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Should Alcohol Be Harder to Buy?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

I’m not one for banning this substance. Even though, if alcohol were introduced today, it would unlikely get approval because of the serious damage that it does to the human body, and the damage that it is capable of doing to our society. I am all in favour of making it more difficult to purchase, especially for young people.

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Today’s video is about buying alcohol and should it be more difficult.


  1. rebecca

    great video kevin keep up the good work

  2. Mick

    Hi Kevin, shops and supermarkets should have to keep them in a designated area. So if a person is in the early stages of quitting the poison, they don’t have to see shiny bottles of chilled wine in the fridge when buying some food.

    When I used to have shops, all applications for alcohol licenses you had to specify where it was displayed and was not supposed to display elsewhere in the shops. This may still be the law in the UK but is not what happens in practice. Personally I think its a bit cruel to be wafting cold alcohol in-front of people trying to quit, so supermarkets should keep their alcohol in a designated area and not in next to food stuff.

    Displaying warnings on bottles is a good idea. The alcohol industry has a lot of power and has created a culture where booze is the norm. In the UK the houses of parliament has a bar in it. Its supposed to be a work place. I can’t see warnings appearing on labels anytime soon.

    Even the odd drink increases breast cancer by 15%, thats a proven fact, so their is no safe limit. That should be key message of the Government, “there is no safe limit!” That written on all bottles would be a good start.


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