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Questions About Alcohol

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  1. Should I Try To Lose Weight When I Quit Drinking?
  2. Why Do Hangovers Get Worse As We Age?
  3. What Should You Expect When You Quit Drinking?
  4. Are You Afraid Your Boss Will Find Out About Your Quitting Drinking?
  5. Why Do We Need More Alcohol?
  6. What Are Your Reasons To Drink?
  7. What is Recovery?
  8. Is Alcohol Affecting Your Relationships?
  9. If Alcohol Advertising Doesn’t Belong During Cartoons, Why Is It OK During Live Sports?
  10. Do You Have The Determination To Succeed?
  11. Does Alcohol Alter Your Mood?
  12. How Have Your Relationships Changed Since You Quit?
  13. Does Alcohol Make You Happy?
  14. Who Is To Blame For Your Drinking?
  15. Does beer hydrate or dehydrate the body?
  16. Why does alcohol dehydrate the body?
  17. Is Alcohol a Diuretic?
  18. Why does alcohol withdrawal kill you?
  19. How long does alcohol withdrawal last?
  20. What does alcohol withdrawal feel like?
  21. How Do You Spend Time With Heavy Drinking Family and Friends When You’ve Quit?
  22. Is Alcohol Withdrawal DANGEROUS?
  23. Where Do You Want To Go After You’ve Quit Drinking?
  24. What is a Functioning Alcoholic?
  25. Quitting Alcohol and Cigarettes at the Same Time?
  26. Quitting Drinking And Going To Bars or Clubs?
  27. Will Quitting Alcohol Cure Your Depression?
  28. How Has Your Life Improved Since You Quit Drinking Acohol?
  29. Do You Need To Reach Rock Bottom Before You Quit Drinking?
  30. Will I Lose Weight If I Quit Drinking?
  31. Am I a Potential Future Alcoholic?
  32. How Long Until You Could Watch Others Drink?
  33. What is Drinking Too Much?
  34. Do Alcoholics Have to Drink Every Day?
  35. What Changes To Expect After Quitting Drinking?
  36. What Are The Signs That Drinking is Causing You Problems?
  37. Are You Capable of Giving Up Alcohol?
  38. What Counts as a Drink?
  39. Does AA Work?
  40. What is Alcohol Disease Theory?
  41. Did You Lose Weight When You Stopped Drinking?
  42. How Long Does the Tiredness Last after Quitting Alcohol?
  43. Have You Ever Been In A Hospital Or Institution On Account Of Your Drinking?
  44. Do You Drink To Build Up Your Self-Confidence?
  45. Has Your Physician Ever Treated You For Drinking?
  46. Have You Ever Had Complete Loss of Memory Because of Your Drinking?
  47. Do You Drink Alone?
  48. Do You Drink To Escape Troubles or Worries?
  49. Is Drinking Jeopardizing Your Job or Business?
  50. Has Your Efficiency Decreased Since Drinking?
  51. Does Drinking Cause You To Have Trouble Sleeping?
  52. Have You lost time from work because of your drinking?
  53. Is Drinking Making Your Home Life Unhappy?
  54. Do You Drink Because You Are Shy of Other People?
  55. Is Drinking Affecting Your Reputation?
  56. Have You Ever Felt Remorse After Drinking?
  57. Have You Gotten Into Financial Difficulties Because Of Your Drinking?
  58. Do You Turn To Lower Companions and an Inferior Environment When Drinking?
  59. Does Drinking Make You Care Less For Your Families Welfare?
  60. Has Your Ambition Decreased Since Drinking?
  61. Do You Want a Drink the Next Morning?
  62. Do You Crave a Drink at a Definite Time Daily?
  63. Can I Drink Non-Alcohol Beers?
  64. What To Do If Your Not Drinking Bothers Others?
  65. Is It Easier to Quit Smoking or Quit Drinking?
  66. What do I do if I get a Pain in MY Liver?
  67. How Do I Start to Stop Drinking?
  68. How Do You Stay Focused When You Stop Drinking?
  69. How Do I Know If I’m Drinking Too Much Alcohol?
  70. How Do You Stop The Cravings?
  71. What’s your view on having a designated ‘last drink’?
  72. How long does the tiredness and not sleeping last when you suddenly stop drinking after being quite a heavy drinker?
  73. Will the damage done to my body by drinking alcohol ever be repaired?
  74. Should I Quit Smoking and Drinking at the Same Time?
  75. Advice for a Hardcore Dysfunctional Mindset
  76. What is cyclical Recovery?
  77. Binge Drinking Versus Daily Drinking Approach?
  78. What is withdrawal?
  79. What Are Your Expectations After Alcohol?
  80. I Am Craving Just One Drink, Will It Do Any Harm?
  81. How Can I Go To The Pub And Not Drink?
  82. Should You Expect Any Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?
  83. What Are Your Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol?


