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Alcohol Mastery Podcast 11 – Symptoms, Cravings, Rantings

by | Podcast | 12 comments

This one is a general rant about what to expect after you quit. There’s a bit of swearing in this, so be warned!


  1. Charlie

    Another great discussion Kevin, keep up the good work in providing us with such helpful information.

  2. ronnie

    The thing that works for me as Kevin mentioned in the Book is walking in a forest

  3. Veronica Harris

    Thank you once again Kevin. I Do need these Reminders. I still haven’t managed too long, but its gradually sinking in. I am imersing myself in moving to south west France, and I definately couldn’t have managed that at all,
    if I had carried on drinking. and Yes I would wake up and drink !!! god forbid. thanks again. I really enjoyed your podcast. take care V

  4. Ed

    Good advice and insight for people who drink like we do after all our responsibilities have been fulfilled and are essentially breaking a bad habit. However, I wouldn’t be so hard on AA, NA and other 12 step programs. Calling alcoholism a disease, giving oneself over to a higher power, making amends to the people you have hurt and never being cured, but always being in recovery is a tried and proven technique which has helped countless millions stay off booze and drugs. People in these programs have a personal sponsor and an extended community of like minded sober friends in recovery. These friends are not questioning why you have stopped drinking (they know) and are able to hang together without alcohol or drugs coming up as an option.

  5. Dean

    When it comes to filling the void of leaving a bad habit, damaging lifestyle pattern, unhealthy addiction, ETC… behind,
    I’ve found it helps me to:
    Recognize it, wRite it down, focus on a healthy Replacement, wRite it down, Rebuild lifestyle patterns & Rituals, and then Rejoice in my choice in making a better life for myself!

    Regards, Dean

  6. Bob Cutter

    Great job Kevin !
    Thank you so much, you are helping many people to find their way to quit by sharing you way!

  7. Robert

    Great stuff Kevin really keeps me feeling positive

  8. Lon

    Good morning. I am finding these talks helpful and reaffirming. Shame can be a constant companion, and some programs that help people recover, successfully, underscore the flaws, and faults and sickness within. Unfortunately, this can only add to the shame that lives inside. The message I get from these podcasts is that the shame is not who we are and shouldn’t drive our choices. I appreciate the overriding message and the advice for dealing with specific situations. Thank you for making your insight available to me. Best wishes.

  9. Lon McClintock

    Good morning. Finding all of this very helpful. Thank you for helping me on my way. Best wishes,Lon

  10. Andrea

    Hi Kevin,

    Please keep the ‘mad ramblings’ coming! Your podcasts have benefitted me in my walk and I have passed on your website information to others. It’s amazing how many people I know who would love to quit but don’t know how since they don’t feel that they are ‘hard core’ enough for AA. I think your message is perfect for them..

    Take care,

    • david

      Best podcast yet Kevin. That certainly gets me “right there” in terms of any notion or excuse I would have to take a drink when I go past my next milestone, at fourand half months. As you said in video 62, “it must be done, it has to be done, everything and everyone around you depends on it”. Once again, you make it so real that anything less would be the ultimate suicidal selfishness for one’s family and one’s gift of health and prosperity.

      Can’t wait for the next one,


  11. Chad

    Hi Kevin,
    Great podcast I really enjoyed it I can relate on so many levels. Today marks 10 months sober for me after 30 years of daily drinking your vidoes have been a big help keep up the good work !!
    Thanks mate


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