms? How do you hold on to something with no arms?

Have a look at this Guy, he’s on You Tube, he’s called Nick Vujicic. This is someone who was born with what he was born with and he could have said ‘Well this is shit luck isn’t it, what am I going to do. I might as well lay here all day and feel sorry for myself and get everyone else to feel sorry for me too.’

I used to know this Guy, Blind Billy, everyone used to call him, he was a Northern Irish fella and he used to always call me a feeling bastard. His blindness came about not through ‘luck’ but because of his own stupidity. He lost one eye through heroin use and got an infection in his eye because of whatever, I don’t know. God knows, did he stick a needle in his eye? I don’t know. Anyway, because he wanted everyone else to feel sorry for him and he felt sorry for himself, he got locked up in Prison for something obviously to do with drugs and somebody in Prison poked out his other eye and pulled his eye out of his head. Gross I know but this was a fact.

Both those things he brought on himself. He was a sneaky horrible person. He’d let people take him down the Town for a drink and stuff like that and then he would deliberately get in fights with them, start fighting them and then when they were beating him up, he would say ‘I’m blind, I’m blind, this fellow’s attacking me’ and he’d cause others to kick the shit out of the other fellow. Obviously, you can only do that so long but that’s somebody who’s saying they are unfortunate and haven’t had luck in their life.

Where I’m going with this is, quitting drinking and persevering with it and pushing through, is all about self control. It’s all about having that determination and pushing through, regardless of what happens in your life. You’re not going to give in, your persistent, your dogged and that’s hard work, there’s no luck about it.

You know being on a motorway in a Car and your Car hitting some oil on the road and spinning and a Truck behind you hitting some oil on the road and spinning and then that Truck misses you by an inch and you come to a stop against the barrier, check yourself out and find there is nothing wrong with you. That’s luck.

Everything else takes time, it’s takes work, it takes effort. It takes effort to quit drinking and saying no to people in the first few days, putting up with the discomfort, putting up with the sleepless nights and the boredom and all that kind of crap, that’s all work, it takes hard work but it’s all worth it. There’s no luck involved. You take what you’ve been given and you work with that.

That’s it for today.

Until next time…
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Onwards and Upwards!

‘Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change’

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  1. Russell newcomb

    Hi your web sight has helped me so much.i know you get lots of emails but I most likely will not get a response form you but that ok.
    It’s been a very bad year for me,this past and still I have my time I still drink, and drink to much when I do.but one good thing is I have been able to put it down for longer times than I ever have at times.
    But this year I’m going to do what you did for the new year when you stoped.this coming new year 2017 I’m going to stop cold turkey.tonight I’m taking my very last drink. And may be I won’t if I don’t fall a sleep before.but starting on the 1st my quiting is on the move.ill keep watching your videos for to keep me going on the right track.

    • Kim

      Russell Newcomb . . . YOU GOT THIS! Remember – Anything in our power to do, is also in our power NOT to do. Change the thoughts in your head when the urge comes and realize YOU are in control. Discovering who you are, without the cloudiness of alcohol will be amazing – the sky is the limit! My first day of the rest of my life is here too – cold turkey. Finally going to win the war in my head once and for all.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      You’ll do great Russell. Keep watching. I hope you find some inspiration.


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