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  1. TrinityTruth

    I have been trying to quit drinking completely. I manage 4 days sober, but by the 4th night I tend to cave and drink. Do you have any tips for me to get through that 4th night and become completely free of this habbit? Thank you for making these videos. You are inspirational.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      What’s happening on the 4th day?

  2. Robert

    I’m a beeraholic, it seems like everything I like to do revolves around drinking, If I go camping lets drink beer, fishing beer, out to eat beer, I get depressed thinking about quitting because there really isn’t much I like to do that doesn’t involve drinking mass quantities of beer, but it’s destroying my life so I have no choice, it really is depressing the hell out of me.

  3. Julia

    Do you recommend using natural sleep aids like melatonin to combat the insomnia? Also, what did you do to occupy your time on sleepless nights? Some articles say get up and do something outside of bed like reading, listening to music etc while others say stay in the dark and quiet to keep your body in sleep mode. However those are referring to sleep problems not related to alcohol so I’m not sure what, if any practice might make the nights easier. Thanks for your help, so glad I found your site!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Your sleep problems now are not really related to alcohol, more your system is reacting to not having alcohol, if that makes sense. Up until now, you’ve been falling unconscious with the aid of alcohol, now your body has to relearn falling to sleep. You’re not really getting proper sleep when you’ve alcohol in your system. The alcohol prevents you from going into REM sleep, probably the most essential part for a healthy mind. It won’t take that long for your system to adjust. I’d recommend not laying there in the dark. You’re not in sleep mode if you can’t switch off the thoughts. Get up and do something else.

  4. susan

    what do you think of rehabs?

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I think they have their place for those who really need them.

  5. Becca

    24 hours sober. Thanks for helping.

    • grady

      Good job Becca, but remember the journey is the destination!!!! One moment at a time!!!

  6. Thor

    My day nr. 10 sober and i am feeling this free sensation in my body and soul. Kevin, you are helping me so much i almost dont beleve i am really doing this after all my beerdrinking every day for the last years. Cravings are slowing down and i havent felt better in years!!

    I am not drinking today ( thinking like that is keeping me on track) and to see one post from kevin every day i dont want to drink.
    Onwards and uppwards

  7. Karen

    Hi Mr Kevin O’hara

    I’m not sure if you will get this or not but I think I’m drinking too much. I’m on my own and have been for a few years now! My last boyfriend was Irish and a drinker, not that I using that as an escuse! I like fosters and will usually drink upto 4 cans a night but now I can drink and amount! I feel like a complete loser drinking so much but can’t seem to do much about it but drink more! I’m a night worker and have just gone back to working nights after having a subberaccnoid hemorrage! Due to high blood pressure and smoking! I feel totally responsible for the hemorrage and since have given up smoking! I need your advice please x

  8. Bobbyt

    Sober since Jan 1st this year. Kev’s podcasts each day on my drive to work instead of listening to the radio + I printed the month of January (and now Feb) and taped it to my fridge. Each morning I would add a new check mark. Seeing my progress has been very motivational.

    I also googled “sober famous people” or “sober musicians”. Seeing people that I admired who were sober was also helpful.

  9. Sena

    Want to start off saying thank you Kevin for all your post and everyone that comments as well. I was on day 13 and did a relapse this past weekend. I know stress gets to me and drinking is my go to so I don’t have to think about, well, life. Starting back over again (day 2) i need to be honest with myself and go through the emotions. I tend to want to hide and have been doing that for a number of years. I have been able to quit everything else (smoking and other drugs) but alcohol seams a little difficult right now – just that everyone else can do it so why can’t I. I do know the reasons why I want to stop – I want to start living my life and experiencing my life and yes remembering it as well. Thanks again Kevin for such positive inspirations!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      You’re welcome Sena. I hope we can give you more inspiration and help in the future. Let me know if you have any questions.


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