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Should You Stop Drinking Alcohol Before Christmas?

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Should you stop drinking alcohol right now and risk a blue Christmas? Or is it the exact time you should be thinking about sleighing your bad habits once and for all.
In this video I talk about the benefits of pushing yourself right now, the reasons why so many people fail when they wait until the new year to change, and how this could be the perfect time for you to make your move.

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Take care

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  1. Paul Taylor

    Hi Kevin,

    Looking Forward to my secound Xmas without Aclcohol. The first was great, may there be many more to come. Gave up Smoking 2 years ago. Vaping is also out of the game. My new project is now losing the weight I have put on. 2 Kilos is already off. It is all mind over matter, do it, do it now. You will love yourself for it. Took me a while to grasp. Alot goes down to you Kevin!

    Onwards and upwards


  2. Louise Ferrebee

    That is a great video. I especially liked the humor in the middle of it about deciding to have a “shit day”. Funny. Thanks.

  3. Claire

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, a lot to think about – could be super empowering could be super tough!



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