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by | Twaddle | 12 comments

This forum is no longer active.

We are now operating a forum through Facebook Secret Groups.
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  1. ronaldo

    signed up Kev

  2. noelle

    Thanks Kevin, looking forward to the new foum, think its a great idea.

  3. Brad

    Great addition to the website, Kevin.

  4. mike

    Hi Folks,
    Well, bit of a sad tale to tell, but one that will come as no surprise to the people on this forum.
    I’d gone 4 months alcohol free and hardy given it a thought. So, when the I acknowledged the insistent voice in my head – the one that says; ‘You’ve gone this far with no problem, why not?’ That was after successfully overcoming a serious family crisis where I did not succumb earlier in the month.
    Well that was a week ago, and culminated in a spectacular row that involved the whole family. It was over a subject that is kept stable by keeping a lid on it, but I chose to lift the lid and am now left with the aftermath.
    That’s it briefly, but the damage is extensive. Had I not been drinking then everything would have been as normal, so you may imagine how I am beating myself up.
    Therefore, there is only one way to go and that is to pick myself up and start again. I am posting this now to kickstart myself and finally illustrate to myself and others that if alcohol is a problem in your life, then there no such thing as ‘moderation’ or ‘control’.
    Today is 28/4/14 and I’ll post again this time next week. If somehow I forget, jog me along and I’ll let you know what the progress is.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Mike, just look at it like a blip on the path, no beating yourself up. Shit happens, you move on!
      There’s nothing you can do to change the past. Change happens now.
      Onwards and upwards

  5. con

    do u believe spiritually can help

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Con
      I think spirituality can definitely help. I say that regardless of your religious outlook. I love meditation, that’s my form of spirituality for now.

  6. Shirley Allison

    Hi Kevin. How do you get the into the page that has the community forum on? I have typed in alcoholmastery.com and it comes up with this website! I cant get the other website. Sorry.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hi Shirley,
      this forum is no longer active. I’ll have to put up a message to that effect. We are now on Facebook. We have a great private page their, completely secret from other FB users. Let me know if you’d like an invite.

  7. Judy

    Hi Kevin,

    I bought the book “Controling Your Drinking” yesterday because I heard you talking about it on one of your videos. I’ve been trying to do just that for the last 2 years and it has made it worse for me. It’s like a challenge for me to go against my own resolve. I have watched myself and not tried to stop anything, but just listen to the voice in my head, and watch what I do. I have found that I enjoy toying with my resolve, or something in me does, and I cannot control my drinking with this plan. I think she is just fooling herself also. The drinking still has full control of her thoughts. She has to plan not to drink. That is control. I am just a few days into my resolve to quit drinking right now and I think that book was a distraction, if I had taken it up. Drinking is sly. I know the only way I can quit (as I’ve done it many times before for short periods) is to just not bring it home and deal with the pain and problems in my life and just let it hurt. I am so sick of drinking. It’s stolen so much of my life from me. All my dreams and plans for my life. You have helped me more than anything else, just to have your voice there every day encouraging me and saying the same things I know are true about why I drink. It is just a habit. Thank you so much for doing this. Bless you.

  8. Penny Mallet

    Hi All

    I am 30 years of age and only now am I starting a new journey when it comes to alcohol. I don’t think I have ever or very rarely been able to control my drinking when I am on a night out. However these videos and doing my own research has really helped. For me its the anxiety the next day. Although I am never normally an angry drunk, I am usually the funny one but funny for everyone else. I want to break that cycle and be able to either say no or know my limit. The reason I always go to far is that I have never looked into the long term damage and never really focused on what benefit I get which is very little. Last year was very challenging for me and I could carry on the way I have been but I want to beat it and do this for me. I am thinking of signing up coaching prog. just wanted to add a short comment anyway to say how helpful it has been listening to vids and reading comments. thank you Penny


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