How to Stop Drinking Alcohol HD Video Course

A Common Sense Approach to Easily Quitting Drinking

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Here Is Why You Need This

If you're struggling to quit drinking now and you need help, if you’ve struggled in the past, or if want to help someone who is struggling now, this course punctures the bubble of confusing and dangerous misinformation that surrounds the alcohol and the quit alcohol industries, giving you an insight into why you drink alcohol and exactly what you need to do to stop.

What you'll learn:

  • You’ll learn how to see alcohol for what it really is - a debilitating and deadly poison.
  • We’ll look at how you can best manage your thinking and emotions about alcohol.
  • We’ll consider why it’s so important to understand why you drink and your reasons to quit.
  • This exclusive course digs into the language of addiction, those words and phrases that will keep you locked into the alcoholic mentality.
  • We’ll examine some addiction language you might be using right now to describe yourself or your habit, words that are putting unnecessary roadblocks in your way.
  • We’ll look at some of the more potent obstacles that stand in your way and how to avoid them.
  • This course will show you how to gain control of your life and maintain that control during those all important first few weeks and months.
  • We’ll look at how to deal with people who still drink, especially your family and friends.
  • We’ll go over what to expect from your recovery and some important mindsets that will keep your recovery time and discomfort to a minimum.
  • I’ll show you some of the most common fears about quitting drinking and how to beat them.
  • We’ll explore what you can expect once you quit and how to speed up the process.
  • You will learn how to handle your past mistakes.
  • We’ll face the big elephant in the room: are you an alcoholic?
  • You’ll discover the four essential mindsets about quitting alcohol for good.

Everything that Kevin says, makes total sense. Alcohol is a poisonous toxic addictive drug. We have all been mislead by the propaganda! Kevin, Keep up the wonderful work, and may the truth you speak continue to help change lives, as It has already helped mine.

- Mark (Australia)

Watching these videos has helped me gain extra confidence in myself in that I can succeed with ridding alcohol from my life. No more denial and rationalizing this destructive behavior. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts!

- Cynthia

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