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Alcohol Mastery Podcast Session 8

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Alcohol Mastery Podcast Session 8

Click the link above to listen to the podcast.

In this week’s session, I’ve taken to the hills again!

The sound isn’t as great as when I make the podcasts at home but I hope the content is just as good.

In number 8 I talk about taking responsibility and about some of the instances in my life where I’ve been found wanting.

This is a real rambling session, so there’s a bit of everything in there. If you like it, let me know… If you don’t like it, let me know that too… but let me know what you’d like to hear!

If you have anything you’d like to ask, send me an email at kevin@alcoholmastery.com

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  1. Dave Butler

    Hi Kevin , just wanted to say thanks for doing these videos and podcasts .
    I’ve been listening to them for about a month now , they’ve really helped me cut down dramaticly , I plan on stopping completely very soon , I took your advice on reading allen carrs control your drinking , I really think as soon as I’ve read it I’ll be finished with the vile stuff , I’m 40 years old and for the last 20 years I’ve drank to much , once I’ve had one I can’t stop, you know the story when he talks about the brainwashing from birth is so true . I’ve got a son and two daughters , and they’ve seen me pissed for the last time ..
    Anyway I just wanted to thank you for helping me . And to keep it up ,your actually helping people kick this vile poison out of there lives ..
    Thanks again
    Dave Butler…..

    • Kevin O'Hara

      No worries Dave… onwards and upwards!

  2. Niels

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m very thrilled by your walking-in-the-hills podcasts and videos. It gives a rarely seen energy which I find contagious (rigth word I hope).
    I walk and bike like a Forrest Gump-imitator to keep myself from drinking alcohol. It works for me 🙂 And it gives me a great pleasure following nature and wheather.
    Fremad og opad

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Thanks Niels, and for all your emails, they help me also!


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