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Quitting Alcohol and Cigarettes at the Same Time?

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Quitting Alcohol and Cigarettes at the Same Time? (Transcript)

Can You Do It?

I can only really talk about this one from a personal point of view, from my own experience. Everyone’s going to be different in this particular instance because some people can give up the two of them together, other people can’t. You’re only going to know when you try yourself.

My Experience

With me, I quit smoking four years ago, I think, a good while ago. I always found that I could never stop smoking, I tried over 100 times by the way, and I found I could never stop smoking while I was drinking. I really had to do both of them at the same time.

I could give up drinking, when I was smoking. Every time I gave up drinking, I was smoking, not a bother. I wouldn’t think about the alcohol. But the other way round, I couldn’t do.

My Personal Worst

Out of the two things, the alcohol and the nicotine, the hardest for me was the nicotine, without a shadow of a doubt. I took me a long, long time to eventually get a handle on the smoking. And regardless of anything else, when I did stop, when I was off them for a year, it was such a relief, for me to have cracked that first year. I just couldn’t do it. I mean, the longest I’d done before was when I quit drinking. So, it was eleven months, or something like that. I’d never done the year.

Is it possible to quit alcohol and cigarettes at the same time, most definitely!

Quitting Alcohol and Cigarettes at the Same Time?


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