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What are the Second Hand Effects of Alcohol Drinking?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 5 comments

Everyone talks about the second-hand effects of smoking.

You can actually feel; you can breathe in somebody else’s cigarette smoke.

There’s been people – that have never smoked in their lives – but have got lung cancer, bronchitis, all these other types of diseases, because they’ve been breathing in second-hand smoke.

So, what are the second-hand effects of alcohol?

The consequences of alcohol are well documented for the individual that is smoking

Three and a half million people die after year from drinking.

What am I talking about smoking?

So the consequences to the individual – to the drinker of their drinking alcohol – are very well documented.

So over two hundred different conditions – some of them life-threatening – most of them in the long-term life threatening.

Three and a half million people every single year die from drinking alcohol.

A lot of young people die from road accidents, from falls, from just accidents in general from alcohol poisoning, from drinking alcohol on a personal level.

But what are the effects on other people, of drinking?

You know, when you look around and you think that – I think it was 45% of prisons are full of people who have committed a crime while they were drunk, 45, 55 – I can’t remember which one it was.

One of the biggest areas where alcohol – one person’s alcohol drinking effects another person – is in physical violence.

So how many people are put into hospital because of somebody else’s drinking.

Either where one person is drinking or both people are drinking and they start fighting.

Where one person gets into a car, drives home and bang! – hits somebody else.

Their fault because they’ve been drinking.

A lot of sexual assaults.

I’d say a lot of sexual assaults on women and man are perpetrated after somebody had been drinking alcohol.

So there’s all that big violence aspect.

We used to say when I was a dope smoker.

At lease with dope you never see anyone kicking the shit out of somebody else, you know, everyone was chilled out and stuff like that.

It’s very true – but that’s another story.

You know you’ve got there – verbal violence of insults and arguments and long-term injury – long term psychological injury that can be caused to relationships, to marriages, to relationships with children.

How many children are battered because their parents are drinking?

Not that that’s an excuse.

I don’t think any violence towards anyone else – that’s why people get prisoned for it – because it’s not an excuse what you’ve done to yourself.

Whether you inebriated or not.

It’s your fault that you’ve done it.

You can’t blame somebody else and there has to be a restitution for it.

Property damage – How many cars are scratched? How many windows are broken? How many houses are wrecked? – because somebody has been drunk.

I’ve done a lot of damage in my time.

Through fighting, through just arguing, wrecking the place, when – a lot when I was younger, lot of testosterone and stuff.

No excuses just saying, this is what my life was like a lot of the time when I was younger.

And even going down to things like sleep disturbances.

When somebody comes in and they’re drunk.

And they put on the music too loud or they slam doors or they you know, all that kind of stuff.

Just think about it, how much are other people’s lives being effected by your drinking.

When you stop drinking how much is your life being effected by other people’s drinking

Personally there are places where I won’t go now as a sober person.

I’ll go there for a certain length of time but then you can feel it – it is palpable in the air – when the atmosphere starts to descend.

People start to get louder.

And I just don’t like that.

I don’t like the threat that that poses when I don’t have to have that kind of a threat.

I’m not bothered by an argument.

I’m not bothered by a punch-up, or anything like that.

But I am bothered by it when there is no sense in it.

And that’s what happens when there is alcohol involved.

There always seems to be just senseless violence and senseless arguments.

And that kind of tetchy situation, I don’t like being in.

I tend to go out early.

I think even as a drinker, I tended to do that anyway.

Go out earlier in the evening, try and get home before the psychopaths got out onto the streets and stuff like that, you know?

So that’s basically it for this video.

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Stay safe.

Keep everyone else safe around you by not putting the alcohol into your mouth.

And not putting anyone else under your torment because you want to have a drink.

“We look into mirrors but we only see the effects of our time on us – not our effects on others – Pearl Bailey”

Until next time…
Take Care.
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. John Pavlovic

    Another good week of videos,your a legend.Cheers from Down Under.We have the Media all over Shark attacks in Australia,they kill 2 a year,Alcohol kills 15 a day in Australia.I put that fact up on Facebook ,no reply,every bastard is in denial.In Australia booze is a way of life,Irish,Scottish,Pom heritage.There is always a new trend,Craft Beers ,Whiskey Bars,Gin Palaces,I still cant give it up,cut back heaps.Hopefully the next generation will stop,I have turned my son off it,My daughter doesn,t drink,My Dad died an alcoholic,maybe I can stop the tide.Cheers Big Ears

  2. Geraldine

    Great video Kevin. I remember lots of heated arguments as a child. My mum angry at my dad etc now my husband is suffering the effects of daily drinking.
    My friend talking silly and kissing me when she’s drunk. She actually talks about driving when drunk and angry. It’s very scary.

    I hadn’t thought about all the other effects you mentioned but I’m more aware now than ever and the way peoples’ moods change after drinking. I have the occasional glass of wine but I do feel much better when I don’t drink.
    My goal is to be a proud and happy non drinker.
    Thanks for your daily motivational videos.

  3. Mick

    Hi Kevin, good point well made. If you search on You tube there are a few anti drinking adverts. A couple of them very good. I particularly like the one that starts off as a whiskey advert, showing all the usual bull shit about made using spring water in 30 year old barrels etc etc. But then the advert switches and shows alcohol for the true drug it is. This a very professionally made looking add and would not look out of place on TV. Its a shame that these type of adverts aren’t on TV. Best we get is a few about drinking and driving. While good in one way, they also imply fine to drink too much if your not driving.

    I am of the view that smoking kills more people but Alcohol ruins more lives.

    I used to drink a lot, I don’t drink at all now. Getting to this liberated state takes a bit of effort, a bit of understanding how this drug traps you. But this is true freedom my life is so much better without taking this vile drug. This will be my first Christmas without the booze ever as an adult. I am loving it, lets be 100% clear its not just OK its fantastic to be drug free.

    Anyone reading this and thinking I will stop later or I will cut down, you need to learn about this drug you are putting in your body. The booze industry is literally being aloud to get away with Murder. Because the industry governments and people who drink this stuff are so focused on the money or their own addiction, speaking against this drug can make you sound like a weird fanatic. So if your thinking that looking at my comment just get the facts for your self.

    Alcohol increases the chance of cancer by 15% (people buy this stuff)
    The body produces chemicals to remove the alcohol buzz, they stay in your system for 4 to 11 days, thats the satisfaction feeling you get when you have your drink Friday night, the ending of the withdrawal or the ending of the bodies attempt and dealing with the poison, thats how sneaky this alcohol industry is. The best prisoner is a person who doesn’t know he is in prison, because he will never try to escape. Stop drinking for 2 weeks after that its just dealing with physiological affects. Get some knowledge about that and its easy.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      thanks for that Mick… Maybe I’ll incorporate some of those anti-drinking advertsinto my videos.

  4. ron

    Another good video Kev its right what you say about the atmosphere developing palpably .its true what they say its the drink talking , Allen Carr died from second hand nicotine smoke after spending years in stop smoking sessions .and Roy Castle after working in smokey clubs


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