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Alcohol Mastery Podcast Session 6

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Alcohol Mastery Podcast Session 6

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  1. pete

    Hello Kevin, what you are doing here is something quite special. You have just the the right balance of annoyance with alcohol without getting all self righteous. This gives people a confidence without unrealistic expectations and makes a life without alcohol a possibility. Have you spoken anywhere about how to work with the time when the initial excitement wears off and do you get to a stage when you don’t even think about alcohol. You touched on something that fascinated me, the fact that drinkers don’t see alcohol as a problem because they compare themselves to alcoholics. Many thanks, pete.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey cheers Pete. I’m glad you’re finding the vids helpful. A lot of drinkers won’t admit that they have a problem because they are afraid of the label alcoholic. Whenever I see other people drinking, I mostly see alcoholics, even when they say they’re drinking socially! The emphasis is always placed on ‘problem drinkers’. You never hear this type of language while describing any other drug user… problem heroin user, problem cocaine user. Instead it is the heroin problem, the cocaine problem, the drug problem… so it should be the alcohol problem. As soon as you don’t use alcohol any more, how can you have a problem with it? How can you be an alcoholic?
      Thanks for your kind words


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