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Quit Drinking Alcohol for Spiritual Reasons

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Quit Drinking Alcohol for Spiritual Reasons. (Transcript)

How are you doing?
I’m Kevin O’Hara for alcohol mastery, and today I’m going to be talking about quitting alcohol for spiritual reasons.

Spiritual Doesn’t Just Mean Religious

Before I go on I just want to point out that I’m not necessarily talking about religion when I’m talking about spiritual reasons. Although for you that can mean that, but for me it doesn’t.
For me personally it means the thing or things in your life that elevate you above the day to day mundane stuff, the day to day just being on the planet.

My Spirituality

For me a lot of the time it’s just meditation or yoga. I’m finding a lot of spirituality in my yoga practice.
For some people its going to be religion, it’s going to be to do with god… for me getting out for walks like this and just being in nature, and communicating with people, that’s the form of spirituality that I really like and that I get a lot out of.

Another one is just staring up into the night sky and looking at the stars and thinking “well do you know there must be something out there”. All those insignificant thoughts, that we’re insignificant beings, I don’t think that, I think we’re just as significant as anything else but that’s my idea of spirituality.

Spirituality and inspiration

Another thing is that the word spiritual and inspiration are derived from the same fundamental words. You can find a lot of spirituality in just being inspired to do things. I think you’ll find a lot of inspiration when you quit alcohol and you’re able to think more clearly about your future and about your family and all the great things in your life. You’re inspired and spiritual at the same time sort of thing.

I can’t really tell you much about this, I think it’s an intensely personal and subjective experience and everyone’s going to have different views on the spiritual elements of themselves. But I definitely think that when you do quit drinking you have the opportunity to become a more spiritual person.

Away from church towards alcohol?

I’ve spent my whole life without spirituality, I stopped believing in my church when I was very young and I really haven’t ever got back into it. I feel very bad about that from, you know, you feel sort of empty so I’m glad that I’m finding different things within myself now that I can call spiritual. I’m just hoping that I can grow that way because I think everyone needs it. I know one thing that there’s definitely no spirituality in drinking!

Selfish alcoholic!

One of the other aspects of quitting drinking is that you become less selfish and you become more spiritual because of that. I mean addiction and drinking, all addictions, are very selfish in their nature because all you’re thinking about is how you are going to get your next fix, for a better word.
And that’s a very selfish way of looking at things. When you do quit drinking like you say you’ve got a huge hole in your life and you have the opportunity to fill that hole with a lot of spiritual thoughts.
So that’s about it for that.
I’m Kevin O’Hare for alcohol mastery.
Till next time,
Onwards and upwards.

Quit Drinking Alcohol for Spiritual Reasons

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